Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 12th May 2007

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Results for Dame Alice Harpur BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
9112:35WS3.4+176SES(211) St Edward's SchoolDAH(212) Dame Alice Harpur BC4:37Row Over
9212:40WS3.4+177UWK(215) Warwick UniversitySTA(216) Star Club4:161 1/4 lengths
17616:14WS3.4+238SES(211) St Edward's SchoolCAM(213) City of Cambridge4:171 1/2 lengths
17716:16WS3.4+238MAR(214) Marlow RCSTA(216) Star Club4:173 feet
23818:39WS3.4+ CAM(213) City of CambridgeMAR(214) Marlow RC4:181 length
6311:35WS4.4+154STA(217) Star Club (A)DAH(218) Dame Alice Harpur BC4:17easily
6411:37WS4.4+154SES(219) St Edward's SchoolUWK(220) Warwick University4:25easily
6511:39WS4.4+166BHS(221) Bedford High School RCSTA(222) Star Club (B)4:073 lengths
6611:41WS4.4+166XYZ(223) Status ChangeHAB(224) Haberdashers MonmouthNTTRow Over
15415:27WS4.4+224DAH(218) Dame Alice Harpur BCSES(219) St Edward's School4:141 1/2 lengths
16615:54WS4.4+224BHS(221) Bedford High School RCHAB(224) Haberdashers Monmouth4:223 lengths
22418:11WS4.4+ DAH(218) Dame Alice Harpur BCBHS(221) Bedford High School RC4:052 lengths
11513:45WN.4+198BRX(226) Broxbourne RC (A)HAB(227) Haberdashers Monmouth4:283 lengths
11613:47WN.4+198CNN(228) Cambridge '99 RCOUN(229) Oundle School BC4:213 lengths
11713:49WN.4+199BRX(230) Broxbourne RC (B)BED(231) Bedford Rowing Club4:23easily
11813:51WN.4+199UWK(233) Warwick UniversityDAH(234) Dame Alice Harpur BC4:18easily
19817:10WN.4+250BRX(226) Broxbourne RC (A)OUN(229) Oundle School BC4:281 1/4 lengths
19917:12WN.4+250BED(231) Bedford Rowing ClubDAH(234) Dame Alice Harpur BC4:173 1/2 lengths
25019:08WN.4+ OUN(229) Oundle School BCDAH(234) Dame Alice Harpur BC4:21easily
21918:01WJ15.4+260OUN(235) Oundle School BC (A)DAH(236) Dame Alice Harpur BC4:393 1/2 lengths
20517:24WJ15.4+260PAN(237) Pangbourne College BCOUN(238) Oundle School BC (B)4:47Row Over
26019:32WJ15.4+ DAH(236) Dame Alice Harpur BCPAN(237) Pangbourne College BC4:362 1/2 lengths
18216:30WN.4X+242BHS(261) Bedford High School RCDAH(262) Dame Alice Harpur BC5:18Not Rowed Out
18316:32WN.4X+242MAR(263) Marlow RCBED(264) Bedford Rowing Club4:29easily
24218:48WN.4X+ DAH(262) Dame Alice Harpur BCMAR(263) Marlow RC4:26easily
16916:00WJ15.4X+234BHS(266) Bedford High School RCSTA(267) Star ClubNTTRow Over
23418:31WJ15.4X+ DAH(265) Dame Alice Harpur BCSTA(267) Star ClubNTTNot Rowed Out
13314:41WJ14.4X+211DAH(271) Dame Alice Harpur BCHAB(272) Haberdashers Monmouth (A)4:33a canvas
21017:42WJ14.4X+255HAB(268) Haberdashers Monmouth (B)BHS(269) Bedford High School RC4:274 lengths
21117:45WJ14.4X+255SES(270) St Edward's SchoolDAH(271) Dame Alice Harpur BC4:272 1/2 lengths
25519:22WJ14.4X+ BHS(269) Bedford High School RCDAH(271) Dame Alice Harpur BC4:302 1/2 lengths
14115:00WJ14B.4X+230DAH(276) Dame Alice Harpur BC (B)STA(277) Star ClubNTTeasily
21517:53WJ14B.4X+261PAN(273) Pangbourne College BCDAH(274) Dame Alice Harpur BC (A)4:37
23018:23WJ14B.4X+261BHS(275) Bedford High School RCSTA(277) Star Club4:28easily
26119:34WJ14B.4X+ DAH(274) Dame Alice Harpur BC (A)STA(277) Star Club4:303 1/2 lengths