Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 10th July 2005

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Results for Walton RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse EmbankmentTimeVerdict
17415:34S2.2X234BEC(107) Beccles Rowing Club (Benest-Bartram/Bartram)CAM/ROB(108) Cambridge/Rob Roy (Hodgson/Walton)2:021 1/2 lengths
17315:32S2.2X234YAR(109) Yare RC (D'Esposito/Green)WLT(110) Walton RC (Boon/Gower)2:052 lengths
23417:59S2.2X CAM/ROB(108) Cambridge/Rob Roy (Hodgson/Walton)YAR(109) Yare RC (D'Esposito/Green)2:011 3/4 lengths
3510:16S4.2X127STA(119) Star Club (Christie/Grant-Jones)WLT(120) Walton RC (Whittingham/Rogers)2:181 3/4 lengths
3610:18S4.2X128BED(122) Bedford Rowing Club (Thompson/Patmore)PET(123) Peterborough City (Bishop/Hurford)NTTRow Over
3410:14S4.2X128STN(124) Staines BC (Somper/Ozer)XYZ(125) Status Change2:31Row Over
12713:48S4.2X204WLT(120) Walton RC (Whittingham/Rogers)SUA(121) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Roe/Francis)2:023/4 length
12813:50S4.2X204PET(123) Peterborough City (Bishop/Hurford)STN(124) Staines BC (Somper/Ozer)2:28easily
20416:51S4.2X SUA(121) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Roe/Francis)STN(124) Staines BC (Somper/Ozer)2:042 lengths
2810:00N.1X (A)113PET(213) Peterborough City (Hine)BRX(214) Broxbourne RC (Sawtell)NTT3/4 length
10410:01N.1X (A)112BED(299) Bedford Rowing Club (Fox)STA(216) Star Club (Miller)NTTeasily
2409:51N.1X (A)111NOR(219) Norwich RC (Fitzgerald)STA(220) Star Club (Coles)NTTeasily
2309:49N.1X (A)110BED(222) Bedford Rowing Club (Butler)SIV(223) St Ives RC (Burton)NTT1 1/2 lengths
11313:17N.1X (A)191PET(213) Peterborough City (Hine)NOR(215) Norwich RC (Linford)2:24Row Over
11213:14N.1X (A)191STA(216) Star Club (Miller)CNN(217) Cambridge '99 RC (Caulton)4:171 1/2 lengths
11113:12N.1X (A)190NTN(218) Northampton RC (Fox)NOR(219) Norwich RC (Fitzgerald)2:132 1/2 lengths
11013:10N.1X (A)190ROB(221) Rob Roy BC (De Mauny)SIV(223) St Ives RC (Burton)2:264 1/2 lengths
19116:12N.1X (A)228PET(213) Peterborough City (Hine)STA(216) Star Club (Miller)2:111 length
19016:10N.1X (A)228NOR(219) Norwich RC (Fitzgerald)SIV(223) St Ives RC (Burton)2:172 lengths
22817:45N.1X (A)249STA(216) Star Club (Miller)NOR(219) Norwich RC (Fitzgerald)2:113 feet
2109:45N.1X (B)109PET(224) Peterborough City (Blades)LMB(225) Lady Margaret BC (Trnka)NTTRow Over
2209:47N.1X (B)108MAR(227) Marlow RC (Patch)BMS(228) Bedford Modern School (Bell)NTT3/4 length
2009:42N.1X (B)107STA(231) Star Club (Williamson)PET(232) Peterborough City (Timms)NTT3 lengths
1709:36N.1X (B)106BED(234) Bedford Rowing Club (Herridge)CAB(235) Cantabrigian RC (McBirnie)2:36Row Over
10913:08N.1X (B)189PET(224) Peterborough City (Blades)STN(226) Staines BC (Grant)2:27easily
10813:05N.1X (B)189MAR(227) Marlow RC (Patch)PET(229) Peterborough City (Starkey)2:272/3 length
10713:03N.1X (B)188WLT(230) Walton RC (Beagley)STA(231) Star Club (Williamson)NTTeasily
10613:01N.1X (B)188CCS(233) Claires Court School BC (O'Connell)BED(234) Bedford Rowing Club (Herridge)NTTeasily
18916:08N.1X (B)230STN(226) Staines BC (Grant)MAR(227) Marlow RC (Patch)2:173 lengths
18816:40N.1X (B)230STA(231) Star Club (Williamson)BED(234) Bedford Rowing Club (Herridge)2:222 feet
23017:50N.1X (B)249STN(226) Staines BC (Grant)STA(231) Star Club (Williamson)2:141 1/2 lengths
24918:33N.1X STA(216) Star Club (Miller)STN(226) Staines BC (Grant)2:163 lengths
5010:50J15.1X143STA(240) Star Club (Turner)BMS(241) Bedford Modern School (Bell)2:221 1/2 lengths
4910:48J15.1X144CCS(243) Claires Court School BC (Van Der Valk)PTR(244) Putney Town RC (Dahl)2:41Row Over
4810:45J15.1X144WLT(245) Walton RC (Beagley)BED(246) Bedford Rowing Club (Beechinor)NTTeasily
14314:24J15.1X214BMS(241) Bedford Modern School (Bell)SIV(242) St Ives RC (Hasler)2:271 length
14414:26J15.1X214CCS(243) Claires Court School BC (Van Der Valk)BED(246) Bedford Rowing Club (Beechinor)2:193 lengths
21417:14J15.1X BMS(241) Bedford Modern School (Bell)BED(246) Bedford Rowing Club (Beechinor)2:014 lengths