Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 11th July 2004

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Results for Staines BC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceClubhouseEmbankmentTimeVerdict
3210:36WS3.8+96(22) Wolfson College, Oxford(23) City of Cambridge2:162 1/2 lengths
3410:40WS3.8+101(26) Status Change(27) Staines BCNTTRow Over
9612:52WS3.8+181(23) City of Cambridge(24) Cantabrigian RC3:161/3 length
10113:02WS3.8+181(25) Peterborough City(27) Staines BC2:121/2 length
18115:54WS3.8+ (23) City of Cambridge(27) Staines BCNTT1 foot
12113:46S2.4+197(30) Star Club (A)(31) Star Club (C)1:582 1/2 lengths
12313:50S2.4+197(32) Staines BC(33) Star Club (B)2:011 1/4 lengths
19716:26S2.4+ (30) Star Club (A)(33) Star Club (B)NTT3 feet
1409:56S3.4+72(34) Cantabrigian RC(35) Cambridge '99 RCNTT2 lengths
1509:58S3.4+74(42) Status Change(43) City of CambridgeNTTRow Over
7212:00S3.4+160(35) Cambridge '99 RC(36) Peterborough City (A)NTT2 lengths
7312:02S3.4+160(37) Marlow RC(38) Staines BC2:052 lengths
8612:28S3.4+161(39) Peterborough City (B)(40) Milton Keynes RC1:531 1/2 lengths
7412:04S3.4+161(41) Stratford-upon-Avon BC(43) City of CambridgeNTT1/2 length
16015:08S3.4+230(36) Peterborough City (A)(37) Marlow RC2:031 3/4 lengths
16115:10S3.4+230(39) Peterborough City (B)(41) Stratford-upon-Avon BC2:032 lengths
23017:40S3.4+ (37) Marlow RC(41) Stratford-upon-Avon BC2:023 feet
6111:38WN.4+137(86) Broxbourne RC(87) HSBC RC2:294 lengths
6211:40WN.4+138(90) St Neots RC(91) Staines BC2:364 lengths
13714:18WN.4+211(86) Broxbourne RC(88) Magdalene College2:281 length
13814:20WN.4+211(89) Norwich RC(91) Staines BC2:53Not Rowed Out
21116:58WN.4+ (86) Broxbourne RC(89) Norwich RC2:283 lengths
22315:44S2.4- (92) Bedford Rowing Club(93) Staines BC1:581 length
10813:16E.2-191(121) University of London (Stallard/Smith)(122) Cantabrigian RC (Craig/Price)2:031 1/2 lengths
19116:14E.2- (121) University of London (Stallard/Smith)(120) Staines BC (Owen/Simms)2:19Row Over
5011:12WS2.2-107(134) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Beard/Rowles)(135) Staines BC (Rolt/Page)2:234 lengths
10213:04WS2.2-186(131) Rob Roy BC/The Hornets BC (Allen/Hunter)(132) City of Cambridge (Barrett/Mosedale)2:253/4 length
10713:14WS2.2-186(133) Bath University (Brown/Coker)(135) Staines BC (Rolt/Page)2:252 1/4 lengths
18616:04WS2.2- (131) Rob Roy BC/The Hornets BC (Allen/Hunter)(135) Staines BC (Rolt/Page)2:26easily
6012:00S4.1X134(215) Wolfson College, Oxford (Wilkinson)(216) Staines BC (Neumeister)3:531 1/4 lengths
13314:10S4.1X208(212) Rob Roy BC (Carew)(213) Marlow RC (Simpson)2:222 1/2 lengths
13414:12S4.1X208(214) Erith RC (Hart)(216) Staines BC (Neumeister)2:372 1/2 lengths
20816:52S4.1X (212) Rob Roy BC (Carew)(216) Staines BC (Neumeister)2:251 1/2 lengths