Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 10th May 2008

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Results for St Catherine's College

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
9412:16WN.8+179MGD(122) Magdalene CollegeSCO(123) St Catherine's CollegeNTTRow Over
8211:48WN.8+179UWK(124) Warwick UniversityTRO(125) Trinity College BC4:231 length
8311:50WN.8+180RDG(126) Reading RCCHA(127) Champion of the Thames4:19easily
8812:01WN.8+180CAM(128) City of CambridgeBAL(129) Balliol College4:271/2 length
17915:48WN.8+239SCO(123) St Catherine's CollegeTRO(125) Trinity College BC4:133 lengths
18015:50WN.8+239RDG(126) Reading RCCAM(128) City of Cambridge4:172 lengths
23918:14WN.8+ SCO(123) St Catherine's CollegeRDG(126) Reading RC4:081 length
6911:17WC.8+166PEM(130) Pembroke College, Cambridge (A)BAL(131) Balliol College (B)4:03easily
7311:26WC.8+166SCO(132) St Catherine's CollegeKCB(133) King's College4:072 1/2 lengths
7611:35WC.8+167UCO(134) University College, OxfordCLA(135) Clare BC4:073/4 length
7711:37WC.8+167BAL(136) Balliol College (A)PEM(137) Pembroke College, Cambridge (B)4:042 1/2 lengths
16616:00WC.8+236PEM(130) Pembroke College, Cambridge (A)KCB(133) King's College4:021 3/4 lengths
16715:17WC.8+236CLA(135) Clare BCBAL(136) Balliol College (A)4:073 1/2 lengths
23618:30WC.8+ PEM(130) Pembroke College, Cambridge (A)BAL(136) Balliol College (A)3:571 length