Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 10th July 2005

Results for Womens Senior 3 Double Sculls

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RaceTimeStatusNext RaceClubhouseEmbankmentTimeVerdict
109:00WS3.2X39(154) Status Change(155) Weybridge RC (Kean/Jackson)NTTRow Over
4310:34WS3.2X138(147) Cambridge '99 RC (Twitchett/Dennis)(148) Yare RC (D'Esposito/Holmes)2:214 1/2 lengths
4110:30WS3.2X138(149) Peterborough City (Richardson/Carter)(150) Weybridge RC (Musgrave/Pollard)2:231 1/4 lengths
4010:27WS3.2X137(151) Marlow RC (Phillips/Knill)(152) Northampton RC (Bell/Pearson)2:161/2 length
3910:25WS3.2X137(153) Peterborough City (Bobyk/Harrington)(155) Weybridge RC (Kean/Jackson)2:154 lengths
13814:13WS3.2X211(147) Cambridge '99 RC (Twitchett/Dennis)(150) Weybridge RC (Musgrave/Pollard)NTT5 lengths
13714:11WS3.2X211(151) Marlow RC (Phillips/Knill)(155) Weybridge RC (Kean/Jackson)2:18easily
21117:07WS3.2X (147) Cambridge '99 RC (Twitchett/Dennis)(155) Weybridge RC (Kean/Jackson)2:111 1/2 lengths