Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 14th May 2005

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Results for Bedford Rowing Club

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
26417:16S1.8+317ULO(1) University of LondonETN(2) Eton College BCNTT3 lengths
26317:14S1.8+317MAG(3) Magdalen College, OxfordBED(4) Bedford Rowing ClubNTT2 lengths
31719:02S1.8+ ETN(2) Eton College BCMAG(3) Magdalen College, Oxford3:173/4 length
13813:04S2.8+234PMB(8) Pembroke College (Oxford)RDG(9) Reading RC3:351 1/2 lengths
23516:18S2.8+303MAG(5) Magdalen College, OxfordBED(6) Bedford Rowing ClubNTT1 1/3 lengths
23416:16S2.8+303ULO(7) University of LondonPMB(8) Pembroke College (Oxford)NTTNot Rowed Out
30318:34S2.8+ MAG(5) Magdalen College, OxfordPMB(8) Pembroke College (Oxford)3:221 length
20315:14WS2.8+286BED(111) Bedford Rowing ClubSON(112) Sons of the Thames RC4:41
20215:12WS2.8+286YRK(113) York City RCTRC(114) Thames RC3:59easily
28618:00WS2.8+ SON(112) Sons of the Thames RCTRC(114) Thames RCNTTeasily
208:32WS3.8+78EMM(115) Emmanuel CollegeBED(116) Bedford Rowing ClubNTT1 length
108:33WS3.8+89SON(123) Sons of the Thames RCPMB(124) Pembroke College (Oxford)NTT2 1/2 lengths
7811:04WS3.8+192EMM(115) Emmanuel CollegeLIN(117) Linacre BC4:121 length
7711:02WS3.8+192UYO(118) University of York Boat ClubNNM(119) Newnham College BC4:24Not Rowed Out
7611:00WS3.8+191YRK(120) York City RCFAL(121) Falcon RC4:27Not Rowed Out
8911:26WS3.8+191ORO(122) Oriel CollegePMB(124) Pembroke College (Oxford)4:183/4 length
19214:52WS3.8+281LIN(117) Linacre BCNNM(119) Newnham College BC4:183 lengths
19114:50WS3.8+281FAL(121) Falcon RCPMB(124) Pembroke College (Oxford)4:212 lengths
28117:50WS3.8+ LIN(117) Linacre BCPMB(124) Pembroke College (Oxford)4:151 1/4 lengths
1609:00N.4+101PET(208) Peterborough City (A)RDG(209) Reading RCNTT3 lengths
2009:08N.4+101STA(210) Star ClubBED(211) Bedford Rowing ClubNTT2 1/2 lengths
1909:06N.4+97PET(212) Peterborough City (B)HAR(213) Harrow School BCNTTNot Rowed Out
1709:02N.4+96BMS(216) Bedford Modern SchoolUYO(217) University of York Boat ClubNTTRow Over
1508:58N.4+100CAM(218) City of CambridgeBDS(219) Bedford SchoolNTT2 lengths
1408:56N.4+100BRX(220) Broxbourne RCWIN(221) Winchester College BCNTTRow Over
10111:50N.4+207RDG(209) Reading RCSTA(210) Star ClubNTT1/2 length
9711:42N.4+207PET(212) Peterborough City (B)OXL(214) Oxford Institute of Legal Practice Boat ClubNTTRow Over
9611:40N.4+206MGD(215) Magdalene CollegeBMS(216) Bedford Modern School4:133 feet
10011:48N.4+206CAM(218) City of CambridgeBRX(220) Broxbourne RCNTTeasily
20715:22N.4+288RDG(209) Reading RCPET(212) Peterborough City (B)3:471 length
20615:20N.4+288BMS(216) Bedford Modern SchoolCAM(218) City of Cambridge4:291/2 length
28818:04N.4+ RDG(209) Reading RCCAM(218) City of Cambridge4:232 lengths
9911:46N.4+ (P)205BED(211) Bedford Rowing ClubHAR(213) Harrow School BC4:323 lengths
9811:44N.4+ (P)204BDS(219) Bedford SchoolWIN(221) Winchester College BCNTTRow Over
20515:18N.4+ (P)287PET(208) Peterborough City (A)HAR(213) Harrow School BC3:47Not Rowed Out
20415:16N.4+ (P)287UYO(217) University of York Boat ClubBDS(219) Bedford SchoolNTTRow Over
28718:02N.4+ (P) PET(208) Peterborough City (A)BDS(219) Bedford School4:212 1/2 lengths
27617:40S3.4X323STA/WYC(258) Star Club/WycliffeULO(259) University of London3:512 lengths
27517:01S3.4X323BED(260) Bedford Rowing ClubKCA(261) The King's School Canterbury BCNTTNot Rowed Out
32319:14S3.4X ULO(259) University of LondonBED(260) Bedford Rowing Club3:51easily
18514:38WN.4X+269KCA(302) The King's School Canterbury BCBED(303) Bedford Rowing Club4:363/4 length
27017:28WN.4X+320DAH(299) Dame Alice Harpur BC (B)BRX(300) Broxbourne RC5:01easily
26917:26WN.4X+320DAH(301) Dame Alice Harpur BC (A)KCA(302) The King's School Canterbury BC4:441 length
32019:08WN.4X+ DAH(299) Dame Alice Harpur BC (B)KCA(302) The King's School Canterbury BC4:37easily