Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 12th May 2007

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Results for Milton Keynes RC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceEnclosureEmbankmentTimeVerdict
12314:02S2.4+203(152) Broxbourne RC(153) City of Cambridge3:424 lengths
20217:18S2.4+252(149) Reading RC(150) Star Club3:543 feet
20317:20S2.4+252(151) Milton Keynes RC(152) Broxbourne RC3:403 1/2 lengths
25219:12S2.4+ (149) Reading RC(152) Broxbourne RC3:45easily
3810:29S4.4+125(163) The Oratory School(164) Status ChangeNTTRow Over
3910:31S4.4+125(165) Pangbourne College BC(166) Warwick University (B)4:21Row Over
4010:33S4.4+126(167) Winchester College BC(168) Radley College BC5:06Row Over
4110:35S4.4+127(171) Clare BC(172) St Catherine's College3:494 lengths
4210:37S4.4+124(173) Bedford Rowing Club(174) Magdalene College3:564 lengths
4310:39S4.4+124(175) Milton Keynes RC(176) Reading RC3:503 1/2 lengths
12514:06S4.4+204(163) The Oratory School(165) Pangbourne College BCNTTRow Over
12614:11S4.4+204(168) Radley College BC(169) Norwich School3:55easily
12714:13S4.4+206(170) Eton College BC(171) Clare BC3:412 1/2 lengths
12414:04S4.4+206(174) Magdalene College(176) Reading RC3:512 1/2 lengths
20417:22S4.4+253(165) Pangbourne College BC(169) Norwich School3:402 1/2 lengths
20617:26S4.4+253(171) Clare BC(176) Reading RC3:461 length
25319:14S4.4+ (169) Norwich School(171) Clare BC3:592 1/2 lengths
109:00N.4+57 / 144(177) HSBC RC (A)(178) Warwick University5:20Row Over
209:02N.4+57 / 46(179) Eton College BC (B)(180) Norwich School4:131 1/2 lengths
409:06N.4+61 / 46(181) Cambridge '99 RC(182) St Edward's School BC4:03easily
509:08N.4+59 / 147(185) Bedford Rowing Club(186) St Catherine's College3:536 feet
609:10N.4+56 / 58(187) Milton Keynes RC(188) Linacre BC4:31Row Over
309:04N.4+56 / 58(189) Eton College BC (A)(190) HSBC RC (B)4:08easily
5711:22N.4+142(178) Warwick University(179) Eton College BC (B)4:013 lengths
6111:31N.4+142(182) St Edward's School BC(183) Reading RC4:04a canvas
5911:26N.4+143(184) Oundle School BC(186) St Catherine's College4:063 lengths
5611:20N.4+143(187) Milton Keynes RC(189) Eton College BC (A)4:09easily
14215:02N.4+220(179) Eton College BC (B)(183) Reading RCNTT2 1/2 lengths
14315:04N.4+220(186) St Catherine's College(189) Eton College BC (A)NTT1 1/2 lengths
22018:03N.4+ (179) Eton College BC (B)(186) St Catherine's College3:442 lengths
4610:53N.4+ (P)144(180) Norwich School(181) Cambridge '99 RC4:041 1/2 lengths
5811:24N.4+ (P)147(188) Linacre BC(190) HSBC RC (B)NTTRow Over
14415:06N.4+ (P)221(177) HSBC RC (A)(181) Cambridge '99 RCNTTRow Over
14715:12N.4+ (P)221(185) Bedford Rowing Club(190) HSBC RC (B)4:10easily
22118:05N.4+ (P) (181) Cambridge '99 RC(185) Bedford Rowing ClubNTTRow Over