Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 12th May 2007

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Results for Oriel College

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceEnclosureEmbankmentTimeVerdict
4811:01C.8+145 / 217(43) Magdalen College, Oxford(44) Pembroke College, Cambridge (B)3:303 lengths
4911:03C.8+145 / 132(45) St Edmund Hall, Oxford(46) St Peters College3:292 lengths
5011:05C.8+146 / 132(47) Clare BC (A)(48) Eton College BC3:261/2 length
5111:07C.8+137 / 139(50) University College, Oxford(51) Pembroke College, Cambridge (A)3:288 lengths
5211:09C.8+137 / 139(52) Clare BC (B)(53) Oriel CollegeNTTRow Over
5311:11C.8+138 / 140(54) Trinity Hall(49) Emmanuel College (A)3:222/3 length
5511:18C.8+138 / 140(56) Magdalene College(57) Winchester College BC3:272 lengths
14515:08C.8+214(44) Pembroke College, Cambridge (B)(45) St Edmund Hall, OxfordNTT1 1/4 lengths
14615:10C.8+214(48) Eton College BC(55) Emmanuel College (B)NTTRow Over
13714:49C.8+216(50) University College, Oxford(52) Clare BC (B)NTTeasily
13814:51C.8+216(49) Emmanuel College (A)(57) Winchester College BC3:191 1/4 lengths
21417:51C.8+258(45) St Edmund Hall, Oxford(48) Eton College BC3:302 lengths
21617:55C.8+258(50) University College, Oxford(57) Winchester College BC3:181/2 length
25819:28C.8+ (48) Eton College BC(57) Winchester College BC3:262 lengths
13214:39C.8+ (P)217(46) St Peters College(47) Clare BC (A)3:303 lengths
13916:20C.8+ (P)218(51) Pembroke College, Cambridge (A)(53) Oriel CollegeNTTRow Over
14014:55C.8+ (P)218(54) Trinity Hall(56) Magdalene CollegeNTT1/4 length
21716:50C.8+ (P)259(43) Magdalen College, Oxford(47) Clare BC (A)3:374 lengths
21817:59C.8+ (P)259(51) Pembroke College, Cambridge (A)(56) Magdalene CollegeNTTRow Over
25918:00C.8+ (P) (47) Clare BC (A)(56) Magdalene College3:323/4 length
809:14WC.8+70 / 160(116) Selwyn College(117) Trinity Hall4:031/3 length
909:16WC.8+71 / 160(119) Magdalen College, Oxford(120) Magdalene College4:133 1/2 lengths
1009:18WC.8+72 / 161(123) Oundle School BC(124) University College, Oxford4:042 lengths
1109:20WC.8+73 / 161(126) Clare BC(127) Pembroke College, Cambridge (A)3:551 1/2 lengths
7011:49WC.8+158(117) Trinity Hall(118) St Catherine's College4:46easily
7111:51WC.8+158(120) Magdalene College(121) Pembroke College, Cambridge (B)4:161/2 length
7211:53WC.8+159(122) Oriel College(124) University College, Oxford4:011/2 length
7311:58WC.8+159(125) Linacre BC(127) Pembroke College, Cambridge (A)4:26easily
15815:35WC.8+228(117) Trinity Hall(120) Magdalene College4:141/4 length
15915:37WC.8+228(124) University College, Oxford(127) Pembroke College, Cambridge (A)4:00easily
22818:19WC.8+ (117) Trinity Hall(127) Pembroke College, Cambridge (A)4:004 1/2 lengths
16015:42WC.8+ (P)229(116) Selwyn College(119) Magdalen College, Oxford4:072 lengths
16115:44WC.8+ (P)229(123) Oundle School BC(126) Clare BC3:59easily
22918:32WC.8+ (P) (116) Selwyn College(126) Clare BC4:012 lengths