Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 9th July 2006

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Results for Cambridge '99 RC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceClubhouseEmbankmentTimeVerdict
9713:48S2.8+149(4) City of Cambridge(5) Cambridge '99 RC2:00Row Over
14916:44S2.8+ (3) Star Club(4) City of Cambridge1:45easily
9113:30S4.8+146(10) Sudbury RC(11) City of Cambridge1:541 length
9213:33S4.8+146(12) Simoco/Kings/Cambridge(13) Cambridge '99 RC1:591/4 length
14616:35S4.8+ (10) Sudbury RC(12) Simoco/Kings/Cambridge1:541 length
2110:00WS3.8+52(14) Broxbourne RC(15) City of Cambridge2:252/3 length
1609:45WS3.8+67(18) Star Club(19) Cambridge '99 RC2:081 1/2 lengths
5211:33WS3.8+121(15) City of Cambridge(16) Sons of the Thames RC2:081 foot
6712:18WS3.8+121(17) Furnivall SC(18) Star Club2:081 length
12115:15WS3.8+ (15) City of Cambridge(18) Star Club2:151/3 length
16017:22WS4.8+ (20) HSBC RC(21) Cambridge '99 RC2:173/4 length
109:00S3.4+18(35) City of Cambridge(36) HSBC RCNTT3/4 length
209:03S3.4+56(28) Cantabrigian RC(29) Leicester RCNTTRow Over
1409:39S3.4+56(30) St Neots RC(31) Northampton RC2:041 1/2 lengths
309:06S3.4+59(32) Cambridge '99 RC(33) Bedford SchoolNTT1/2 length
1809:51S3.4+59(34) Peterborough City(35) City of Cambridge4:121/4 length
5611:45S3.4+119(28) Cantabrigian RC(31) Northampton RC2:031/2 length
5911:54S3.4+119(33) Bedford School(35) City of Cambridge2:001 1/4 lengths
11915:09S3.4+ (31) Northampton RC(33) Bedford School2:061 1/2 lengths
5111:30S4.4+110(37) Cambridge '99 RC (B)(38) Staines BC2:061 1/2 lengths
4711:18S4.4+120(41) Cambridge '99 RC (R)(42) Star Club2:09easily
11014:32S4.4+161(38) Staines BC(39) St Neots RC2:192 lengths
12015:12S4.4+161(40) Broxbourne RC(42) Star Club2:055 lengths
16117:25S4.4+ (38) Staines BC(42) Star ClubNTT1 1/2 lengths
3510:42WN.4+107(67) City of Cambridge(68) Beccles Rowing Club2:314 lengths
3310:36WN.4+96(70) Cambridge '99 RC(71) HSBC RC2:343 feet
3810:51WN.4+96(72) Broxbourne RC(73) Sudbury RC2:332/3 length
10714:23WN.4+150(67) City of Cambridge(69) Star Club2:351/2 length
9613:45WN.4+150(70) Cambridge '99 RC(73) Sudbury RC2:342 lengths
15016:47WN.4+ (67) City of Cambridge(70) Cambridge '99 RC2:352 1/4 lengths