Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 15th July 2007

Results for Senior 4 Double Sculls

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RaceTimeStatusNext RaceEnclosureEmbankmentTimeVerdict
109:15S4.2X21(88) Peterborough City (Armstrong/Hine)(89) Cambridge '99 RC (Hale/Ingram)2:11Not Rowed Out
809:36S4.2X68(81) Curlew RC (Everitt/Birrell)(82) Staines BC (Hopper/Roser)2:023 1/2 lengths
1513:00S4.2X68(83) Peterborough City (Rippon/Blades)(84) Bedford Rowing Club (Black/Derry)1:533 lengths
2010:12S4.2X69(85) Peterborough City (Bishop/Hurford)(86) Beccles Rowing Club (Marler/Adcock)2:12easily
2110:15S4.2X69(87) St Ives RC (Poole/Hasler)(89) Cambridge '99 RC (Hale/Ingram)2:113/4 length
6813:20S4.2X129(81) Curlew RC (Everitt/Birrell)(83) Peterborough City (Rippon/Blades)1:562 1/2 lengths
6914:15S4.2X129(86) Beccles Rowing Club (Marler/Adcock)(89) Cambridge '99 RC (Hale/Ingram)1:583 lengths
12915:59S4.2X (81) Curlew RC (Everitt/Birrell)(89) Cambridge '99 RC (Hale/Ingram)2:01easily