Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 10th July 2005

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Results for City of Cambridge

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceClubhouseEmbankmentTimeVerdict
10212:52S4.8+185(11) Status Change(12) Star Club2:03Row Over
18616:01S4.8+240(8) Bedford Rowing Club(9) Champion of the Thames1:503/4 length
18515:59S4.8+240(10) City of Cambridge(12) Star Club1:483/4 length
24018:12S4.8+ (9) Champion of the Thames(10) City of Cambridge1:482 lengths
12413:41WS3.8+202(19) Cambridge '99 RC(20) Falcon RC2:041 1/2 lengths
12313:39WS3.8+202(21) City of Cambridge(22) Status Change2:35Row Over
20216:47WS3.8+ (20) Falcon RC(21) City of Cambridge2:041 1/4 lengths
8112:05WN.4+164(69) Cambridge '99 RC (B)(70) Falcon RC2:325 lengths
8011:57WN.4+166(72) Milton Keynes RC(73) Cambridge '99 RC (A)2:324 1/2 lengths
7911:55WN.4+166(74) City of Cambridge(75) Broxbourne RCNTTRow Over
16415:11WN.4+226(69) Cambridge '99 RC (B)(71) Star Club2:303 feet
16615:16WN.4+226(73) Cambridge '99 RC (A)(75) Broxbourne RC2:241 1/4 lengths
22617:41WN.4+ (71) Star Club(75) Broxbourne RC2:252 1/2 lengths
5410:59S3.2-149(105) Cambridge '99 RC (Kelly/Paul)(106) Status Change2:12Row Over
15014:40S3.2-217(102) St Neots RC (Williams/Heaney)(103) City of Cambridge (Lawlor-Anderson/Thompson)2:093/4 length
14914:38S3.2-217(104) Bedford Rowing Club (Lewis/Hemingway)(105) Cambridge '99 RC (Kelly/Paul)2:084 lengths
21717:21S3.2- (103) City of Cambridge (Lawlor-Anderson/Thompson)(104) Bedford Rowing Club (Lewis/Hemingway)2:081/3 length
8612:16N.2X170(126) Bedford Rowing Club (Beechinor/Butler)(127) Peterborough City (Hine/Hodson)2:12easily
8512:14N.2X170(128) City of Cambridge (Blasi/Barp)(129) Staines BC (Somper/Ozer)NTTRow Over
8412:11N.2X169(130) Peterborough City (Rist/Kisby)(131) Claires Court School BC (Van Der Valk/Rider)NTT2 1/2 lengths
8312:09N.2X169(132) Northampton RC (Fox/Sentance)(133) Bedford Rowing Club (Biggs/Elliott)3:03Row Over
17015:25N.2X231(126) Bedford Rowing Club (Beechinor/Butler)(129) Staines BC (Somper/Ozer)2:033/4 length
16915:23N.2X231(131) Claires Court School BC (Van Der Valk/Rider)(132) Northampton RC (Fox/Sentance)2:092 lengths
23117:52N.2X (126) Bedford Rowing Club (Beechinor/Butler)(131) Claires Court School BC (Van Der Valk/Rider)2:041 1/3 lengths