Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 9th July 2006

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RaceTimeStatusNext RaceClubhouseEmbankmentTimeVerdict
109:00S3.4+18(35) City of Cambridge(36) HSBC RCNTT3/4 length
209:03S3.4+56(28) Cantabrigian RC(29) Leicester RCNTTRow Over
309:06S3.4+59(32) Cambridge '99 RC(33) Bedford SchoolNTT1/2 length
409:09S4.1X24(140) Peterborough City (Blades)(141) Northampton RC (McCowen)NTTRow Over
509:12S4.1X39(148) HSBC RC (Furby)(149) Staines BC (R Oades)NTT1 length
609:15N.1X (A)49(157) Norwich RC (Woodall)(158) Huntingdon RC (Bell)2:24easily
709:18N.4+57(43) Bedford Rowing Club(44) City of CambridgeNTTRow Over
809:21N.1X (B)55(166) Staines BC (Twaddle)(167) Bedford Rowing Club (Walker)NTT1 length
909:24S2.1X46(134) Huntingdon RC (Smith)(135) Staines BC (Goldswain)2:131 1/2 lengths
1009:27S2.1X61(138) Cygnet RC (Jillings)(139) Cantabrigian RC (Leggott)NTTeasily
1109:30WJ15.2X68(128) Norwich RC (Kefford/Evans)(129) Star Club (H Rozman/Hayward)NTT3 lengths
1209:33N.4+42(46) Bedford Modern School(47) Northampton RC2:181/2 length
1309:36N.4+42(48) Milton Keynes RC(49) Stratford-upon-Avon BCNTT1/2 length
1409:39S3.4+56(30) St Neots RC(31) Northampton RC2:041 1/2 lengths
1509:42S2.2-73(86) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Gordon/Roe)(87) Milton Keynes RC (Dilks/Lewington)2:234 lengths
1609:45WS3.8+67(18) Star Club(19) Cambridge '99 RC2:081 1/2 lengths
1709:48WS4.4+80(65) Staines BC(66) St Neots/Northampton2:271 length
1809:51S3.4+59(34) Peterborough City(35) City of Cambridge4:121/4 length
1909:54WS3.2X65(117) Star Club (Salusbury/Salusbury)(118) Upper Thames RC (Parr/Ramsay)2:292 1/2 lengths
2110:00WS3.8+52(14) Broxbourne RC(15) City of Cambridge2:252/3 length
2210:03WS4.1X70(187) Star Club (Macdonald-Smith)(188) Sudbury RC (Spencer)2:445 lengths
2310:06WS4.1X84(191) Shoreham Rowing Club (Smith)(192) Staines BC (Corless)4:144 lengths
2410:09S4.1X77(140) Peterborough City (Blades)(142) St Ives RC (Hasler)2:282 lengths
2510:12S4.1X78(145) Cantabrigian RC (Price)(146) Bedford Rowing Club (Herridge)2:20easily
2610:15S4.1X77(143) Star Club (O Miller)(144) Bedford Rowing Club (Hemingway)NTTRow Over
2710:18WS3.1X98(185) Staines BC (Goldswain)(186) Cantabrigian RC (Aspinall)2:393 lengths
2810:21WN.1X81(193) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Carter)(194) Magdalene College (Peel)NTT1 1/4 lengths
2910:24WN.1X81(195) Broxbourne RC (Turnham)(196) Weybridge RC (Boon)3:01Not Rowed Out
3010:27WS2.4+100(53) Star Club(54) York City RC2:171 length
3110:30WN.1X95(197) Norwich RC (Eldridge)(198) York City RC (Crawford)3:40Row Over
3210:33WS3.4+101(59) St Neots RC(60) Milton Keynes RC2:192 1/2 lengths
3310:36WN.4+96(70) Cambridge '99 RC(71) HSBC RC2:343 feet
3410:39N.1X (A)103(154) Marlow RC (Patch)(155) Sudbury RC (Hamblett)2:203 1/2 lengths
3510:42WN.4+107(67) City of Cambridge(68) Beccles Rowing Club2:314 lengths
3610:45WS3.4+89(55) Broxbourne RC(56) Furnivall SC2:181 1/4 lengths
3710:48N.1X (A)102(150) Bedford Rowing Club (Derry)(151) Staines BC (Roser)2:241 1/4 lengths
3810:51WN.4+96(72) Broxbourne RC(73) Sudbury RC2:332/3 length
3910:54S4.1X78(147) Staines BC (Grant)(149) Staines BC (R Oades)NTT1 foot
4010:57N.1X (B)105(163) Bedford Rowing Club (Lewis)(164) St Neots RC (Howell)2:163 lengths
4111:00N.1X (A)102(152) Bewl Bridge RC (Fletcher)(153) King`s College BC (Braithwaite)2:33easily
4211:03N.4+118(46) Bedford Modern School(48) Milton Keynes RC2:141 1/4 lengths
4311:06N.1X (B)104(159) Broxbourne RC (Burden)(160) Peterhouse BC (Jacobs)2:211 length
4411:09WN.1X95(199) Star Club (Jenkins)(200) Rob Roy BC (Parker)2:392 lengths
4511:12N.1X (B)104(161) Magdalen College BC (Northern)(162) Star Club (Bavington)2:123 lengths
4611:15S2.1X116(135) Staines BC (Goldswain)(136) City of Cambridge (Lawlor-Anderson)2:201 length
4711:18S4.4+120(41) Cambridge '99 RC (R)(42) Star Club2:09easily
4811:21J16.1X113(168) Maidenhead RC (Compton)(169) St Ives RC (Hasler)2:255 lengths
4911:24N.1X (A)103(156) Staines BC (Hadwen)(157) Norwich RC (Woodall)2:24easily
5011:27WS3.2X127(114) Staines BC (Lake/Browning)(115) Star Club (H Rozman/Whiteman)2:201 1/2 lengths
5111:30S4.4+110(37) Cambridge '99 RC (B)(38) Staines BC2:061 1/2 lengths
2011:30WS4.4+66(61) Sudbury RC(62) St Neots RC2:351 length
5211:33WS3.8+121(15) City of Cambridge(16) Sons of the Thames RC2:081 foot
5311:36J16.1X122(172) Staines BC (R Oades)(173) Maidenhead RC (Wildbore)2:212 1/2 lengths
5411:39WJ15.2X117(125) Star Club (Ellam/H Miller)(126) Star Club/St Neots RC (Astell/Ewang)2:211 length
5511:42N.1X (B)105(165) Peterborough City (Timms)(167) Bedford Rowing Club (Walker)2:311 1/4 lengths
5611:45S3.4+119(28) Cantabrigian RC(31) Northampton RC2:031/2 length
5711:48N.4+118(43) Bedford Rowing Club(45) Cantabrigian RC2:091/2 length
5811:51S2.2-126(83) X Press Boat Club (Cooper/Goyder)(84) Simoco Rowing Club (Southgate/Watt)2:162 lengths
5911:54S3.4+119(33) Bedford School(35) City of Cambridge2:001 1/4 lengths
6011:57J15.2X124(108) Maidenhead RC (Hazine/Ryde)(109) Norwich/Norwich School (Marrison/Walmsley)2:093/4 length
6112:00S2.1X116(137) Bedford Rowing Club (Robb)(139) Cantabrigian RC (Leggott)2:144 lengths
6212:03S4.2X123(96) Peterborough City (Bishop/Hurford)(97) Bedford Rowing Club (Lewis/Derry)2:15easily
6312:06S4.2X123(98) Beccles Rowing Club (Lowry-Bartram/Banham)(99) Bedford Rowing Club (Herridge/Walker)2:162 lengths
6412:09J15.2X124(110) Star Club (Butler/Anthony)(111) Norwich School (Williams/Macdonald)2:162/3 length
6512:12WS3.2X127(116) Rob Roy BC (Parker/Bridges)(118) Upper Thames RC (Parr/Ramsay)2:212 lengths
6612:15WS4.4+128(62) St Neots RC(63) Sons of the Thames RC2:272 1/2 lengths
6712:18WS3.8+121(17) Furnivall SC(18) Star Club2:081 length
6812:21WJ15.2X117(127) Staines BC (Goldswain/Corless)(128) Norwich RC (Kefford/Evans)2:242 lengths
6912:24E.4+129(23) York City RC(24) Bedford Rowing Club1:521/2 length
7012:27WS4.1X133(188) Sudbury RC (Spencer)(189) Bedford Rowing Club (Swift)2:414 lengths
7112:30S3.2X131(92) Star Club (Mayglothling/D Rozman)(93) Northampton RC (Ingate/Fox)2:141 length
7212:33WN.2X135(119) Bedford Rowing Club (Owen/Anstee)(120) Staines BC (Lake/Cran)2:29easily
7312:36S2.2-126(85) City of Cambridge (Thompson/Dolman)(86) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Gordon/Roe)2:15easily
7412:39J15.1X130(174) Maidenhead RC (Hazine)(175) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Downes)NTT5 lengths
7512:42J15.1X130(176) Staines BC (Kell)(177) Maidenhead RC (Ryde)NTT3 lengths
7612:45S3.2X131(94) City of Cambridge (Wyborn/Lewsey)(95) Star Club (O Miller/A Miller)2:052/3 length
7812:51S4.1X134(145) Cantabrigian RC (Price)(147) Staines BC (Grant)3:054 lengths
7912:54WN.2X135(121) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Salt/Faulkner)(122) Star Club (Smith/Thompson)2:304 lengths
8012:57WS4.4+128(64) Northampton RC(65) Staines BC2:384 lengths
8113:00WN.1X144(194) Magdalene College (Peel)(196) Weybridge RC (Boon)2:46easily
8213:03WJ15.1X136(205) Staines BC (Goldswain)(206) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Holroyd)2:551 length
8313:06WS3.1X139(182) Rob Roy BC (Bridges)(183) Derby RC (Seymour)2:42easily
8413:09WS4.1X133(190) Leicester RC (Hardman)(191) Shoreham Rowing Club (Smith)2:422/3 length
8513:12S2.2X141(88) Yare RC (Horth/Warns)(89) Huntingdon RC (Rickerby/Sutton)2:144 lengths
8613:15WS2.4+138(50) Staines BC(51) Bedford Rowing Club2:212 lengths
8713:18S2.2X141(90) Weybridge RC (Boon/Howe)(91) Norwich RC (Wilson/West)2:123/4 length
8813:21S2.4X142(75) Star Club (A)(76) Star Club/St Neots RC2:001 1/2 lengths
8913:24WS3.4+145(56) Furnivall SC(57) Sons of the Thames RC2:262/3 length
9013:27WJ14.1X143(208) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Roe)(209) Norwich RC (France)3:22easily
9113:30S4.8+146(10) Sudbury RC(11) City of Cambridge1:541 length
11213:30S3.8+158(6) Star Club(7) St Neots RC1:571 1/2 lengths
9213:33S4.8+146(12) Simoco/Kings/Cambridge(13) Cambridge '99 RC1:591/4 length
9313:36J16.2X147(106) Star Club (Turner/Burns)(107) Staines BC (Ryan/Pollen)2:173 lengths
9413:39WJ16.1X148(202) Sudbury RC (Tickner)(203) Rob Roy BC (Parker)2:442 lengths
9613:45WN.4+150(70) Cambridge '99 RC(73) Sudbury RC2:342 lengths
9713:48S2.8+149(4) City of Cambridge(5) Cambridge '99 RC2:00Row Over
7713:50S4.1X134(140) Peterborough City (Blades)(143) Star Club (O Miller)2:331/2 length
9813:51WS3.1X139(184) Peterborough City (Bobyk)(186) Cantabrigian RC (Aspinall)2:441 1/2 lengths
9913:54J14.1X154(178) Staines BC (Frost)(179) Maidenhead RC (Ashburner)2:383 lengths
10013:57WS2.4+138(52) Broxbourne RC(54) York City RCNTT2 lengths
9514:00WN.1X144(197) Norwich RC (Eldridge)(200) Rob Roy BC (Parker)3:154 lengths
10114:05WS3.4+145(58) HSBC RC(59) St Neots RC2:33Not Rowed Out
10214:08N.1X (A)151(151) Staines BC (Roser)(152) Bewl Bridge RC (Fletcher)2:362 lengths
10314:11N.1X (A)151(155) Sudbury RC (Hamblett)(157) Norwich RC (Woodall)0:324 lengths
10414:14N.1X (B)152(159) Broxbourne RC (Burden)(162) Star Club (Bavington)2:464 lengths
10514:17N.1X (B)152(164) St Neots RC (Howell)(165) Peterborough City (Timms)2:265 lengths
10614:20WS4.4X+153(81) Bedford Rowing Club(82) Star Club/St Neots RC2:364 lengths
10714:23WN.4+150(67) City of Cambridge(69) Star Club2:351/2 length
10814:26J14.1X154(180) Norwich RC (Neale)(181) Staines BC (T Oades)2:512 1/2 lengths
10914:29VB.2X155(101) Weybridge RC (Boon/Howe)(102) Lowestoft Rowing Club (Schneider/Warne)2:24Not Rowed Out
11014:32S4.4+161(38) Staines BC(39) St Neots RC2:192 lengths
11114:35J15.4X+157(78) Maidenhead RC(79) Bedford Rowing Club2:202 1/2 lengths
11314:41J16.1X163(169) St Ives RC (Hasler)(170) Maidenhead RC (Lilley)2:292 1/2 lengths
11414:44S3.8+158(8) Cantabrigian RC(9) Sudbury RC1:573/4 length
11514:47S2.4+162(26) Peterborough City(27) HSBC RC2:13a canvas
11614:50S2.1X (135) Staines BC (Goldswain)(139) Cantabrigian RC (Leggott)2:252 1/2 lengths
11714:53WJ15.2X (126) Star Club/St Neots RC (Astell/Ewang)(128) Norwich RC (Kefford/Evans)2:243/4 length
11815:06N.4+ (43) Bedford Rowing Club(46) Bedford Modern School2:121 3/4 lengths
11915:09S3.4+ (31) Northampton RC(33) Bedford School2:061 1/2 lengths
12015:12S4.4+161(40) Broxbourne RC(42) Star Club2:055 lengths
12115:15WS3.8+ (15) City of Cambridge(18) Star Club2:151/3 length
12215:18J16.1X163(171) Bedford Rowing Club (Beechinor)(173) Maidenhead RC (Wildbore)2:251 1/4 lengths
12315:21S4.2X (97) Bedford Rowing Club (Lewis/Derry)(99) Bedford Rowing Club (Herridge/Walker)2:201 foot
12415:24J15.2X (108) Maidenhead RC (Hazine/Ryde)(111) Norwich School (Williams/Macdonald)2:233 lengths
12515:27WJ16.2X (123) Staines BC (Parkes/Morrison)(124) Sudbury RC (Tickner/Spencer)4:571/2 length
12615:30S2.2- (84) Simoco Rowing Club (Southgate/Watt)(86) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Gordon/Roe)2:085 lengths
12715:33WS3.2X (115) Star Club (H Rozman/Whiteman)(116) Rob Roy BC (Parker/Bridges)2:231/2 length
12815:36WS4.4+ (63) Sons of the Thames RC(64) Northampton RC2:281 3/4 lengths
12915:39E.4+ (22) Star Club(24) Bedford Rowing ClubNTT1/2 length
13015:42J15.1X (174) Maidenhead RC (Hazine)(177) Maidenhead RC (Ryde)2:243 lengths
13115:45S3.2X (92) Star Club (Mayglothling/D Rozman)(94) City of Cambridge (Wyborn/Lewsey)2:091 length
13215:48S1.1X (132) Huntingdon RC (Adams)(133) Star Club (Callow)2:283 feet
13715:50J18.2X (103) Star Club/St Neots RC (Hetherington/J Butler)(104) Bedford Rowing Club (Thompson/Beechinor)2:124 lengths
13315:51WS4.1X (188) Sudbury RC (Spencer)(191) Shoreham Rowing Club (Smith)2:421 3/4 lengths
13415:54S4.1X (143) Star Club (O Miller)(145) Cantabrigian RC (Price)2:283 1/2 lengths
13616:05WJ15.1X (204) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Gordon)(205) Staines BC (Goldswain)2:481 1/4 lengths
13816:11WS2.4+ (50) Staines BC(54) York City RC2:171 1/4 lengths
13916:14WS3.1X (182) Rob Roy BC (Bridges)(184) Peterborough City (Bobyk)2:404 lengths
14016:17WS2.2X (112) Upper Thames RC (Parr/Ramsay)(113) Weybridge RC (Kean/Jackson)2:293 lengths
14116:20S2.2X (88) Yare RC (Horth/Warns)(90) Weybridge RC (Boon/Howe)2:143 1/2 lengths
14216:23S2.4X (74) Bedford Rowing Club(76) Star Club/St Neots RC1:461 3/4 lengths
14316:26WJ14.1X (207) Norwich RC (Evans)(208) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Roe)3:011 3/4 lengths
14416:29WN.1X (194) Magdalene College (Peel)(200) Rob Roy BC (Parker)2:423 lengths
14516:32WS3.4+ (56) Furnivall SC(58) HSBC RC2:242 1/2 lengths
14616:35S4.8+ (10) Sudbury RC(12) Simoco/Kings/Cambridge1:541 length
14716:38J16.2X (105) Maidenhead RC (Wildbore/Lilley)(106) Star Club (Turner/Burns)2:151 1/2 lengths
14816:41WJ16.1X (201) Norwich RC (Ambrose-Simpson)(202) Sudbury RC (Tickner)2:491 1/2 lengths
14916:44S2.8+ (3) Star Club(4) City of Cambridge1:45easily
15016:47WN.4+ (67) City of Cambridge(70) Cambridge '99 RC2:352 1/4 lengths
15116:50N.1X (A) (151) Staines BC (Roser)(155) Sudbury RC (Hamblett)NTT3 feet
13516:50WN.2X (120) Staines BC (Lake/Cran)(121) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Salt/Faulkner)2:352 feet
15316:56WS4.4X+ (80) Star Club(82) Star Club/St Neots RC2:263/4 length
15416:59J14.1X (179) Maidenhead RC (Ashburner)(180) Norwich RC (Neale)2:375 lengths
15517:07VB.2X (100) Yare RC (Horth/Warns)(101) Weybridge RC (Boon/Howe)2:105 lengths
15617:10MS3.2X (130) Bedford Rowing Club (Robb/Lindsey)(131) Sudbury RC2:191 length
15717:13J15.4X+ (77) Norwich School(78) Maidenhead RC2:061 1/2 lengths
15817:16S3.8+ (6) Star Club(8) Cantabrigian RC1:553/4 length
15917:19S1.8+ (1) Bedford Rowing Club(2) Cantabrigian RC1:491/4 length
16017:22WS4.8+ (20) HSBC RC(21) Cambridge '99 RC2:173/4 length
16117:25S4.4+ (38) Staines BC(42) Star ClubNTT1 1/2 lengths
16217:28S2.4+ (25) Star Club(26) Peterborough City2:015 lengths
16317:31J16.1X (169) St Ives RC (Hasler)(171) Bedford Rowing Club (Beechinor)2:211 1/3 lengths
15217:35N.1X (B) (162) Star Club (Bavington)(164) St Neots RC (Howell)NTT1 1/2 lengths