The Isis Sculls

Saturday 24th September 2011

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Junior 15 Sculls
107:39.62232HINHinksey Sculling School (New)
107:41.79 (+0:02.17)233COXCity of Oxford RC (Richards)
107:50.85 (+0:11.23)231HINHinksey Sculling School (Gregorio)
107:55.34 (+0:15.72)235COXCity of Oxford RC (Gildea)
108:15.75 (+0:36.13)236COXCity of Oxford RC (Passey)
108:26.06 (+0:46.44)234COXCity of Oxford RC (Carnegie)
408:49.28 (+1:09.66)460WSSWiltshire Scullers School (O'Connor)