Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 15th May 2004

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Results for Keble College BC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceEnclosureEmbankmentTimeVerdict
5710:22WN.8+168(123) Maidenhead RC(124) Queens' College (Cambridge)4:39Row Over
5810:24WN.8+170(129) Anglia Ruskin(130) University College Oxford/Exeter RC4:11easily
5910:26WN.8+171(132) Worcester College(133) Magdalen College, OxfordNTTRow Over
16814:04WN.8+261(123) Maidenhead RC(125) Warwick University4:31Not Rowed Out
16914:06WN.8+261(126) Champion of the Thames(127) Trinity Hall BC4:06easily
17014:08WN.8+262(128) St Hughs College BC(130) University College Oxford/Exeter RC4:112 lengths
17114:10WN.8+262(131) Keble College BC(133) Magdalen College, Oxford4:182 1/2 lengths
26116:45WN.8+315(125) Warwick University(127) Trinity Hall BC4:07easily
26217:12WN.8+315(130) University College Oxford/Exeter RC(133) Magdalen College, Oxford4:061 length
31518:58WN.8+ (127) Trinity Hall BC(133) Magdalen College, Oxford4:021 length
7010:48WC.8+201(134) Merton College(135) Emmanuel College (A)3:56easily
7210:52WC.8+201(136) Pembroke College, Cambridge (A)(137) Pembroke College (Oxford) (B)3:37easily
7711:02WC.8+203(138) King`s College BC(139) Keble College BC4:083 lengths
7811:04WC.8+204(144) (145) Emmanuel College (B)4:22Row Over
7911:06WC.8+203(140) Pembroke College, Cambridge (B)(141) Churchill College4:123 lengths
8011:08WC.8+204(142) Clare BC (A)(143) University College Oxford/Exeter RC4:063 lengths
8111:10WC.8+205(146) Magdalen College, Oxford(147) Clare BC (B)4:113 lengths
8211:12WC.8+205(148) Magdalene College(149) Pembroke College (Oxford) (A)4:211/2 length
20115:10WC.8+283(135) Emmanuel College (A)(136) Pembroke College, Cambridge (A)3:583/4 length
20315:14WC.8+283(138) King`s College BC(141) Churchill College4:031 1/4 lengths
20415:16WC.8+284(142) Clare BC (A)(144) 4:123 lengths
20515:18WC.8+284(146) Magdalen College, Oxford(148) Magdalene College4:051 3/4 lengths
28317:54WC.8+326(136) Pembroke College, Cambridge (A)(138) King`s College BC3:471/3 length
28417:56WC.8+326(142) Clare BC (A)(148) Magdalene College3:581 1/2 lengths
32619:20WC.8+ (138) King`s College BC(148) Magdalene College4:012 1/2 lengths
20615:20WC.8+ (P)285(134) Merton College(137) Pembroke College (Oxford) (B)4:242 1/4 lengths
20715:22WC.8+ (P)285(139) Keble College BC(140) Pembroke College, Cambridge (B)4:162 1/4 lengths
20815:24WC.8+ (P)286(143) University College Oxford/Exeter RC(145) Emmanuel College (B)NTTRow Over
20915:26WC.8+ (P)286(147) Clare BC (B)(149) Pembroke College (Oxford) (A)4:05easily
28517:58WC.8+ (P)327(134) Merton College(140) Pembroke College, Cambridge (B)4:121 1/2 lengths
28618:00WC.8+ (P)327(143) University College Oxford/Exeter RC(149) Pembroke College (Oxford) (A)4:04easily
32719:22WC.8+ (P) (134) Merton College(149) Pembroke College (Oxford) (A)4:062 lengths