Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 13th May 2006

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Results for Dame Alice Harpur BC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceEnclosureEmbankmentTimeVerdict
3709:42WN.8+134 / 130(145) Oriel College(146) Bedford High School RC4:161 length
3609:40WN.8+134 / 130(147) Dame Alice Harpur BC(148) Trinity College BC4:25easily
3209:32WN.8+133 / 129(149) University College, Oxford(150) University of York Boat Club4:152 lengths
2909:26WN.8+133 / 129(151) Anglia Ruskin (A)(152) Balliol College3:59easily
2809:24WN.8+132 / 128(153) Magdalen College, Oxford(154) Anglia Ruskin (B)5:27Row Over
2709:22WN.8+132 / 128(155) Clare BC(156) Pembroke/St Catherines3:54easily
3409:36WN.8+131 / 127(157) Warwick University(158) Pembroke College (Oxford)4:381 length
2609:20WN.8+131 / 127(159) St Annes Oxford(160) Worcester College4:14easily
13412:56WN.8+233(146) Bedford High School RC(147) Dame Alice Harpur BC4:094 lengths
13312:54WN.8+233(149) University College, Oxford(152) Balliol College4:02
13212:52WN.8+232(154) Anglia Ruskin (B)(156) Pembroke/St CatherinesNTTeasily
13112:50WN.8+232(158) Pembroke College (Oxford)(160) Worcester College4:13easily
23316:26WN.8+297(147) Dame Alice Harpur BC(152) Balliol College4:12easily
23216:24WN.8+297(156) Pembroke/St Catherines(160) Worcester CollegeNTT1/2 length
29718:42WN.8+ (152) Balliol College(156) Pembroke/St Catherines4:103 lengths
13012:48WN.8+ (P)231(145) Oriel College(148) Trinity College BC4:231 length
12912:46WN.8+ (P)231(150) University of York Boat Club(151) Anglia Ruskin (A)4:091 1/2 lengths
12812:44WN.8+ (P)230(153) Magdalen College, Oxford(155) Clare BCNTTRow Over
12712:42WN.8+ (P)230(157) Warwick University(159) St Annes Oxford4:24easily
23116:22WN.8+ (P)296(148) Trinity College BC(151) Anglia Ruskin (A)4:233 1/2 lengths
23016:20WN.8+ (P)296(155) Clare BC(159) St Annes Oxford4:391/2 length
29618:10WN.8+ (P) (151) Anglia Ruskin (A)(155) Clare BC4:265 lengths
21915:58WS2.4+293(260) Dame Alice Harpur BC(261) City of Cambridge5:30Row Over
22516:10WS2.4+293(262) Broxbourne RC(263) Bedford Rowing Club4:292 lengths
29318:34WS2.4+ (260) Dame Alice Harpur BC(263) Bedford Rowing Club4:24a canvas
10812:04WS4.4+214(272) Warwick University(273) Broxbourne RC4:283 1/2 lengths
10712:02WS4.4+215(275) University of London Womens BC(276) Oundle/Bedford HighNTT
10612:00WS4.4+215(277) Dame Alice Harpur BC(278) St Edward's School (B)NTT3 1/2 lengths
21415:48WS4.4+288(272) Warwick University(274) St Edward's School (A)4:362 1/2 lengths
21515:50WS4.4+288(276) Oundle/Bedford High(277) Dame Alice Harpur BC4:34easily
28818:24WS4.4+ (274) St Edward's School (A)(277) Dame Alice Harpur BC4:263 lengths
7210:52WN.4+177(286) St Edward's School(287) University of York Boat Club (C)4:244 lengths
18014:28WN.4+267(279) Dame Alice Harpur BC(280) City of CambridgeNTTRow Over
17914:26WN.4+267(281) University of York Boat Club (B)(282) Cambridge '99 RC4:554 lengths
17814:24WN.4+266(283) Star Club(284) Warwick UniversityNTTRow Over
17714:22WN.4+266(285) University of York Boat Club (A)(286) St Edward's School4:411 1/4 lengths
26717:34WN.4+314(280) City of Cambridge(282) Cambridge '99 RC5:192 1/2 lengths
26617:32WN.4+314(283) Star Club(285) University of York Boat Club (A)5:05easily
31419:16WN.4+ (280) City of Cambridge(285) University of York Boat Club (A)4:393 lengths
23416:28WJ16.4X298(288) Star Club(289) Bedford Rowing Club4:241 length
23517:00WJ16.4X298(290) Bedford High School RC(291) Dame Alice Harpur BC4:101/2 length
29818:44WJ16.4X (288) Star Club(291) Dame Alice Harpur BC4:212 1/2 lengths
32214:00WN.4X+250(322) Star Club(309) Dame Alice Harpur BC (A)4:363/4 length
25017:02WN.4X+306(312) Dame Alice Harpur BC (B)(311) Bedford Rowing ClubNTTRow Over
25117:00WN.4X+306(310) Bedford High School RC(322) Star ClubNTT2 lengths
30619:00WN.4X+ (312) Dame Alice Harpur BC (B)(322) Star Club4:525 lengths
12612:40WJ15.4X+228(316) Dame Alice Harpur BC (A)(317) Bedford High School RC (A)4:384 lengths
22916:18WJ15.4X+295(313) Bedford High School RC (B)(314) Dame Alice Harpur BC (B)4:432 1/2 lengths
22816:16WJ15.4X+295(315) Broxbourne RC(317) Bedford High School RC (A)4:363 lengths
29518:38WJ15.4X+ (313) Bedford High School RC (B)(317) Bedford High School RC (A)4:28easily
21115:42WJ14.4X+286(318) Bedford High School RC (A)(319) Pangbourne College BC4:44easily
21015:40WJ14.4X+286(320) Dame Alice Harpur BC(321) Bedford High School RC (B)4:553 lengths
28618:20WJ14.4X+ (318) Bedford High School RC (A)(321) Bedford High School RC (B)4:45easily