Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 10th July 2005

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Results for Milton Keynes RC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceClubhouseEmbankmentTimeVerdict
409:06S3.4+62(26) Marlow RC(27) Staines BC (B)NTT1 1/4 lengths
609:11S3.4+60(32) Milton Keynes RC(33) Staines BC (C)NTT1 3/4 lengths
509:09S3.4+59(35) Staines BC (A)(36) Status ChangeNTTRow Over
6211:17S3.4+154(27) Staines BC (B)(28) Falcon RC2:033 1/2 lengths
6111:15S3.4+154(29) Peterborough City(30) Lady Margaret BC1:573 1/2 lengths
6011:12S3.4+153(31) Granta BC/King`s College(32) Milton Keynes RC2:551 1/4 lengths
5911:10S3.4+153(34) Bedford School(35) Staines BC (A)1:592 1/2 lengths
15414:49S3.4+219(27) Staines BC (B)(29) Peterborough City1:512 lengths
15314:47S3.4+219(32) Milton Keynes RC(34) Bedford SchoolNTT1/2 length
21917:25S3.4+ (29) Peterborough City(34) Bedford School1:551 1/4 lengths
309:04N.4+46(46) Northampton RC(47) Weybridge RCNTT1 1/2 lengths
209:02N.4+44(54) Norwich RC(55) Beccles/Bournemouth UniversityNTT1 1/2 lengths
4610:41N.4+140(47) Weybridge RC(48) Peterborough City2:002 1/2 lengths
4510:39N.4+140(49) Falcon RC (B)(50) Bedford Rowing Club2:161 length
3310:12N.4+139(51) Broxbourne RC(52) Falcon RC (A)2:21Not Rowed Out
4410:36N.4+139(53) Milton Keynes RC(54) Norwich RC2:076 feet
14014:17N.4+212(48) Peterborough City(50) Bedford Rowing Club2:03easily
13914:15N.4+212(52) Falcon RC (A)(53) Milton Keynes RC2:071 1/2 lengths
21217:09N.4+ (48) Peterborough City(53) Milton Keynes RC2:012 feet
10112:50WS3.4+181(56) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC(57) Star Club2:132 lengths
10012:47WS3.4+182(59) Cambridge '99 RC(60) Status Change2:52Row Over
9912:45WS3.4+182(61) Broxbourne RC(62) Northampton RC2:131 length
18115:50WS3.4+238(56) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC(58) Milton Keynes RC2:151 length
18215:52WS3.4+238(59) Cambridge '99 RC(61) Broxbourne RC2:182 lengths
23818:08WS3.4+ (58) Milton Keynes RC(61) Broxbourne RC2:151/2 length
5110:52WS4.4+142(63) Broxbourne RC(64) Falcon RC2:20easily
4710:43WS4.4+141(67) Star Club(68) Status Change2:40Row Over
14214:22WS4.4+213(63) Broxbourne RC(65) Milton Keynes RC2:221/3 length
14114:20WS4.4+213(66) Staines BC(67) Star Club2:22easily
21317:12WS4.4+ (63) Broxbourne RC(66) Staines BC2:282 1/4 lengths
8112:05WN.4+164(69) Cambridge '99 RC (B)(70) Falcon RC2:325 lengths
8011:57WN.4+166(72) Milton Keynes RC(73) Cambridge '99 RC (A)2:324 1/2 lengths
7911:55WN.4+166(74) City of Cambridge(75) Broxbourne RCNTTRow Over
16415:11WN.4+226(69) Cambridge '99 RC (B)(71) Star Club2:303 feet
16615:16WN.4+226(73) Cambridge '99 RC (A)(75) Broxbourne RC2:241 1/4 lengths
22617:41WN.4+ (71) Star Club(75) Broxbourne RC2:252 1/2 lengths
22017:27WS2.1X (254) Milton Keynes RC (Marshall)(255) Derby RC (Lane)2:21Row Over