Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 11th July 2004

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RaceTimeStatusNext RaceClubhouseEmbankmentTimeVerdict
109:30N.4+43(52) Sabre RC(53) Peterborough City (B)NTT3 lengths
209:32N.4+43(54) Merton College(55) NTTeasily
309:34N.4+44(58) Wolfson College, Oxford(59) Broxbourne RC (A)NTT1 1/4 lengths
409:36N.4+45(62) Cambridge '99 RC(63) Sudbury RCNTT1/2 length
509:38N.4+46(64) Peterborough City (A)(65) Star ClubNTTa canvas
609:40N.4+46(66) Milton Keynes RC(67) St Ives RCNTTRow Over
709:42N.4+44(56) Magdalene College (A)(57) Falcon RCNTT3 lengths
809:44S3.2X56(138) Cambridge '99 RC (Owen/Tracey)(139) Star Club (Darnell/Lindsay)NTT2 lengths
909:46S3.2X59(146) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Copham/Keasey)(147) Furnivall SC (Chan/Von Kaltenborn)NTT3/4 length
1009:48WN.2X67(180) Star Club (Henderson/Rozman)(181) Norwich RC (Jewson/Heylings)NTTeasily
1109:50WN.2X69(183) City of Cambridge (Abell/Maggs)(184) Star Club (Woods/Kells)NTTeasily
1209:52WN.2X70(187) Rob Roy BC (Spence/Jolly)(188) Star Club (Thompson/Murphy)NTTeasily
1309:54WN.2X71(189) Star Club (Manley/Cronin)(190) HSBC RC (Slater/Green)NTTeasily
1409:56S3.4+72(34) Cantabrigian RC(35) Cambridge '99 RCNTT2 lengths
1509:58S3.4+74(42) Status Change(43) City of CambridgeNTTRow Over
1610:00WN.1X78(289) Cambridge '99 RC (Twitchett)(290) Marlow RC (Ainley)NTTeasily
1710:02N.1X (A)79(217) Bedford Rowing Club (Taylor)(218) Yare RC (Horth)NTT1 3/4 lengths
1810:04N.1X (A)79(219) Rob Roy BC (Silk)(220) Norwich RC (Fitzgerald)NRORow Over
1910:06N.1X (A)80(221) Rob Roy BC (Carew)(222) Norwich RC (Conway)NTTNot Rowed Out
2010:08N.1X (A)81(224) Cambridge '99 RC (Owen)(225) Broxbourne RC (Heathcote)NTT2 lengths
2110:10N.1X (A)81(226) Erith RC (Jaques)(227) Marlow RC (Patch)NTTRow Over
2210:12N.1X (A)82(228) Granta BC (Rayne)(229) Bedford Rowing Club (Calvin)2:38easily
2310:14N.1X (A)82(230) Wolfson College, Oxford (Wilkinson)(231) Norwich RC (Leyshon)NTTRow Over
2410:16WN.2X71(191) Falcon RC (Salter/Thomas)(192) Star Club (Salusbury/Ebsworth)2:374 lengths
2510:18N.4+45(60) Magdalene College (B)(61) Broxbourne RC (B)NTTeasily
2610:20N.1X (B)83(232) Peterborough City (Ortonowsla)(233) Star Club (Darling)NTT
2710:22N.1X (B)83(234) Magdalene College (Schultz)(235) Rob Roy BC (Butlin)2:26easily
2810:24N.1X (B)84(236) City of Cambridge (Thompson)(237) Vesta RC (Ashwell)2:353 lengths
2910:26N.1X (B)85(239) Star Club (Miller)(240) Peterborough City (Blades)2:374 lengths
3010:28N.1X (B)85(241) Star Club (Leslie)(242) St Ives RC (Drake)2:34easily
3110:30N.1X (B)87(243) Star Club (Ashbrook)(244) Rob Roy BC (Sills)2:232 lengths
3210:36WS3.8+96(22) Wolfson College, Oxford(23) City of Cambridge2:162 1/2 lengths
3310:38N.1X (B)87(245) Yare RC (Quentin-Hicks)(246) Bedford Rowing Club (Wilson)3:00Not Rowed Out
3410:40WS3.8+101(26) Status Change(27) Staines BCNTTRow Over
3510:42WJ15.2X95(199) Marlow RC (Dinsey/Stallwood)(200) Bedford High School RC (Hinckley/Piggott)2:302/3 length
3610:44S4.8+97(6) Status Change(7) Granta BC (A)1:48Row Over
3810:48WS4.2X100(178) Weybridge RC (Kean/Jackson)(179) Peterborough City (Carter/Amos)2:303 lengths
3910:50S3.1X105(206) Yare RC (Green)(207) Marlow RC (Vernon)2:272 1/2 lengths
4010:52S3.1X106(210) Marlow RC (Baker)(211) Yare RC (D'Esposito)2:211/2 length
4110:54WJ14.4X+111(114) Bedford High School RC(115) Star Club2:42easily
4210:56WJ14.4X+112(118) Marlow RC(119) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolNTT3 feet
4310:58N.4+117(53) Peterborough City (B)(54) Merton College2:081 length
4411:00N.4+117(56) Magdalene College (A)(59) Broxbourne RC (A)2:131 1/2 lengths
4511:02N.4+118(60) Magdalene College (B)(62) Cambridge '99 RC2:122 1/2 lengths
4611:04N.4+118(65) Star Club(67) St Ives RC2:151 1/2 lengths
4711:06WS3.4+158(78) HSBC RC(83) Sons of the Thames RC2:282 1/2 lengths
4811:08WS4.4+119(79) Star Club(80) City of Cambridge2:291 1/2 lengths
4911:10WS4.4+120(84) Bedford Rowing Club(85) Cambridge '99 RC2:201/3 length
5011:12WS2.2-107(134) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Beard/Rowles)(135) Staines BC (Rolt/Page)2:234 lengths
5111:14S4.4+143(44) Peterborough City (B)(45) Milton Keynes RC2:071/3 length
5211:16WS4.1X126(274) Star Club (Callan)(275) Rob Roy BC (Allen)3:451 length
5311:18WS4.1X126(276) Status Change(277) Marlow RC (Knill)2:53Row Over
5411:20WS4.1X127(278) Yare RC (D'Esposito)(279) Falcon RC (Becker)3:002 1/2 lengths
5511:22WS4.1X127(280) Bedford High School RC (Davies)(281) Cantabrigian RC (Mackley)3:393 lengths
5611:24S3.2X131(139) Star Club (Darnell/Lindsay)(140) Bedford Rowing Club (Funge/Patmore)2:061 foot
5711:26S3.2X131(141) Cambridge/Reading Rowing Club (Crabtree/Wyborn)(142) Peterborough City (Bishop/Hurford)2:20easily
5811:28S3.2X132(143) Rob Roy/City of Cambridge (Hodgson/Walton)(144) Beccles Rowing Club (Bartram/Bartram)2:141 1/4 lengths
3711:30S4.8+98(10) Wolfson College, Oxford(11) Granta BC (B)1:562 lengths
5911:34S3.2X132(145) Peterborough City (Taylor/Truss)(146) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Copham/Keasey)2:091 length
6111:38WN.4+137(86) Broxbourne RC(87) HSBC RC2:294 lengths
6211:40WN.4+138(90) St Neots RC(91) Staines BC2:364 lengths
6311:42S4.4+143(46) Status Change(47) St Neots RCNTT4 lengths
6411:44S4.4+144(48) Magdalene College(49) 2:032 1/2 lengths
6611:48S2.4X152(97) Marlow RC(98) Star Club/Oundle School BC2:003 lengths
6711:50WN.2X155(181) Norwich RC (Jewson/Heylings)(182) Peterborough City (Hogervovst/Nathan)2:34easily
6811:52S4.4+144(50) Furnivall SC(51) Peterborough City (A)NTTRow Over
6911:54WN.2X155(184) Star Club (Woods/Kells)(185) Abingdon RC (Marshall/Gladstone)2:321 1/2 lengths
7011:56WN.2X156(186) Norwich RC (Skinner/Ambrose-Simpson)(187) Rob Roy BC (Spence/Jolly)2:361 1/2 lengths
7111:58WN.2X156(190) HSBC RC (Slater/Green)(192) Star Club (Salusbury/Ebsworth)NTT4 lengths
6012:00S4.1X134(215) Wolfson College, Oxford (Wilkinson)(216) Staines BC (Neumeister)3:531 1/4 lengths
7212:00S3.4+160(35) Cambridge '99 RC(36) Peterborough City (A)NTT2 lengths
7312:02S3.4+160(37) Marlow RC(38) Staines BC2:052 lengths
7412:04S3.4+161(41) Stratford-upon-Avon BC(43) City of CambridgeNTT1/2 length
7512:06WN.1X162(282) St Neots RC (Fitzsimons)(283) Broxbourne RC (Jordan)2:391 1/4 lengths
7612:08WN.1X162(284) Cantabrigian RC (Rutherford)(285) City of Cambridge (Rea)2:473 lengths
7712:10WN.1X163(286) Rob Roy BC (Long)(287) Falcon RC (Becker)NTT1/3 length
7812:12WN.1X163(288) Norwich RC (Kersten)(289) Cambridge '99 RC (Twitchett)NTT4 lengths
7912:14N.1X (A)164(217) Bedford Rowing Club (Taylor)(220) Norwich RC (Fitzgerald)2:123 lengths
8012:16N.1X (A)164(221) Rob Roy BC (Carew)(223) Granta BC (Goldstein)NTTRow Over
8112:18N.1X (A)165(224) Cambridge '99 RC (Owen)(226) Erith RC (Jaques)2:073 lengths
8212:20N.1X (A)165(229) Bedford Rowing Club (Calvin)(231) Norwich RC (Leyshon)2:074 lengths
8312:22N.1X (B)166(232) Peterborough City (Ortonowsla)(235) Rob Roy BC (Butlin)2:40Row Over
8412:24N.1X (B)166(236) City of Cambridge (Thompson)(238) Simoco Rowing Club (Smith)2:151/3 length
8512:26N.1X (B)167(239) Star Club (Miller)(242) St Ives RC (Drake)2:252 lengths
8612:28S3.4+161(39) Peterborough City (B)(40) Milton Keynes RC1:531 1/2 lengths
8712:34N.1X (B)167(244) Rob Roy BC (Sills)(245) Yare RC (Quentin-Hicks)2:322 1/2 lengths
8812:36J16.1X169(256) Norwich RC (Conway)(257) Peterborough City (Rist)2:332 lengths
8912:38J16.1X170(260) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Francis)(261) Norwich RC (Leyshon)2:334 lengths
9012:40J14.2X171(159) Star Club (Johnson/Storey)(160) Peterborough City (Elder/Robertson)2:51easily
9212:44J14.2X172(163) Norwich RC (Walmsley/Jellings)(164) Weybridge RC (Beagly/Cook)NTT2 1/2 lengths
9312:46J14.2X172(165) Peterborough City (Blades/Berrisford)(166) Star Club (Turner/Taylor)2:561/3 length
9412:48WJ15.2X180(196) Bedford High School RC (Symmonds/George)(197) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Lang/Wallance)2:382 lengths
9512:50WJ15.2X180(198) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Salt/Wells)(200) Bedford High School RC (Hinckley/Piggott)2:37easily
9612:52WS3.8+181(23) City of Cambridge(24) Cantabrigian RC3:161/3 length
9712:54S4.8+182(7) Granta BC (A)(8) Champion of the Thames1:511 1/3 lengths
9812:56S4.8+182(9) Bedford Rowing Club(11) Granta BC (B)NTT1 length
9912:58WS4.2X183(175) Peterborough City (Bobyk/Bergh)(176) Bedford Rowing Club (Cooper/Lemon)2:104 lengths
10113:02WS3.8+181(25) Peterborough City(27) Staines BC2:121/2 length
10213:04WS2.2-186(131) Rob Roy BC/The Hornets BC (Allen/Hunter)(132) City of Cambridge (Barrett/Mosedale)2:253/4 length
10313:06S4.2X184(148) Peterborough City (Bishop/Hurford)(149) Status ChangeNTTRow Over
10413:08S4.2X184(150) City of Cambridge (Lawlor-Anderson/Dawson)(151) Yare RC (Horth/Walton)2:154 lengths
10513:10S3.1X185(207) Marlow RC (Vernon)(208) Rob Roy BC (Morrell)2:171 1/2 lengths
10613:12S3.1X185(209) St Neots RC (Emmerson)(211) Yare RC (D'Esposito)2:283 lengths
10713:14WS2.2-186(133) Bath University (Brown/Coker)(135) Staines BC (Rolt/Page)2:252 1/4 lengths
10813:16E.2-191(121) University of London (Stallard/Smith)(122) Cantabrigian RC (Craig/Price)2:031 1/2 lengths
10913:18J15.2X187(157) Star Club (Hetherington/Miller)(158) Bedford Rowing Club (Butler/Beechinor)NTTeasily
11013:20VD.1X188(252) Sudbury RC (Ablitt)(253) Norwich RC (West)NTT1 1/2 lengths
11113:22WJ14.4X+189(114) Bedford High School RC(116) Dame Alice Harpur BC2:313 lengths
11213:24WJ14.4X+189(117) St Neots RC(118) Marlow RCNTT3 lengths
11313:26J15.4X+190(107) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (A)(108) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (B)2:213/4 length
11413:28J15.4X+190(109) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (C)(110) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (D)NTT1 length
6513:30WS2.2X150(170) Peterborough City (Canton/Potter)(171) Bath University (Newton/Goldswain)NTT3 lengths
9113:32J14.2X171(161) Star Club (Pledger/Warner)(162) Grafham Water Rowing Club (Allan/Conway)2:421 length
11513:34WS2.8+192(18) Star Club(19) Weybridge RC2:111 length
11613:36WS2.8+192(20) Status Change(21) City of CambridgeNRORow Over
11713:38N.4+193(54) Merton College(56) Magdalene College (A)NTT1 1/2 lengths
11813:40N.4+193(62) Cambridge '99 RC(67) St Ives RC2:092 lengths
11913:42WS4.4+194(80) City of Cambridge(81) HSBC RC2:243/4 length
12013:44WS4.4+194(82) Status Change(84) Bedford Rowing ClubNTTRow Over
12113:46S2.4+197(30) Star Club (A)(31) Star Club (C)1:582 1/2 lengths
12213:48S1.2-196(124) Rob Roy BC (Watson/Shepherd)(125) University of London (Stallard/Smith)2:163 1/2 lengths
12313:50S2.4+197(32) Staines BC(33) Star Club (B)2:011 1/4 lengths
12413:52S3.8+198(4) Granta BC (B)(5) Bedford School1:551 3/4 lengths
12513:54J18.4X199(100) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School(101) Bedford Rowing ClubNTT1 3/4 lengths
12613:56WS4.1X200(275) Rob Roy BC (Allen)(277) Marlow RC (Knill)2:284 lengths
12713:58WS4.1X200(279) Falcon RC (Becker)(280) Bedford High School RC (Davies)NTT5 lengths
12814:00VB.1X201(247) Yare RC (D'Esposito)(248) Broxbourne RC (Alexander)NTTRow Over
12914:02VB.1X201(249) St Neots RC (Emmerson)(250) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Copham)NTTRow Over
13014:04WS3.2X202(173) Yare RC (Holmes/D'Esposito)(174) Bedford Rowing Club (Lemon/Cooper)2:322 3/4 lengths
13114:06S3.2X207(139) Star Club (Darnell/Lindsay)(141) Cambridge/Reading Rowing Club (Crabtree/Wyborn)2:133 1/2 lengths
13214:08S3.2X207(143) Rob Roy/City of Cambridge (Hodgson/Walton)(145) Peterborough City (Taylor/Truss)2:103 feet
13314:10S4.1X208(212) Rob Roy BC (Carew)(213) Marlow RC (Simpson)2:222 1/2 lengths
13414:12S4.1X208(214) Erith RC (Hart)(216) Staines BC (Neumeister)2:372 1/2 lengths
13514:14WJ15.1X209(296) St Neots RC (Glover)(297) Bedford High School RC (Piggott)2:432 lengths
13614:16WJ18.2X210(194) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (White/Cartwright)(195) Marlow RC (Mottram/Garrett)2:322 1/2 lengths
13714:18WN.4+211(86) Broxbourne RC(88) Magdalene College2:281 length
13814:20WN.4+211(89) Norwich RC(91) Staines BC2:53Not Rowed Out
13914:22WS2.4+212(71) Status Change(72) Bedford High School RCNTT
14014:24WS2.4+212(73) Sons of the Thames RC(74) Norwich RCNTT1 foot
14114:26WJ15.4X+213(112) Dame Alice Harpur BC(113) Marlow RC2:222 1/4 lengths
14214:28VCD.4+214(69) Bedford/UT/Brox (D)(70) Milton Keynes RC (C)2:081/2 length
10014:30WS4.2X183(177) Star Club (Rozman/Johnson)(178) Weybridge RC (Kean/Jackson)2:291 1/2 lengths
14314:34S4.4+215(45) Milton Keynes RC(47) St Neots RC2:101 length
14414:36S4.4+215(48) Magdalene College(51) Peterborough City (A)2:102 lengths
14514:38N.8+216(12) Granta BC (B)(13) Broxbourne RCNTTRow Over
14614:40N.8+216(14) Merton College(15) Granta BC (A)1:535 lengths
14714:42N.2X221(152) (Oaten/Quigley)(153) Cambridge '99 RC (Asquith/Paul)2:31easily
14814:44N.2X221(154) (Knollman/Grayer)(155) Star Club (Miller/Taylor)2:33Row Over
14914:46WS2.2X222(167) Peterborough City (Richardson/Blackford)(168) Oxford & District Sculling Centre (Scrase-Field/Jenks)2:184 lengths
15014:48WS2.2X222(169) Star Club (Whiteman/King)(170) Peterborough City (Canton/Potter)2:242 1/2 lengths
15114:50S2.4X225(94) Furnivall SC(95) City of Cambridge1:592 1/4 lengths
15214:52S2.4X225(96) Norwich RC(98) Star Club/Oundle School BC2:011/2 length
15314:54WJ14.1X226(298) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Carter)(299) Peterborough City (Price)NTTeasily
15414:56WJ14.1X226(300) Norwich RC (Ambrose-Smith)(301) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Nichols)2:42easily
15514:58WN.2X227(181) Norwich RC (Jewson/Heylings)(184) Star Club (Woods/Kells)NTT1 1/2 lengths
15615:00WN.2X227(187) Rob Roy BC (Spence/Jolly)(192) Star Club (Salusbury/Ebsworth)2:301 1/4 lengths
15715:02WS3.4+228(75) Marlow RC(76) Bedford Rowing Club2:242 lengths
15815:04WS3.4+228(77) Norwich RC(78) HSBC RC2:241 length
15915:06WS3.1X229(272) Marlow RC (Williams-Jones)(273) Peterborough City (Bobyk)2:371 length
16015:08S3.4+230(36) Peterborough City (A)(37) Marlow RC2:031 3/4 lengths
16115:10S3.4+230(39) Peterborough City (B)(41) Stratford-upon-Avon BC2:032 lengths
16215:12WN.1X231(282) St Neots RC (Fitzsimons)(284) Cantabrigian RC (Rutherford)2:423 lengths
16315:14WN.1X231(286) Rob Roy BC (Long)(289) Cambridge '99 RC (Twitchett)2:433 1/2 lengths
16415:16N.1X (A)219(217) Bedford Rowing Club (Taylor)(221) Rob Roy BC (Carew)2:123 feet
16515:18N.1X (A)219(224) Cambridge '99 RC (Owen)(229) Bedford Rowing Club (Calvin)2:261 1/2 lengths
16615:20N.1X (B)220(235) Rob Roy BC (Butlin)(238) Simoco Rowing Club (Smith)2:231 1/2 lengths
16715:22N.1X (B)220(239) Star Club (Miller)(244) Rob Roy BC (Sills)2:34Not Rowed Out
16815:24WS4.4X232(105) City of Cambridge/Black Prince BC(106) Star Club (A)NRORow Over
16915:26J16.1X233(256) Norwich RC (Conway)(258) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Barry)2:331 1/4 lengths
17015:28J16.1X233(259) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Barnes)(260) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Francis)2:282 1/2 lengths
17115:34J14.2X235(160) Peterborough City (Elder/Robertson)(162) Grafham Water Rowing Club (Allan/Conway)2:401/2 length
17215:36J14.2X235(163) Norwich RC (Walmsley/Jellings)(165) Peterborough City (Blades/Berrisford)2:251 1/4 lengths
17315:38J14.1X236(262) Peterborough City (Berrisford)(263) Norwich RC (Jellings)2:56Row Over
17415:40J14.1X236(264) Weybridge RC (Beagly)(265) Peterborough City (Elder)2:525 lengths
17515:42J13.1X237(267) Star Club (Lennon)(268) Peterborough City (Fox)2:43easily
17615:44WE.2-238(129) Rob Roy BC (Mitchell/Gudgin)(130) Peterborough City (Canton/Marsters)2:301/2 length
22315:44S2.4- (92) Bedford Rowing Club(93) Staines BC1:581 length
17715:46MS1.2X239(202) St Ives RC (Moeller/Edwards)(203) Weybridge RC (Boon/Wilson)2:172 1/4 lengths
17815:48WJ18.1X240(291) Cantabrigian RC (Aspinall)(292) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Akehurst)2:39Not Rowed Out
17915:50WJ18.1X240(293) Rob Roy BC (Parker)(294) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Spencer)2:351 1/2 lengths
18015:52WJ15.2X (197) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Lang/Wallance)(200) Bedford High School RC (Hinckley/Piggott)2:322 1/2 lengths
18115:54WS3.8+ (23) City of Cambridge(27) Staines BCNTT1 foot
18215:56S4.8+ (7) Granta BC (A)(9) Bedford Rowing Club1:483/4 length
18315:58WS4.2X (176) Bedford Rowing Club (Cooper/Lemon)(178) Weybridge RC (Kean/Jackson)NTT3/4 length
18416:00S4.2X (148) Peterborough City (Bishop/Hurford)(151) Yare RC (Horth/Walton)2:10easily
18516:02S3.1X (208) Rob Roy BC (Morrell)(211) Yare RC (D'Esposito)2:201 3/4 lengths
18616:04WS2.2- (131) Rob Roy BC/The Hornets BC (Allen/Hunter)(135) Staines BC (Rolt/Page)2:26easily
18716:06J15.2X (158) Bedford Rowing Club (Butler/Beechinor)(156) Peterborough City (Palmer/Donald)2:042 lengths
18816:08VD.1X (253) Norwich RC (West)(251) Bedford Rowing Club (Catlin)2:271 1/2 lengths
18916:10WJ14.4X+ (116) Dame Alice Harpur BC(118) Marlow RC2:271/4 length
19016:12J15.4X+ (108) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (B)(109) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (C)2:152 1/2 lengths
19116:14E.2- (121) University of London (Stallard/Smith)(120) Staines BC (Owen/Simms)2:19Row Over
19216:16WS2.8+ (19) Weybridge RC(21) City of Cambridge2:032 1/4 lengths
19316:18N.4+ (54) Merton College(62) Cambridge '99 RC2:061/2 length
19416:20WS4.4+ (80) City of Cambridge(84) Bedford Rowing Club2:212 lengths
19516:22S3.2- (126) Broxbourne RC (Duncan/McGurrin)(127) St Ives RC (Gilbey/Gainsborough-Feild)2:183 lengths
19616:24S1.2- (125) University of London (Stallard/Smith)(123) Peterborough City (Cranfield/Tate)2:093 lengths
19716:26S2.4+ (30) Star Club (A)(33) Star Club (B)NTT3 feet
19816:28S3.8+ (5) Bedford School(3) Peterborough CityNTT1 length
19916:34J18.4X (101) Bedford Rowing Club(99) Star Club/Oundle School BC1:581 3/4 lengths
20016:36WS4.1X (275) Rob Roy BC (Allen)(280) Bedford High School RC (Davies)2:39easily
20116:38VB.1X (248) Broxbourne RC (Alexander)(250) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Copham)NTT3/4 length
20216:40WS3.2X (174) Bedford Rowing Club (Lemon/Cooper)(172) Marlow RC (Knill/Mitchell)2:271 length
20316:42WS2.4X (102) Marlow RC(103) Bath University2:123 1/2 lengths
20416:44S1.1X (204) Star Club (Callow)(205) Rob Roy BC (Silk)NTTRow Over
20516:46WS2.1X (269) Peterborough City (Potter)(270) St Ives RC (Moeller)2:351 1/4 lengths
20616:48VC.8+ (16) Bedford/UT/Brox(17) Cantabrigian/Rob Roy1:501 1/4 lengths
20716:50S3.2X (141) Cambridge/Reading Rowing Club (Crabtree/Wyborn)(145) Peterborough City (Taylor/Truss)2:072 lengths
20816:52S4.1X (212) Rob Roy BC (Carew)(216) Staines BC (Neumeister)2:251 1/2 lengths
20916:54WJ15.1X (296) St Neots RC (Glover)(295) Bedford High School RC (Hinckley)2:521 1/4 lengths
21016:56WJ18.2X (195) Marlow RC (Mottram/Garrett)(193) Star Club (Macinerny/Henderson)2:232 lengths
21116:58WN.4+ (86) Broxbourne RC(89) Norwich RC2:283 lengths
21217:00WS2.4+ (72) Bedford High School RC(73) Sons of the Thames RC2:181 3/4 lengths
21317:02WJ15.4X+ (112) Dame Alice Harpur BC(111) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School2:263 1/2 lengths
21417:04VCD.4+ (70) Milton Keynes RC (C)(68) Norwich RC (D)2:084 lengths
21517:06S4.4+ (45) Milton Keynes RC(48) Magdalene College2:063 lengths
21617:08N.8+ (13) Broxbourne RC(15) Granta BC (A)1:514 lengths
21717:10WN.8+ (28) Furnivall SC(29) Magdalene College2:241 1/2 lengths
21817:12S2.8+ (1) Cantabrigian RC(2) Bedford School1:472 1/2 lengths
22017:16N.1X (B)234(235) Rob Roy BC (Butlin)(239) Star Club (Miller)2:161/4 length
22117:18N.2X (153) Cambridge '99 RC (Asquith/Paul)(154) (Knollman/Grayer)2:242 1/4 lengths
22217:20WS2.2X (168) Oxford & District Sculling Centre (Scrase-Field/Jenks)(170) Peterborough City (Canton/Potter)2:192/3 length
22417:24S2.2X (136) Beccles Rowing Club (Bartram/Bartram)(137) Weybridge RC (Gower/Boon)NTT1 length
22517:26S2.4X (95) City of Cambridge(98) Star Club/Oundle School BC1:561 length
22617:28WJ14.1X (298) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Carter)(301) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Nichols)2:42easily
22717:34WN.2X (184) Star Club (Woods/Kells)(192) Star Club (Salusbury/Ebsworth)2:321/2 length
22817:36WS3.4+ (76) Bedford Rowing Club(77) Norwich RC2:221 3/4 lengths
22917:38WS3.1X (273) Peterborough City (Bobyk)(271) Yare RC (Holmes)2:361/2 length
23017:40S3.4+ (37) Marlow RC(41) Stratford-upon-Avon BC2:023 feet
21917:41N.1X (A)234(221) Rob Roy BC (Carew)(224) Cambridge '99 RC (Owen)2:231 1/4 lengths
23117:42WN.1X (282) St Neots RC (Fitzsimons)(289) Cambridge '99 RC (Twitchett)2:401/2 length
23217:44WS4.4X (106) Star Club (A)(104) Star Club (B)2:184 lengths
23317:46J16.1X (256) Norwich RC (Conway)(260) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Francis)2:271 length
23417:48N.1X (221) Rob Roy BC (Carew)(235) Rob Roy BC (Butlin)2:231 foot
23517:50J14.2X (160) Peterborough City (Elder/Robertson)(165) Peterborough City (Blades/Berrisford)2:41easily
23617:52J14.1X (263) Norwich RC (Jellings)(264) Weybridge RC (Beagly)2:381/3 length
23717:54J13.1X (267) Star Club (Lennon)(266) Peterborough City (Pirmohamed)3:00easily
23817:56WE.2- (129) Rob Roy BC (Mitchell/Gudgin)(128) Norwich RC (Allen/Conway)2:294 lengths
23917:58MS1.2X (202) St Ives RC (Moeller/Edwards)(201) Star Club (Callow/Taylor)2:155 lengths
24018:00WJ18.1X (292) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Akehurst)(293) Rob Roy BC (Parker)2:442 1/2 lengths
24118:02VE.1X (254) St Neots RC (Knights)(255) Grosvenor RC (Carter)2:493 lengths