Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 9th July 2006

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Results for Broxbourne RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse EmbankmentTimeVerdict
2110:00WS3.8+52BRX(14) Broxbourne RCCAM(15) City of Cambridge2:252/3 length
1609:45WS3.8+67STA(18) Star ClubCNN(19) Cambridge '99 RC2:081 1/2 lengths
5211:33WS3.8+121CAM(15) City of CambridgeSON(16) Sons of the Thames RC2:081 foot
6712:18WS3.8+121FSC(17) Furnivall SCSTA(18) Star Club2:081 length
12115:15WS3.8+ CAM(15) City of CambridgeSTA(18) Star Club2:151/3 length
5111:30S4.4+110CNN(37) Cambridge '99 RC (B)STN(38) Staines BC2:061 1/2 lengths
4711:18S4.4+120CNN(41) Cambridge '99 RC (R)STA(42) Star Club2:09easily
11014:32S4.4+161STN(38) Staines BCSNE(39) St Neots RC2:192 lengths
12015:12S4.4+161BRX(40) Broxbourne RCSTA(42) Star Club2:055 lengths
16117:25S4.4+ STN(38) Staines BCSTA(42) Star ClubNTT1 1/2 lengths
3010:27WS2.4+100STA(53) Star ClubYRK(54) York City RC2:171 length
8613:15WS2.4+138STN(50) Staines BCBED(51) Bedford Rowing Club2:212 lengths
10013:57WS2.4+138BRX(52) Broxbourne RCYRK(54) York City RCNTT2 lengths
13816:11WS2.4+ STN(50) Staines BCYRK(54) York City RC2:171 1/4 lengths
3610:45WS3.4+89BRX(55) Broxbourne RCFSC(56) Furnivall SC2:181 1/4 lengths
3210:33WS3.4+101SNE(59) St Neots RCMIK(60) Milton Keynes RC2:192 1/2 lengths
8913:24WS3.4+145FSC(56) Furnivall SCSON(57) Sons of the Thames RC2:262/3 length
10114:05WS3.4+145HSB(58) HSBC RCSNE(59) St Neots RC2:33Not Rowed Out
14516:32WS3.4+ FSC(56) Furnivall SCHSB(58) HSBC RC2:242 1/2 lengths
3510:42WN.4+107CAM(67) City of CambridgeBEC(68) Beccles Rowing Club2:314 lengths
3310:36WN.4+96CNN(70) Cambridge '99 RCHSB(71) HSBC RC2:343 feet
3810:51WN.4+96BRX(72) Broxbourne RCSRC(73) Sudbury RC2:332/3 length
10714:23WN.4+150CAM(67) City of CambridgeSTA(69) Star Club2:351/2 length
9613:45WN.4+150CNN(70) Cambridge '99 RCSRC(73) Sudbury RC2:342 lengths
15016:47WN.4+ CAM(67) City of CambridgeCNN(70) Cambridge '99 RC2:352 1/4 lengths
609:15N.1X (A)49NOR(157) Norwich RC (Woodall)HUN(158) Huntingdon RC (Bell)2:24easily
3710:48N.1X (A)102BED(150) Bedford Rowing Club (Derry)STN(151) Staines BC (Roser)2:241 1/4 lengths
4111:00N.1X (A)102BEB(152) Bewl Bridge RC (Fletcher)KCB(153) King`s College BC (Braithwaite)2:33easily
3410:39N.1X (A)103MAR(154) Marlow RC (Patch)SRC(155) Sudbury RC (Hamblett)2:203 1/2 lengths
4911:24N.1X (A)103STN(156) Staines BC (Hadwen)NOR(157) Norwich RC (Woodall)2:24easily
10214:08N.1X (A)151STN(151) Staines BC (Roser)BEB(152) Bewl Bridge RC (Fletcher)2:362 lengths
10314:11N.1X (A)151SRC(155) Sudbury RC (Hamblett)NOR(157) Norwich RC (Woodall)0:324 lengths
15116:50N.1X (A) STN(151) Staines BC (Roser)SRC(155) Sudbury RC (Hamblett)NTT3 feet
809:21N.1X (B)55STN(166) Staines BC (Twaddle)BED(167) Bedford Rowing Club (Walker)NTT1 length
4311:06N.1X (B)104BRX(159) Broxbourne RC (Burden)PBC(160) Peterhouse BC (Jacobs)2:211 length
4511:12N.1X (B)104MAG(161) Magdalen College BC (Northern)STA(162) Star Club (Bavington)2:123 lengths
4010:57N.1X (B)105BED(163) Bedford Rowing Club (Lewis)SNE(164) St Neots RC (Howell)2:163 lengths
5511:42N.1X (B)105PET(165) Peterborough City (Timms)BED(167) Bedford Rowing Club (Walker)2:311 1/4 lengths
10414:14N.1X (B)152BRX(159) Broxbourne RC (Burden)STA(162) Star Club (Bavington)2:464 lengths
10514:17N.1X (B)152SNE(164) St Neots RC (Howell)PET(165) Peterborough City (Timms)2:265 lengths
15217:35N.1X (B) STA(162) Star Club (Bavington)SNE(164) St Neots RC (Howell)NTT1 1/2 lengths
2810:21WN.1X81SUA(193) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Carter)MGD(194) Magdalene College (Peel)NTT1 1/4 lengths
2910:24WN.1X81BRX(195) Broxbourne RC (Turnham)WEY(196) Weybridge RC (Boon)3:01Not Rowed Out
3110:30WN.1X95NOR(197) Norwich RC (Eldridge)YRK(198) York City RC (Crawford)3:40Row Over
4411:09WN.1X95STA(199) Star Club (Jenkins)ROB(200) Rob Roy BC (Parker)2:392 lengths
8113:00WN.1X144MGD(194) Magdalene College (Peel)WEY(196) Weybridge RC (Boon)2:46easily
9514:00WN.1X144NOR(197) Norwich RC (Eldridge)ROB(200) Rob Roy BC (Parker)3:154 lengths
14416:29WN.1X MGD(194) Magdalene College (Peel)ROB(200) Rob Roy BC (Parker)2:423 lengths