Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 15th July 2007

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RaceTimeStatusNext RaceEnclosureEmbankmentTimeVerdict
109:15S4.2X21(88) Peterborough City (Armstrong/Hine)(89) Cambridge '99 RC (Hale/Ingram)2:11Not Rowed Out
209:18N.1X49(145) Star Club (Kilby)(146) Peterborough City (Hurford)2:24easily
309:21S3.1X19(136) Broxbourne RC (Alexander)(137) Grosvenor RC (Goldsbrough)2:23Row Over
409:24S3.4+60(26) Northampton RC(27) Newark RC1:563/4 length
509:27WN.1X43(197) Champion of the Thames (Thompson)(198) Sudbury RC (Jones)NTT5 lengths
709:33N.1X50(149) Huntingdon RC (Rainbird)(150) Nottingham RC (Dobbs)2:164 lengths
809:36S4.2X68(81) Curlew RC (Everitt/Birrell)(82) Staines BC (Hopper/Roser)2:023 1/2 lengths
909:39N.1X46(151) Sudbury RC (Ralph)(152) Bedford Rowing Club (Vendy)2:173 1/2 lengths
1009:42N.1X46(153) Nottingham RC (Mccormick)(154) Northampton RC (Johnson)2:052 1/2 lengths
1109:45S3.4+62(23) Peterborough City(24) Bedford SchoolNTT2 1/2 lengths
1209:48S3.4+60(28) Bedford Rowing Club(29) Staines BCNTT1 length
1309:51WS4.2X64(102) Star Club (Thompson/Barnwell)(103) Milton Keynes RC (Trouse/Hocking)NTTNot Rowed Out
1409:54WS4.2X66(106) Leicester RC (Owen/Prentice)(107) Bedford Rowing Club (Newton/Banyard-Smith)2:212 lengths
1610:00S3.1X70(129) Bedford Rowing Club (Lewis)(130) Cantabrigian RC (Price)2:133 1/2 lengths
1710:03WN.2X88(112) City of Cambridge (Howson/Court)(113) Star Club (Sherborne/Bygraves)NTT6 lengths
1810:06S3.1X71(133) Abingdon RC (Maynard)(134) Broxbourne RC (Burden)NTT4 lengths
1910:09S3.1X71(135) Trent RC (Holmes)(136) Broxbourne RC (Alexander)2:263 lengths
2010:12S4.2X69(85) Peterborough City (Bishop/Hurford)(86) Beccles Rowing Club (Marler/Adcock)2:12easily
2110:15S4.2X69(87) St Ives RC (Poole/Hasler)(89) Cambridge '99 RC (Hale/Ingram)2:113/4 length
2210:18WJ14.2X74(116) Norwich RC (Moxon/Nichols)(117) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Reid/Reynolds)2:40Row Over
2310:21S3.2X80(79) Milton Keynes RC (Gilet/Lawson)(80) Trent RC (Levitt/Cave)2:012 1/2 lengths
2410:24S3.2X79(73) Curlew RC (Everitt/Birrell)(74) Huntingdon RC (Smith/Rainbird)1:561/2 length
610:30N.1X48(142) Northampton RC (Debeauvais)(143) Norwich RC (Fitzgerald)2:101/2 length
2610:30S3.2X80(77) Sudbury RC (Hamblett/Hogsbjerg)(78) St Neots RC (Fox/Spring)1:594 1/2 lengths
2710:33WS4.1X83(188) Norwich RC (Evans)(189) Star Club (Macdonald-Smith)2:33easily
2810:36WN.2X86(108) Star Club (Jones/Hurrell)(109) Norwich RC (Lambert/Hoogland)2:271/2 length
2910:39WJ15.1X90(202) Bedford Rowing Club (Rogers)(203) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Hadland)NTT2/3 length
3010:42WN.2X86(110) Bedford Rowing Club (Newton/Banyard-Smith)(111) Rob Roy BC (Knights/Webster)2:212 lengths
3110:45WJ15.1X91(206) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Delaney)(207) Norwich RC (Hoogland)2:58Row Over
3210:48N.2X96(90) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Nichols/Navein)(91) Bradford ARC (Slade/Gledhill)2:26Row Over
3310:51N.2X94(93) Cambridge '99 RC (Mcarthur/Paul)(94) Sudbury RC (Frost/Ralph)2:13easily
3410:54WS3.1X98(178) City of Cambridge (Borchers)(179) Star Club (Hamshere)2:203 1/2 lengths
3510:57WS3.1X97(181) Sudbury RC (Tickner)(182) Bedford Rowing Club (Lindsey)2:206 lengths
3611:00WS3.1X97(183) Abingdon RC (Marshall)(184) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Curtis)2:25a canvas
3711:03N.8+92(9) Champion of the Thames(10) City of Cambridge (CE)1:483/4 length
3811:06S3.1X70(131) Northampton RC (Ingate)(132) St Ives RC (Hasler)2:196 lengths
3911:09S3.2X79(75) Trent RC (R Gipson/Holmes)(76) Beccles Rowing Club (Marler/Adcock)2:041 1/4 lengths
4011:12WN.1X103(190) Sons of the Thames RC (Church)(191) Northampton RC (Hodgkinson)2:371 1/4 lengths
4211:18WN.1X105(194) Trent RC (Barker)(195) Bedford Rowing Club (Orme)2:415 lengths
4111:20WN.1X103(192) Broxbourne RC (Gerelle)(193) Bedford Rowing Club (Anstee)2:303 lengths
4311:21WN.1X105(196) Broxbourne RC (Ambery)(197) Champion of the Thames (Thompson)2:216 lengths
4411:24WJ14.2X75(120) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Wells/Roe)(121) Leicester RC2:251 1/8 lengths
4511:27N.2X94(95) Trent RC (P Gipson/Mills)(96) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Downes/Gorick)2:053 1/2 lengths
4611:30N.1X110(151) Sudbury RC (Ralph)(154) Northampton RC (Johnson)2:072 1/2 lengths
4711:33WJ14.1X101(211) Milton Keynes RC (Amani)(212) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Hadland)2:45easily
4811:36N.1X109(142) Northampton RC (Debeauvais)(144) Cantabrigian RC (Simpson)2:111/2 length
4911:39N.1X109(145) Star Club (Kilby)(147) City of Cambridge (Redman)2:141/2 length
5011:42N.1X110(148) Peterborough City (Lacherski)(149) Huntingdon RC (Rainbird)2:081/3 length
5111:45S4.4X116(57) Staines BC(58) Star Club (MJ)NTT2 feet
5211:48S4.4+122(30) Milton Keynes RC (T)(31) Linacre BC2:012 1/2 lengths
5311:51S4.4+118(33) Milton Keynes RC (D)(34) Staines BC1:573/4 length
5411:54S4.4+118(35) Bedford Rowing Club(36) Peterborough City2:011 1/2 lengths
5612:00S2.1X119(127) Staines BC (Harris)(128) St Neots RC (Bell)2:031 length
5712:03NI.4+121(41) Bedford Rowing Club(42) Star Club (B)2:051 1/4 lengths
5812:06N.4+123(38) Peterborough City(39) Beccles Rowing Club2:041/2 length
5912:09WS3.8+126(14) Broxbourne RC(15) Star Club2:001/3 length
6012:12S3.4+124(27) Newark RC(28) Bedford Rowing Club1:551 1/4 lengths
6112:15WN.2X88(114) Rob Roy BC (Ding/Lee)(115) Leicester RC (Mills/Sampson)2:23easily
6212:18S3.4+124(24) Bedford School(25) Cambridge '99 RC1:514 feet
6312:21WS3.8+126(16) Sudbury RC(17) Cantabrigian RC2:041 1/4 lengths
6412:24WS4.2X127(102) Star Club (Thompson/Barnwell)(104) Bedford Rowing Club (Anstee/Lindsey)2:192 1/2 lengths
6512:27WS2.8+125(12) Peterborough City(13) City of Cambridge1:552 1/2 lengths
6612:30WS4.2X127(105) Sons of the Thames RC (West/Church)(107) Bedford Rowing Club (Newton/Banyard-Smith)2:142 lengths
6712:33VC.1X128(159) Cygnet RC (Jillings)(160) Star Club (Armstrong)2:011 1/4 lengths
7012:42S3.1X130(130) Cantabrigian RC (Price)(132) St Ives RC (Hasler)2:092 1/2 lengths
7112:45S3.1X130(133) Abingdon RC (Maynard)(136) Broxbourne RC (Alexander)2:021/3 length
7212:48J15.2X131(98) Staines BC (Oades/Frost)(99) Star Club (Beechinor/Durrant)2:041 1/4 lengths
7312:51J15.1X135(170) Star Club (Tysoe)(171) Trent RC (Pountney)2:222 feet
7412:54WJ14.2X136(117) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Reid/Reynolds)(118) Leicester RC2:32easily
7512:57WJ14.2X136(119) Norwich RC (Ellis/Wilkinson)(120) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Wells/Roe)2:183 1/2 lengths
7613:00S3.2-137(61) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Gordon/Roe)(62) Bedford School (Walton/Talboys)2:34Row Over
5513:00S2.1X119(125) Huntingdon RC (Smith)(126) Bedford Rowing Club (Robb)2:063 lengths
1513:00S4.2X68(83) Peterborough City (Rippon/Blades)(84) Bedford Rowing Club (Black/Derry)1:533 lengths
7713:03WS4.4+134(48) St Neots RC(50) Stratford-upon-Avon BCNTTNo Race
7813:06S3.2-137(63) Staines BC (Garrod/Cannon)(64) Star Club (Burns/Durrant)1:541 1/2 lengths
7913:09S3.2X138(73) Curlew RC (Everitt/Birrell)(76) Beccles Rowing Club (Marler/Adcock)1:592 1/2 lengths
8013:12S3.2X138(77) Sudbury RC (Hamblett/Hogsbjerg)(80) Trent RC (Levitt/Cave)1:593 lengths
8113:15S1.1X139(123) St Neots RC (Bell)(124) Bedford Rowing Club (Taylor)2:002 1/2 lengths
8213:18WS4.1X140(185) Bedford Rowing Club (Clow)(186) Star Club (Heywood)2:231 length
6813:20S4.2X129(81) Curlew RC (Everitt/Birrell)(83) Peterborough City (Rippon/Blades)1:562 1/2 lengths
8313:21WS4.1X140(187) Bedford Rowing Club (Swift)(188) Norwich RC (Evans)2:313 1/2 lengths
8413:24WS4.4+134(47) Peterborough City(49) Star Club2:141 1/2 lengths
9013:30WJ15.1X144(203) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Hadland)(204) Abingdon RC (Van Campen)2:202 1/2 lengths
8513:37S4.1X141(138) Staines BC (Grant)(139) St Ives RC (Robinson)2:121 1/4 lengths
2513:40WS4.4+77(50) Stratford-upon-Avon BC(51) Northampton RC2:463 lengths
8613:40WN.2X142(108) Star Club (Jones/Hurrell)(110) Bedford Rowing Club (Newton/Banyard-Smith)2:153 lengths
8713:43N.8+145(6) Bedford Rowing Club(7) City of Cambridge (F)1:442 lengths
8813:46WN.2X142(112) City of Cambridge (Howson/Court)(114) Rob Roy BC (Ding/Lee)3:071 length
8913:49S4.1X141(140) Star Club (Burns)(141) Staines BC (Garrod)2:011 1/2 lengths
9113:55WJ15.1X144(205) Trent RC (Barker)(206) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Delaney)2:324 lengths
9314:01WN.8+146(19) Linacre BC(20) Cantabrigian RCNTT1 length
9514:07J16.1X155(165) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Downes)(166) St Ives RC (Hadley)NTT
9614:10N.2X147(90) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Nichols/Navein)(92) St Neots RC (Ritchie/Cantell)2:061 length
9214:10N.8+145(8) Star Club(10) City of Cambridge (CE)1:482 lengths
9714:13WS3.1X148(182) Bedford Rowing Club (Lindsey)(183) Abingdon RC (Marshall)2:211/2 length
6914:15S4.2X129(86) Beccles Rowing Club (Marler/Adcock)(89) Cambridge '99 RC (Hale/Ingram)1:583 lengths
9814:16WS3.1X148(178) City of Cambridge (Borchers)(180) Sons of the Thames RC (West)2:191 1/2 lengths
9914:19S2.2X149(71) Trent RC (R Gipson/Cave)(72) City of Cambridge (Wyborn/Lewsey)1:583 1/2 lengths
10014:22WJ14.1X151(208) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Raison)(209) Deben RC (Aubugeau-Williams)2:36easily
10114:25WJ14.1X151(210) Trent RC (Davies)(212) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Hadland)2:34easily
10214:28WVN.1X152(200) Rob Roy BC (Knights)(201) Broxbourne RC (Taylor)3:481 length
10414:34S4.8+154(4) Champion of the Thames(5) Bedford School1:423/4 length
10514:37WN.1X153(194) Trent RC (Barker)(196) Broxbourne RC (Ambery)2:294 lengths
10614:40S2.2X149(69) St Neots RC (Porteus/Emmerson)(70) Bedford Rowing Club (Hardy/Thompson)2:511 length
11714:40S4.2-162(67) Star Club (Butler/Anthony)(68) Staines BC (Mccarthy/Lacy)2:073/4 length
10314:41WN.1X153(190) Sons of the Thames RC (Church)(193) Bedford Rowing Club (Anstee)2:42
10714:43J16.1X155(167) Peterborough City (Blades)(168) Norwich RC (Walmsley)2:083 lengths
10814:46VN.1X156(156) Bedford Rowing Club (Dickens)(157) Staines BC (Tollett)2:252 lengths
11014:52N.1X157(148) Peterborough City (Lacherski)(154) Northampton RC (Johnson)2:071/2 length
11114:55J18.1X158(161) Bedford Rowing Club (Beechinor)(162) St Ives RC (Hadley)2:021/3 length
11214:58J18.1X158(163) Star Club (Durrant)(164) Maidenhead RC (Wildbore)2:042 lengths
11915:00S2.1X (126) Bedford Rowing Club (Robb)(127) Staines BC (Harris)2:014 lengths
11315:01J14.1X159(172) Norwich RC (Hoogland)(173) Leicester RC (Byrne)2:325 lengths
11415:04J14.1X159(174) Bedford Rowing Club (Mizen)(175) Norwich RC (Neale)2:26Row Over
9415:04N.2X147(94) Sudbury RC (Frost/Ralph)(96) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Downes/Gorick)2:023 feet
11515:07S4.4X161(54) Star Club (WJ)(55) City of Cambridge1:581 length
11615:10S4.4X161(56) St Neots RC(58) Star Club (MJ)1:513/4 length
10915:10N.1X157(142) Northampton RC (Debeauvais)(145) Star Club (Kilby)2:162 lengths
11815:16S4.4+166(33) Milton Keynes RC (D)(36) Peterborough City1:581 1/2 lengths
12015:22S4.2-162(65) Bedford School (Watkiss/Miller)(66) Linacre BC (Bumpus/Bowker)2:094 lengths
12115:35NI.4+ (40) Star Club (A)(41) Bedford Rowing Club2:092 1/2 lengths
12315:41N.4+ (37) Bedford Rowing Club(38) Peterborough City1:574 lengths
12415:44S3.4+ (24) Bedford School(28) Bedford Rowing Club1:511/4 length
12515:47WS2.8+ (11) Broxbourne RC(13) City of Cambridge1:541 3/4 lengths
12615:50WS3.8+ (14) Broxbourne RC(17) Cantabrigian RC2:013/4 length
12715:53WS4.2X (104) Bedford Rowing Club (Anstee/Lindsey)(105) Sons of the Thames RC (West/Church)2:165 lengths
12815:56VC.1X (158) Beccles Rowing Club (Benest-Bartram)(159) Cygnet RC (Jillings)2:111 1/2 lengths
12915:59S4.2X (81) Curlew RC (Everitt/Birrell)(89) Cambridge '99 RC (Hale/Ingram)2:01easily
12216:00S4.4+166(31) Linacre BC(32) Bedford School2:011 1/3 lengths
13016:02S3.1X (130) Cantabrigian RC (Price)(133) Abingdon RC (Maynard)2:053 1/2 lengths
13216:08S2.2- (59) Peterborough City (Starkey/Wadlow)(60) Staines BC (Grant/Moore)2:072 1/2 lengths
13316:11WS3.2X (100) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (O'Hare/Vance)(101) Bedford Rowing Club (Clow/Hardy)2:111 1/4 lengths
13416:14WS4.4+ (47) Peterborough City(50) Stratford-upon-Avon BC2:082 1/4 lengths
13516:17J15.1X (169) Bedford Rowing Club (Walker)(171) Trent RC (Pountney)2:203 1/2 lengths
14216:20WN.2X (110) Bedford Rowing Club (Newton/Banyard-Smith)(112) City of Cambridge (Howson/Court)2:191 length
13616:20WJ14.2X (118) Leicester RC(119) Norwich RC (Ellis/Wilkinson)2:20easily
13716:23S3.2- (61) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Gordon/Roe)(63) Staines BC (Garrod/Cannon)1:561/3 length
13816:26S3.2X (73) Curlew RC (Everitt/Birrell)(77) Sudbury RC (Hamblett/Hogsbjerg)1:552 1/4 lengths
13916:29S1.1X (122) Star Club (Callow)(124) Bedford Rowing Club (Taylor)2:012 1/4 lengths
14016:32WS4.1X (186) Star Club (Heywood)(188) Norwich RC (Evans)2:222 lengths
14116:35S4.1X (138) Staines BC (Grant)(140) Star Club (Burns)2:28easily
14316:41WS2.4+ (43) Milton Keynes RC(44) Broxbourne RC2:101/2 length
14416:44WJ15.1X (204) Abingdon RC (Van Campen)(206) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Delaney)2:22easily
13116:45J15.2X (97) Bedford Rowing Club (Walker/Mizen)(99) Star Club (Beechinor/Durrant)2:091/2 length
14516:47N.8+ (6) Bedford Rowing Club(10) City of Cambridge (CE)1:441/3 length
14616:50WN.8+ (18) Huntingdon RC(19) Linacre BC2:072 1/2 lengths
14716:53N.2X (90) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Nichols/Navein)(96) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Downes/Gorick)2:081 length
14816:56WS3.1X (178) City of Cambridge (Borchers)(182) Bedford Rowing Club (Lindsey)1:51Row Over
14916:59S2.2X (69) St Neots RC (Porteus/Emmerson)(72) City of Cambridge (Wyborn/Lewsey)1:561/4 length
15017:02WS1.1X (176) Star Club (Jenkin)(177) Rob Roy BC (Caroe)2:191 foot
15117:05WJ14.1X (209) Deben RC (Aubugeau-Williams)(212) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Hadland)2:283 1/2 lengths
15217:08WVN.1X (199) St Neots RC (Knowles)(200) Rob Roy BC (Knights)2:401 1/4 lengths
16117:10S4.4X (55) City of Cambridge(58) Star Club (MJ)1:551 1/3 lengths
15317:11WN.1X (193) Bedford Rowing Club (Anstee)(196) Broxbourne RC (Ambery)2:314 lengths
15417:14S4.8+ (3) Bedford Rowing Club(5) Bedford School1:492 1/2 lengths
15517:17J16.1X (166) St Ives RC (Hadley)(168) Norwich RC (Walmsley)2:031/2 length
15617:20VN.1X (155) Staines BC (Twaddle)(156) Bedford Rowing Club (Dickens)2:241 length
15717:23N.1X (142) Northampton RC (Debeauvais)(154) Northampton RC (Johnson)2:051/2 length
15817:26J18.1X (161) Bedford Rowing Club (Beechinor)(164) Maidenhead RC (Wildbore)2:072 feet
15917:29J14.1X (172) Norwich RC (Hoogland)(175) Norwich RC (Neale)2:191 1/4 lengths
16017:32WS3.4+ (45) Broxbourne RC(46) Bedford Rowing Club2:123 lengths
16217:38S4.2- (65) Bedford School (Watkiss/Miller)(67) Star Club (Butler/Anthony)2:054 lengths
16317:41S3.8+ (1) City of Cambridge(2) Peterborough City1:471 3/4 lengths
16417:44WN.4+ (52) Bedford/St Neots(53) Milton Keynes RC2:272 lengths
16517:47S2.4+ (21) Star Club(22) Sudbury RC1:561/3 length
16617:50S4.4+ (32) Bedford School(33) Milton Keynes RC (D)1:581 length