Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 10th May 2008

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Results for New College

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s)EnclosureEmbankmentTimeVerdict
1509:00C.8+98 / 114(54) St Peters College(55) Clare BC (A)NTT2 lengths
2409:27C.8+98 / 114(56) Balliol College BC (B)(57) Christ Church (Wood)NTT3 1/2 lengths
2609:35C.8+102 / 121(58) Oriel College(59) Magdalen College BC (King)3:441 1/4 lengths
2509:33C.8+102 / 121(60) Pembroke College, Cambridge(61) Pembroke/MagdaleneNTTRow Over
2709:37C.8+100 / 118(62) New College(63) Somerville College3:483 lengths
2809:39C.8+100 / 118(64) Pembroke College (Oxford)(65) St John`s College BC4:033 1/2 lengths
2909:41C.8+104 / 125(66) Magdalen College BC (Haden)(67) Balliol College BC (A)3:201 length
3009:43C.8+104 / 125(68) Christ Church (Medaris)(69) Clare BC (B)NTTRow Over
9812:25C.8+197(55) Clare BC (A)(57) Christ Church (Wood)3:361 length
10212:36C.8+197(58) Oriel College(60) Pembroke College, Cambridge3:311 length
10012:32C.8+209(62) New College(65) St John`s College BC4:122 1/2 lengths
10412:41C.8+209(67) Balliol College BC (A)(68) Christ Church (Medaris)3:271/2 length
19716:34C.8+251(55) Clare BC (A)(60) Pembroke College, Cambridge4:042 1/2 lengths
20917:02C.8+251(62) New College(68) Christ Church (Medaris)NTT
25118:47C.8+ (60) Pembroke College, Cambridge(68) Christ Church (Medaris)3:324 lengths
11413:08C.8+ (P)198(54) St Peters College(56) Balliol College BC (B)3:442 lengths
12113:24C.8+ (P)198(59) Magdalen College BC (King)(61) Pembroke/MagdaleneNTTRow Over
11813:17C.8+ (P)199(63) Somerville College(64) Pembroke College (Oxford)3:471 1/2 lengths
12513:35C.8+ (P)199(66) Magdalen College BC (Haden)(69) Clare BC (B)NTTRow Over
19816:36C.8+ (P)253(54) St Peters College(59) Magdalen College BC (King)4:11Row Over
19916:39C.8+ (P)253(63) Somerville College(66) Magdalen College BC (Haden)3:42easily
25318:52C.8+ (P) (54) St Peters College(66) Magdalen College BC (Haden)3:303 lengths