Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 12th May 2007

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Results for Windsor Boys School

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
18616:38J15.4X+244WBS(243) Windsor Boys School (A)STA(244) Star Club4:012 lengths
18716:40J15.4X+244NSC(245) Norwich SchoolWBS(246) Windsor Boys School (B)NTTRow Over
24418:52J15.4X+ WBS(243) Windsor Boys School (A)NSC(245) Norwich School3:552 lengths
9712:50J14.4X+181WIN(247) Winchester College BCBMS(248) Bedford Modern School4:094 1/2 lengths
3212:51J14.4X+181WBS(255) Windsor Boys School (B)SHP(249) Shiplake College4:061/3 length
9812:52J14.4X+180ORA(250) The Oratory SchoolNSC(251) Norwich School4:294 lengths
9912:54J14.4X+180WBS(252) Windsor Boys School (A)SES(253) St Edward's School4:133 lengths
18116:28J14.4X+241BMS(248) Bedford Modern SchoolSHP(249) Shiplake CollegeNTTRow Over
18016:25J14.4X+241NSC(251) Norwich SchoolWBS(252) Windsor Boys School (A)4:01easily
24118:46J14.4X+ BMS(248) Bedford Modern SchoolWBS(252) Windsor Boys School (A)3:594 lengths
13414:43J14B.4X+213BMS(254) Bedford Modern School (A)WBS(278) Windsor Boys School (A)NTT
13514:45J14B.4X+212WBS(257) Windsor Boys School (B)SES(258) St Edward's School4:193 lengths
13614:47J14B.4X+212WBS(259) Windsor Boys School (C)BMS(260) Bedford Modern School (B)4:271 1/4 lengths
21317:49J14B.4X+256BMS(254) Bedford Modern School (A)SHP(256) Shiplake CollegeNTTRow Over
21217:47J14B.4X+256WBS(257) Windsor Boys School (B)WBS(259) Windsor Boys School (C)4:173 lengths
25619:24J14B.4X+ BMS(254) Bedford Modern School (A)WBS(257) Windsor Boys School (B)4:19easily