Hexham Regatta

Saturday 7th June 2008

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Results for St Cuthbert`s Society BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race North SouthTimeVerdict
20816:16N.8+257SCB(207) St Cuthbert`s Society BC (SCSBC-GRINSTEAD)TEE(208) Tees RC (TEE-York) 
21616:32N.8+257SHB(209) St Hild & St Bede College BC (SHB-WALSH)AID(210) St Aidans (Durham) BC (AID-KNOOP) 
25717:54N.8+ Winner of Race 208Winner of Race 216 
508:38WN.8+26SCB(9) St Cuthbert`s Society BC (SCSBC-WADE)HAT(10) Hatfield College BC (HAT-PILLING) 
608:40WN.8+28COC(15) Collingwood College BC (Durham) (COC-BOOTH)SHB/DUB(16) Hild Bede/Durham Uni (SHB-CROOM) 
708:42WN.8+29HAT(18) Hatfield College BC (HAT-STARK)SCB(19) St Cuthbert`s Society BC (SCSBC-HALL) 
2609:20WN.8+70Winner of Race 5SJC(11) St Johns College (Durham) BC (SJC-RUETSCH) 
2709:22WN.8+70GRC(12) Grey College BC (GRC-TAYLOR)SHB(13) St Hild & St Bede College BC (SHB-BERRY) 
2809:24WN.8+71TEE(14) Tees RC (TEE-CORNEY)Winner of Race 6 
2909:26WN.8+71DUB(17) Durham University (DUB - WAGSTYL)Winner of Race 7 
7010:48WN.8+122Winner of Race 26Winner of Race 27 
7110:50WN.8+122Winner of Race 28Winner of Race 29 
12212:32WN.8+ Winner of Race 70Winner of Race 71 
908:46N.4+ (A)40GRC(20) Grey College BC (GRC-BUDGE)TEE(21) Tees RC (TEE-York) 
1008:48N.4+ (A)42SHB(26) St Hild & St Bede College BC (SHB-PAYNE)AID(27) St Aidans (Durham) BC (AID-ATKINSON) 
1108:50N.4+ (A)43SMC(29) St Marys College BC (SMC-BELLIS)AID(30) St Aidans (Durham) BC (AID-ESKANDER) 
4009:48N.4+ (A)98Winner of Race 9HAT(22) Hatfield College BC (HAT-LEA) 
4109:50N.4+ (A)98JSC(23) John Snow College (JSBC B - Hilton)GSC(24) Stephenson College BC (GSC-Barratt) 
4209:52N.4+ (A)99SCB(25) St Cuthbert`s Society BC (SCSBC-WILSON)Winner of Race 10 
4309:54N.4+ (A)99DUR(28) Durham ARC (DUR-REILLY-O DONNELL)Winner of Race 11 
9811:44N.4+ (A)151Winner of Race 40Winner of Race 41 
9911:46N.4+ (A)151Winner of Race 42Winner of Race 43 
15113:30N.4+ (A) Winner of Race 98Winner of Race 99 
1208:52N.4+ (B)44COC(31) Collingwood College BC (Durham) (COC-DORSET-PURKIS)VAN(32) Van Mildert College BC (VMBC-O Malley) 
1308:54N.4+ (B)45AID(34) St Aidans (Durham) BC (AID-SKUDRA)JSC(35) John Snow College (JSBC A - Wilcox) 
1408:56N.4+ (B)46AID(38) St Aidans (Durham) BC (AID-GRIMSHAW)SMC(39) St Marys College BC (SMC-MCWILLIAMS) 
1508:58N.4+ (B)47JSC(41) John Snow College (JSBC C - Gibb)VAN(42) Van Mildert College BC (VMBC-Coaker) 
4409:56N.4+ (B)100Winner of Race 12SHB(33) St Hild & St Bede College BC (SHB-HOOK) 
4509:58N.4+ (B)100Winner of Race 13SHB(36) St Hild & St Bede College BC (SHB-WALSH) 
4610:00N.4+ (B)101GSC(37) Stephenson College BC (GSC-JORDAN)Winner of Race 14 
4710:02N.4+ (B)101TEE(40) Tees RC (TEE-BRINDLE)Winner of Race 15 
10011:48N.4+ (B)152Winner of Race 44Winner of Race 45 
10111:50N.4+ (B)152Winner of Race 46Winner of Race 47 
15213:32N.4+ (B) Winner of Race 100Winner of Race 101