Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 12th May 2007

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Results for City of Cambridge

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
2709:55S3.8+100RDG(3) Reading RCCAM(4) City of Cambridge3:246 feet
2109:56S3.8+101ETN(15) Eton College BCUWK(19) Warwick University3:192/3 length
2809:57S3.8+107WIN(9) Winchester College BCBDS(10) Bedford School3:141/2 length
2909:59S3.8+102RAD(12) Radley College Boat ClubMAG(13) Magdalen College BC3:233 lengths
10012:56S3.8+188CAM(4) City of CambridgePEM(5) Pembroke College, Cambridge3:281 length
10112:58S3.8+188ETN(15) Eton College BCCNN(7) Cambridge '99 RC3:181 length
10713:14S3.8+189HEC(8) Hertford CollegeWIN(9) Winchester College BC3:39easily
10213:00S3.8+189SES(11) St Edward's SchoolMAG(13) Magdalen College BC3:181/4 length
18816:42S3.8+245PEM(5) Pembroke College, CambridgeETN(15) Eton College BC3:261/2 length
18916:44S3.8+245WIN(9) Winchester College BCMAG(13) Magdalen College BC3:191 length
24518:54S3.8+ ETN(15) Eton College BCWIN(9) Winchester College BC3:181/3 length
1809:34N.8+74 / 78CAM(27) City of CambridgeETN(28) Eton College BC (B)3:321 1/4 lengths
1209:44N.8+74 / 78BDS(29) Bedford School (B)BED(30) Bedford Rowing Club3:584 lengths
1309:24N.8+75 / 79CCA(31) Anglia RuskinBDS(32) Bedford School (A)4:233 lengths
1409:26N.8+75 / 79ETN(33) Eton College BC (A)PAN(34) Pangbourne College BC3:52easily
1508:58N.8+76 / 80BDS(35) Bedford School (D)MAG(36) Magdalen College BCNTT1 1/2 lengths
1609:30N.8+76 / 80SES(37) St Edward's SchoolUWK(38) Warwick University3:291 foot
1709:32N.8+77 / 81ABS(39) Abingdon SchoolBDS(40) Bedford School (C)3:384 feet
1909:36N.8+77 / 81RAD(41) Radley College Boat ClubSES(42) St Edward's School3:212/3 length
7412:00N.8+165CAM(27) City of CambridgeBDS(29) Bedford School (B)3:263 lengths
7512:02N.8+165BDS(32) Bedford School (A)PAN(34) Pangbourne College BC3:382 1/2 lengths
7612:04N.8+162MAG(36) Magdalen College BCSES(37) St Edward's School3:321 length
7712:06N.8+162BDS(40) Bedford School (C)SES(42) St Edward's School3:30easily
16515:52N.8+231BDS(29) Bedford School (B)PAN(34) Pangbourne College BC3:361 1/3 lengths
16215:46N.8+231SES(37) St Edward's SchoolSES(42) St Edward's School3:301 1/4 lengths
23118:25N.8+ BDS(29) Bedford School (B)SES(42) St Edward's School3:291 1/2 lengths
7812:08N.8+ (P)163ETN(28) Eton College BC (B)BED(30) Bedford Rowing Club3:45easily
7912:10N.8+ (P)163CCA(31) Anglia RuskinETN(33) Eton College BC (A)3:32easily
8012:12N.8+ (P)164BDS(35) Bedford School (D)UWK(38) Warwick UniversityNTTRow Over
8112:14N.8+ (P)164ABS(39) Abingdon SchoolRAD(41) Radley College Boat Club4:24Row Over
16315:48N.8+ (P)232ETN(28) Eton College BC (B)ETN(33) Eton College BC (A)3:34easily
16415:50N.8+ (P)232UWK(38) Warwick UniversityABS(39) Abingdon School3:40a canvas
23218:27N.8+ (P) ETN(33) Eton College BC (A)ABS(39) Abingdon School3:313/4 length
15215:23WS3.8+223MAR(96) Marlow RCCAM(97) City of Cambridge3:581 1/2 lengths
15315:25WS3.8+223STA(98) Star ClubPEM(99) Pembroke College, Cambridge4:00Row Over
22317:30WS3.8+ CAM(97) City of CambridgeSTA(98) Star Club3:571/2 length
12314:02S2.4+203BRX(152) Broxbourne RCCAM(153) City of Cambridge3:424 lengths
20217:18S2.4+252RDG(149) Reading RCSTA(150) Star Club3:543 feet
20317:20S2.4+252MIK(151) Milton Keynes RCBRX(152) Broxbourne RC3:403 1/2 lengths
25219:12S2.4+ RDG(149) Reading RCBRX(152) Broxbourne RC3:45easily
709:01S3.4+60BED(154) Bedford Rowing ClubUWK(155) Warwick University (A)NTT2 lengths
2009:12S3.4+62RDG(161) Reading RC (A)CAM(162) City of Cambridge (C)3:563 lengths
6011:16S3.4+148UWK(155) Warwick University (A)CAM(156) City of Cambridge (A)3:431 length
5411:28S3.4+148BRX(157) Broxbourne RCUWK(166) Warwick University (B)3:453 lengths
6911:47S3.4+149RDG(159) Reading RC (B)CAM(158) City of Cambridge (B)3:574 lengths
6211:33S3.4+149RAD(160) Radley College Boat ClubRDG(161) Reading RC (A)NTTeasily
14815:14S3.4+222UWK(155) Warwick University (A)BRX(157) Broxbourne RCNTT1 length
14915:16S3.4+222CAM(158) City of Cambridge (B)RAD(160) Radley College Boat ClubNTTeasily
22218:07S3.4+ UWK(155) Warwick University (A)RAD(160) Radley College Boat Club3:59Row Over
9112:35WS3.4+176SES(211) St Edward's SchoolDAH(212) Dame Alice Harpur BC4:37Row Over
9212:40WS3.4+177UWK(215) Warwick UniversitySTA(216) Star Club4:161 1/4 lengths
17616:14WS3.4+238SES(211) St Edward's SchoolCAM(213) City of Cambridge4:171 1/2 lengths
17716:16WS3.4+238MAR(214) Marlow RCSTA(216) Star Club4:173 feet
23818:39WS3.4+ CAM(213) City of CambridgeMAR(214) Marlow RC4:181 length