Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 13th July 2003

Results for Novice Sculls

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse EmbankmentTimeVerdict
509:10N.1X (A)83BED(224) Bedford Rowing Club (Thompson)MGD(59) Magdalene College (Schultz)NTT3 lengths
8012:25N.1X (A)165STA(147) Star Club (Neame)CAB(202) Cantabrigian RC (Conlon)2:191 length
8112:27N.1X (A)165STA(241) Star Club (Darling)YAR(5) Yare RC (Quentin-Hicks)2:23easily
8212:30N.1X (A)166STA(132) Star Club (Woods)SIV(146) St Ives RC (Drake)2:191 1/2 lengths
8312:32N.1X (A)166WEY(122) Weybridge RC (Lai-Fang)MGD(59) Magdalene College (Schultz)2:212 feet
16516:07N.1X (A)207STA(147) Star Club (Neame)YAR(5) Yare RC (Quentin-Hicks)2:161 1/2 lengths
16616:10N.1X (A)207STA(132) Star Club (Woods)WEY(122) Weybridge RC (Lai-Fang)2:062 lengths
20717:55N.1X (A)227STA(147) Star Club (Neame)STA(132) Star Club (Woods)2:151 length
609:12N.1X (B)87CAB(203) Cantabrigian RC (McBirnie)STA(234) Star Club (Pledger)1:531 length
8412:35N.1X (B)167FSC(196) Furnivall SC (Gibbons)CNN(273) Cambridge '99 RC (Owen)2:202 lengths
8512:37N.1X (B)167FSC(29) Furnivall SC (Doel)MGD(61) Magdalene College (Rayne)2:203 lengths
8612:40N.1X (B)168PET(36) Peterborough City (Palmer)YAR(4) Yare RC (J Green)2:15easily
8712:42N.1X (B)168STA(183) Star Club (Ashbrook)CAB(203) Cantabrigian RC (McBirnie)2:163 lengths
16716:12N.1X (B)209FSC(196) Furnivall SC (Gibbons)FSC(29) Furnivall SC (Doel)2:19easily
16816:15N.1X (B)209YAR(4) Yare RC (J Green)CAB(203) Cantabrigian RC (McBirnie)2:16easily
20918:02N.1X (B)227FSC(29) Furnivall SC (Doel)YAR(4) Yare RC (J Green)2:091/2 length
22718:47N.1X STA(147) Star Club (Neame)FSC(29) Furnivall SC (Doel)2:092 1/2 lengths