Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 15th May 2004

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Results for Dame Alice Harpur BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
8311:14WS4.8+214BHS(121) Bedford High School RCSPC(122) St Peters College4:112 1/4 lengths
9511:38WS4.8+214EMM(119) Emmanuel CollegeLMB(120) Lady Margaret BCNTTRow Over
9611:40WS4.8+213SJO(115) St John`s College BC_STEDC(116) NTTRow Over
10311:54WS4.8+213DAH(117) Dame Alice Harpur BCCLA(118) Clare BC3:581 length
21315:34WS4.8+291SJO(115) St John`s College BCCLA(118) Clare BCNTTRow Over
21415:36WS4.8+291LMB(120) Lady Margaret BCBHS(121) Bedford High School RC3:584 lengths
29118:10WS4.8+ CLA(118) Clare BCLMB(120) Lady Margaret BC3:543 lengths
21015:28WS4.4X287MAR(274) Marlow RC (B)DAH(275) Dame Alice Harpur BC (A)4:162 1/4 lengths
21115:30WS4.4X288DAH(278) Dame Alice Harpur BC (B)MAR(279) Marlow RC (A)4:42Not Rowed Out
28718:02WS4.4X328DAH(275) Dame Alice Harpur BC (A)STA(276) Star Club4:121 length
28818:04WS4.4X328RDU(277) Reading UniversityDAH(278) Dame Alice Harpur BC (B)4:172 lengths
32819:24WS4.4X DAH(275) Dame Alice Harpur BC (A)DAH(278) Dame Alice Harpur BC (B)4:192 1/2 lengths
14713:22WJ15.4X+250BHS(291) Bedford High School RCMAR(292) Marlow RC4:283/4 length
24916:46WJ15.4X+309BED(288) Bedford Rowing ClubOUN(289) Oundle School BC4:452 lengths
25016:48WJ15.4X+309DAH(290) Dame Alice Harpur BCBHS(291) Bedford High School RCNTT2/3 length
30918:46WJ15.4X+ OUN(289) Oundle School BCBHS(291) Bedford High School RC4:31easily