Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 12th May 2007

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Results for Broxbourne RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
23918:41S2.8+ UCO(1) University College, OxfordBRX(2) Broxbourne RC3:183/4 length
17016:02WN.8+235CHA(112) Champion of the ThamesCCA(113) Anglia Ruskin4:041 length
17116:04WN.8+235MAG(114) Magdalen College BCBRX(115) Broxbourne RC4:08easily
23518:33WN.8+ CHA(112) Champion of the ThamesBRX(115) Broxbourne RC4:111/2 length
12314:02S2.4+203BRX(152) Broxbourne RCCAM(153) City of Cambridge3:424 lengths
20217:18S2.4+252RDG(149) Reading RCSTA(150) Star Club3:543 feet
20317:20S2.4+252MIK(151) Milton Keynes RCBRX(152) Broxbourne RC3:403 1/2 lengths
25219:12S2.4+ RDG(149) Reading RCBRX(152) Broxbourne RC3:45easily
709:01S3.4+60BED(154) Bedford Rowing ClubUWK(155) Warwick University (A)NTT2 lengths
2009:12S3.4+62RDG(161) Reading RC (A)CAM(162) City of Cambridge (C)3:563 lengths
6011:16S3.4+148UWK(155) Warwick University (A)CAM(156) City of Cambridge (A)3:431 length
5411:28S3.4+148BRX(157) Broxbourne RCUWK(166) Warwick University (B)3:453 lengths
6911:47S3.4+149RDG(159) Reading RC (B)CAM(158) City of Cambridge (B)3:574 lengths
6211:33S3.4+149RAD(160) Radley College Boat ClubRDG(161) Reading RC (A)NTTeasily
14815:14S3.4+222UWK(155) Warwick University (A)BRX(157) Broxbourne RCNTT1 length
14915:16S3.4+222CAM(158) City of Cambridge (B)RAD(160) Radley College Boat ClubNTTeasily
22218:07S3.4+ UWK(155) Warwick University (A)RAD(160) Radley College Boat Club3:59Row Over
11513:45WN.4+198BRX(226) Broxbourne RC (A)HAB(227) Haberdashers Monmouth4:283 lengths
11613:47WN.4+198CNN(228) Cambridge '99 RCOUN(229) Oundle School BC4:213 lengths
11713:49WN.4+199BRX(230) Broxbourne RC (B)BED(231) Bedford Rowing Club4:23easily
11813:51WN.4+199UWK(233) Warwick UniversityDAH(234) Dame Alice Harpur BC4:18easily
19817:10WN.4+250BRX(226) Broxbourne RC (A)OUN(229) Oundle School BC4:281 1/4 lengths
19917:12WN.4+250BED(231) Bedford Rowing ClubDAH(234) Dame Alice Harpur BC4:173 1/2 lengths
25019:08WN.4+ OUN(229) Oundle School BCDAH(234) Dame Alice Harpur BC4:21easily