Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 11th July 2004

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Results for Rob Roy BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse EmbankmentTimeVerdict
12213:48S1.2-196ROB(124) Rob Roy BC (Watson/Shepherd)ULO(125) University of London (Stallard/Smith)2:163 1/2 lengths
19616:24S1.2- ULO(125) University of London (Stallard/Smith)PET(123) Peterborough City (Cranfield/Tate)2:093 lengths
17615:44WE.2-238ROB(129) Rob Roy BC (Mitchell/Gudgin)PET(130) Peterborough City (Canton/Marsters)2:301/2 length
23817:56WE.2- ROB(129) Rob Roy BC (Mitchell/Gudgin)NOR(128) Norwich RC (Allen/Conway)2:294 lengths
1009:48WN.2X67STA(180) Star Club (Henderson/Rozman)NOR(181) Norwich RC (Jewson/Heylings)NTTeasily
1109:50WN.2X69CAM(183) City of Cambridge (Abell/Maggs)STA(184) Star Club (Woods/Kells)NTTeasily
1209:52WN.2X70ROB(187) Rob Roy BC (Spence/Jolly)STA(188) Star Club (Thompson/Murphy)NTTeasily
1309:54WN.2X71STA(189) Star Club (Manley/Cronin)HSB(190) HSBC RC (Slater/Green)NTTeasily
2410:16WN.2X71FAL(191) Falcon RC (Salter/Thomas)STA(192) Star Club (Salusbury/Ebsworth)2:374 lengths
6711:50WN.2X155NOR(181) Norwich RC (Jewson/Heylings)PET(182) Peterborough City (Hogervovst/Nathan)2:34easily
6911:54WN.2X155STA(184) Star Club (Woods/Kells)ABN(185) Abingdon RC (Marshall/Gladstone)2:321 1/2 lengths
7011:56WN.2X156NOR(186) Norwich RC (Skinner/Ambrose-Simpson)ROB(187) Rob Roy BC (Spence/Jolly)2:361 1/2 lengths
7111:58WN.2X156HSB(190) HSBC RC (Slater/Green)STA(192) Star Club (Salusbury/Ebsworth)NTT4 lengths
15514:58WN.2X227NOR(181) Norwich RC (Jewson/Heylings)STA(184) Star Club (Woods/Kells)NTT1 1/2 lengths
15615:00WN.2X227ROB(187) Rob Roy BC (Spence/Jolly)STA(192) Star Club (Salusbury/Ebsworth)2:301 1/4 lengths
22717:34WN.2X STA(184) Star Club (Woods/Kells)STA(192) Star Club (Salusbury/Ebsworth)2:321/2 length
20416:44S1.1X STA(204) Star Club (Callow)ROB(205) Rob Roy BC (Silk)NTTRow Over
3910:50S3.1X105YAR(206) Yare RC (Green)MAR(207) Marlow RC (Vernon)2:272 1/2 lengths
4010:52S3.1X106MAR(210) Marlow RC (Baker)YAR(211) Yare RC (D'Esposito)2:211/2 length
10513:10S3.1X185MAR(207) Marlow RC (Vernon)ROB(208) Rob Roy BC (Morrell)2:171 1/2 lengths
10613:12S3.1X185SNE(209) St Neots RC (Emmerson)YAR(211) Yare RC (D'Esposito)2:283 lengths
18516:02S3.1X ROB(208) Rob Roy BC (Morrell)YAR(211) Yare RC (D'Esposito)2:201 3/4 lengths
6012:00S4.1X134WOO(215) Wolfson College, Oxford (Wilkinson)STN(216) Staines BC (Neumeister)3:531 1/4 lengths
13314:10S4.1X208ROB(212) Rob Roy BC (Carew)MAR(213) Marlow RC (Simpson)2:222 1/2 lengths
13414:12S4.1X208ERT(214) Erith RC (Hart)STN(216) Staines BC (Neumeister)2:372 1/2 lengths
20816:52S4.1X ROB(212) Rob Roy BC (Carew)STN(216) Staines BC (Neumeister)2:251 1/2 lengths
1710:02N.1X (A)79BED(217) Bedford Rowing Club (Taylor)YAR(218) Yare RC (Horth)NTT1 3/4 lengths
1810:04N.1X (A)79ROB(219) Rob Roy BC (Silk)NOR(220) Norwich RC (Fitzgerald)NRORow Over
1910:06N.1X (A)80ROB(221) Rob Roy BC (Carew)NOR(222) Norwich RC (Conway)NTTNot Rowed Out
2010:08N.1X (A)81CNN(224) Cambridge '99 RC (Owen)BRX(225) Broxbourne RC (Heathcote)NTT2 lengths
2110:10N.1X (A)81ERT(226) Erith RC (Jaques)MAR(227) Marlow RC (Patch)NTTRow Over
2210:12N.1X (A)82GRT(228) Granta (Rayne)BED(229) Bedford Rowing Club (Calvin)2:38easily
2310:14N.1X (A)82WOO(230) Wolfson College, Oxford (Wilkinson)NOR(231) Norwich RC (Leyshon)NTTRow Over
7912:14N.1X (A)164BED(217) Bedford Rowing Club (Taylor)NOR(220) Norwich RC (Fitzgerald)2:123 lengths
8012:16N.1X (A)164ROB(221) Rob Roy BC (Carew)GRT(223) Granta (Goldstein)NTTRow Over
8112:18N.1X (A)165CNN(224) Cambridge '99 RC (Owen)ERT(226) Erith RC (Jaques)2:073 lengths
8212:20N.1X (A)165BED(229) Bedford Rowing Club (Calvin)NOR(231) Norwich RC (Leyshon)2:074 lengths
16415:16N.1X (A)219BED(217) Bedford Rowing Club (Taylor)ROB(221) Rob Roy BC (Carew)2:123 feet
16515:18N.1X (A)219CNN(224) Cambridge '99 RC (Owen)BED(229) Bedford Rowing Club (Calvin)2:261 1/2 lengths
21917:41N.1X (A)234ROB(221) Rob Roy BC (Carew)CNN(224) Cambridge '99 RC (Owen)2:231 1/4 lengths
2610:20N.1X (B)83PET(232) Peterborough City (Ortonowsla)STA(233) Star Club (Darling)NTT
2710:22N.1X (B)83MGD(234) Magdalene College (Schultz)ROB(235) Rob Roy BC (Butlin)2:26easily
2810:24N.1X (B)84CAM(236) City of Cambridge (Thompson)VRC(237) Vesta RC (Ashwell)2:353 lengths
2910:26N.1X (B)85STA(239) Star Club (Miller)PET(240) Peterborough City (Blades)2:374 lengths
3010:28N.1X (B)85STA(241) Star Club (Leslie)SIV(242) St Ives RC (Drake)2:34easily
3110:30N.1X (B)87STA(243) Star Club (Ashbrook)ROB(244) Rob Roy BC (Sills)2:232 lengths
3310:38N.1X (B)87YAR(245) Yare RC (Quentin-Hicks)BED(246) Bedford Rowing Club (Wilson)3:00Not Rowed Out
8312:22N.1X (B)166PET(232) Peterborough City (Ortonowsla)ROB(235) Rob Roy BC (Butlin)2:40Row Over
8412:24N.1X (B)166CAM(236) City of Cambridge (Thompson)SIM(238) Simoco Rowing Club (Smith)2:151/3 length
8512:26N.1X (B)167STA(239) Star Club (Miller)SIV(242) St Ives RC (Drake)2:252 lengths
8712:34N.1X (B)167ROB(244) Rob Roy BC (Sills)YAR(245) Yare RC (Quentin-Hicks)2:322 1/2 lengths
16615:20N.1X (B)220ROB(235) Rob Roy BC (Butlin)SIM(238) Simoco Rowing Club (Smith)2:231 1/2 lengths
16715:22N.1X (B)220STA(239) Star Club (Miller)ROB(244) Rob Roy BC (Sills)2:34Not Rowed Out
22017:16N.1X (B)234ROB(235) Rob Roy BC (Butlin)STA(239) Star Club (Miller)2:161/4 length
23417:48N.1X ROB(221) Rob Roy BC (Carew)ROB(235) Rob Roy BC (Butlin)2:231 foot
5211:16WS4.1X126STA(274) Star Club (Callan)ROB(275) Rob Roy BC (Allen)3:451 length
5311:18WS4.1X126XYZ(276) Status ChangeMAR(277) Marlow RC (Knill)2:53Row Over
5411:20WS4.1X127YAR(278) Yare RC (D'Esposito)FAL(279) Falcon RC (Becker)3:002 1/2 lengths
5511:22WS4.1X127BHS(280) Bedford High School RC (Davies)CAB(281) Cantabrigian RC (Mackley)3:393 lengths
12613:56WS4.1X200ROB(275) Rob Roy BC (Allen)MAR(277) Marlow RC (Knill)2:284 lengths
12713:58WS4.1X200FAL(279) Falcon RC (Becker)BHS(280) Bedford High School RC (Davies)NTT5 lengths
20016:36WS4.1X ROB(275) Rob Roy BC (Allen)BHS(280) Bedford High School RC (Davies)2:39easily
1610:00WN.1X78CNN(289) Cambridge '99 RC (Twitchett)MAR(290) Marlow RC (Ainley)NTTeasily
7512:06WN.1X162SNE(282) St Neots RC (Fitzsimons)BRX(283) Broxbourne RC (Jordan)2:391 1/4 lengths
7612:08WN.1X162CAB(284) Cantabrigian RC (Rutherford)CAM(285) City of Cambridge (Rea)2:473 lengths
7712:10WN.1X163ROB(286) Rob Roy BC (Long)FAL(287) Falcon RC (Becker)NTT1/3 length
7812:12WN.1X163NOR(288) Norwich RC (Kersten)CNN(289) Cambridge '99 RC (Twitchett)NTT4 lengths
16215:12WN.1X231SNE(282) St Neots RC (Fitzsimons)CAB(284) Cantabrigian RC (Rutherford)2:423 lengths
16315:14WN.1X231ROB(286) Rob Roy BC (Long)CNN(289) Cambridge '99 RC (Twitchett)2:433 1/2 lengths
23117:42WN.1X SNE(282) St Neots RC (Fitzsimons)CNN(289) Cambridge '99 RC (Twitchett)2:401/2 length
17815:48WJ18.1X240CAB(291) Cantabrigian RC (Aspinall)SUA(292) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Akehurst)2:39Not Rowed Out
17915:50WJ18.1X240ROB(293) Rob Roy BC (Parker)SWB(294) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Spencer)2:351 1/2 lengths
24018:00WJ18.1X SUA(292) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Akehurst)ROB(293) Rob Roy BC (Parker)2:442 1/2 lengths