Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 10th July 2005

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Results for Maidenhead RC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceClubhouseEmbankmentTimeVerdict
25018:35J14.4X+ (89) Weybridge RC(90) Maidenhead RC2:14Not Rowed Out
13113:57J15.2X206(135) Claires Court School BC (Cremin/McCormack)(136) Maidenhead RC (Wildbore/Lilley)2:092 lengths
20616:56J15.2X (134) St Ives RC (Hasler/Poole)(136) Maidenhead RC (Wildbore/Lilley)2:123 lengths
9812:43J14.2X180(137) Bedford Modern School (Galc/Brocklehurst)(138) Claires Court School BC (Cleveland/Ford)2:21easily
9712:41J14.2X180(139) Bedford Modern School (Bullard/Scott)(140) Peterborough City (Blades/Stafford)NTTeasily
9612:38J14.2X179(141) Maidenhead RC (Lilley/O'Reilly)(142) Star Club (Johnson/Storey)2:241 length
9512:36J14.2X179(143) Claires Court School BC (Aber/Hyman)(144) Bedford Modern SchoolNTTeasily
18015:47J14.2X237(138) Claires Court School BC (Cleveland/Ford)(140) Peterborough City (Blades/Stafford)2:19easily
17915:45J14.2X237(141) Maidenhead RC (Lilley/O'Reilly)(143) Claires Court School BC (Aber/Hyman)2:23easily
23718:06J14.2X (140) Peterborough City (Blades/Stafford)(143) Claires Court School BC (Aber/Hyman)2:111/2 length