Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 13th July 2003

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Results for Sudbury RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse EmbankmentTimeVerdict
1509:35WS3.8+91XYZ(292) Status ChangeCAM(102) City of CambridgeNTTRow Over
9012:50WS3.8+172FSC(25) Furnivall SCSRC(159) Sudbury RCNTTRow Over
9112:52WS3.8+172CAB(16) Cantabrigian RCCAM(102) City of Cambridge2:051 1/4 lengths
17216:25WS3.8+ SRC(159) Sudbury RCCAM(102) City of Cambridge2:041 3/4 lengths
2810:10WS4.8+117BBL(112) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCSTA(190) Star Club2:083/4 length
3110:17WS4.8+115SRC(160) Sudbury RCCAM(101) City of Cambridge3:031/3 length
11513:55WS4.8+188CAM(101) City of CambridgeCAB(13) Cantabrigian RCNTT1 length
11714:20WS4.8+188BRX(64) Broxbourne RCBBL(112) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC2:031/2 length
18817:07WS4.8+ CAM(101) City of CambridgeBRX(64) Broxbourne RC2:041 3/4 lengths
1209:27N.4+29BED(222) Bedford Rowing ClubWEY(120) Weybridge RCNTT1 1/2 lengths
1409:32N.4+111LEA(62) Lea Rowing Club (B)SRC(158) Sudbury RCNTT3 lengths
1809:42N.4+111LEA(150) Lea Rowing Club (A)MIK(200) Milton Keynes RCNTT1/2 length
2610:05N.4+112MER(256) Merton CollegeBRX(63) Broxbourne RC2:142 lengths
2910:12N.4+112CUR(170) Curlew RCWEY(120) Weybridge RC2:081 length
11113:45N.4+186SRC(158) Sudbury RCLEA(150) Lea Rowing Club (A)1:581/4 length
11213:47N.4+186MER(256) Merton CollegeWEY(120) Weybridge RC2:023/4 length
18617:02N.4+ SRC(158) Sudbury RCMER(256) Merton College1:593 feet