Bedford Autumn Small Boats Head

Sunday 17th October 1999

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Novice Sculls
(23 Entries, 22 Starters)

08:3229OUNOundle School BC (Miller)
08:35 (+0:03)220MAVMaidstone Invicta RC (Mollison)
08:36 (+0:04)28SNESt Neots RC (Walker)
08:41 (+0:09)85HUNHuntingdon RC (Deacon)
08:46 (+0:14)221CAMCity of Cambridge (Dowdy)
08:53 (+0:21)217RBLReading Blue Coat School (Danidowicz)
08:57 (+0:25)82BRXBroxbourne RC (Charlie)
08:58 (+0:26)287SNESt Neots RC (Watters)
08:59 (+0:27)338STAStar Club (Bartell)
09:00 (+0:28)86OUNOundle School BC (Gustus)
09:02 (+0:30)81KSEKing's School Ely BC (Cheung)
09:06 (+0:34)216RBLReading Blue Coat School (Hermanson)
09:12 (+0:40)158OUNOundle School BC (Banner)
09:13 (+0:41)156SOASouthampton Amateur Rowing Club (Padwick Mark)
09:15 (+0:43)157KSEKing's School Ely BC (Dittner)
09:30 (+0:58)218MAVMaidstone Invicta RC (Farley)
09:34 (+1:02)83RBLReading Blue Coat School (Taylor)
09:35 (+1:03)219MAVMaidstone Invicta RC (Beaumont)
09:45 (+1:13)286KSEKing's School Ely BC (Kinsey)
09:48 (+1:16)84HUNHuntingdon RC (Rickerby)
09:57 (+1:25)288HUNHuntingdon RC (Johnson)
10:07 (+1:35)26BDSBedford School (Good)
DNS27BEDBedford Rowing Club (Robb T)