Kingston Head

Saturday 10th March 2012

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Elite Eights

16:05.341OXBOxford Brookes University (Schulenburg)
16:07.74 (+0:02.40)2TRCThames RC
16:12.93 (+0:07.59)3ZPJSt Petersburg University RC (Kuznetsov)

Senior Eights

16:10.80250TRCThames RC
16:52.30 (+0:41.50)253RADRadley College Boat Club (Eadie)
16:55.00 (+0:44.20)251ARMArmy RC (Mans)
17:48.50 (+1:37.70)252VRCVesta RC (Halliday)

Intermediate 1 Eights

16:08.054OXBOxford Brookes University (Downey)
16:12.61 (+0:04.56)5LRCLondon RC (Ledgerwood)
16:13.98 (+0:05.93)10HAMHampton School (Hampton)
16:30.35 (+0:22.30)9ETNEton College BC (A)
16:35.23 (+0:27.18)6MBCMolesey BC (Wilkins)
16:39.58 (+0:31.53)14BRXBroxbourne RC (Everitt)
16:42.15 (+0:34.10)7VRCVesta RC (Woodfine)
16:51.00 (+0:42.95)13LRCLondon RC (Rushton)
16:52.35 (+0:44.30)11TRCThames RC
16:59.83 (+0:51.78)18CABCantabrigian RC (Hale)
17:01.52 (+0:53.47)19NWKNewark RC (Saunders)
17:06.17 (+0:58.12)21CURCurlew RC (Richardson)
17:08.05 (+1:00.00)22USUUniversity of Surrey (Epps)
17:21.90 (+1:13.85)20STNStaines BC (Broadhurst 1)
17:23.14 (+1:15.09)16KRCKingston Rowing Club (China)
17:36.14 (+1:28.09)17VRCVesta RC (Hughes)
17:38.17 (+1:30.12)12HSBHSBC RC (Taylor)
18:13.02 (+2:04.97)15CURCurlew RC (Hasler)

Intermediate 2 Eights

16:26.70256ETNEton College BC (A)
16:32.10 (+0:05.40)260UBRUniversity of Bristol (Judd)
16:43.10 (+0:16.40)275WLTWalton RC (Knight)
16:53.70 (+0:27.00)264MBCMolesey BC (Wilkins)
16:57.00 (+0:30.30)265VRCVesta RC (Woodfine)
16:58.70 (+0:32.00)262COXCity of Oxford RC
17:01.30 (+0:34.60)257LRCLondon RC (Hobson)
17:08.80 (+0:42.10)272RDUReading University (Jarratt)
17:10.60 (+0:43.90)259PANPangbourne College BC (Rogers)
17:11.50 (+0:44.80)263USUUniversity of Surrey (Epps)
17:15.00 (+0:48.30)269RDUReading University (Gearing)
17:22.10 (+0:55.40)274TRCThames RC
17:36.00 (+1:09.30)270HSBHSBC RC (Taylor)
17:41.50 (+1:14.80)267ETNEton College BC (B)
17:43.20 (+1:16.50)271STNStaines BC (Broadhurst 2)
17:51.40 (+1:24.70)266CNNCambridge '99 RC
17:55.90 (+1:29.20)258WRCWallingford RC (Caswell)
18:11.10 (+1:44.40)277PARParrs Priory RC (A)
18:15.90 (+1:49.20)261BOUBournemouth University (Guy)
18:21.60 (+1:54.90)276STNStaines BC (Donnison)
18:47.00 (+2:20.30)268BOUBournemouth University (Hawkins)
19:10.40 (+2:43.70)273TWKTwickenham RC (Nelson)

Intermediate 3 Eights

16:47.3523OXBOxford Brookes University (Iversen)
17:08.65 (+0:21.30)51DOWDowning College (M1)
17:13.13 (+0:25.78)49NSCNorwich School (Dell)
17:19.84 (+0:32.49)35SPSSt Paul's School (Burke-Smith 1)
17:23.78 (+0:36.43)33EXUExeter University (Davison)
17:24.52 (+0:37.17)31PBCPeterhouse BC (M1)
17:34.55 (+0:47.20)41CCOChrist`s College BC (M1)
17:41.54 (+0:54.19)25BOUBournemouth University
17:42.07 (+0:54.72)32PEMPembroke College, Cambridge (M1)
17:48.19 (+1:00.84)52EXUExeter University (Rushworth)
17:52.60 (+1:05.25)26SPSSt Paul's School (Kraken)
17:57.56 (+1:10.21)27SGHSt Georges Hospital Med. School (Hughes)
18:06.80 (+1:19.45)50TRCThames RC
18:13.34 (+1:25.99)48KRCKingston Rowing Club (Dines)
18:13.70 (+1:26.35)28RNYRoyal Navy RC (Cozens)
18:14.41 (+1:27.06)45STNStaines BC (Donnison)
18:17.54 (+1:30.19)39BRXBroxbourne RC (Sheppard)
18:18.51 (+1:31.16)44OXBOxford Brookes University (Balch)
18:19.34 (+1:31.99)29RDUReading University (Brownstone)
18:22.63 (+1:35.28)47TWKTwickenham RC (Nelson)
18:27.97 (+1:40.62)30WBKWalbrook RC (Sawtell)
18:28.84 (+1:41.49)34PEMPembroke College, Cambridge
18:32.29 (+1:44.94)42BOUBournemouth University (Hawkins)
18:40.60 (+1:53.25)37WINWinchester College BC (Rimmer)
18:58.55 (+2:11.20)40MBCMolesey BC (O'Reilly)
19:00.24 (+2:12.89)46MHDMaidenhead RC (Edmundson)
19:05.70 (+2:18.35)38PARParrs Priory RC (B)
19:14.54 (+2:27.19)43WIMWimbleball RC (Rotermund)
19:16.37 (+2:29.02)53MARMarlow RC (Roels)

Novice Eights

17:20.90327WLTWalton RC (Bishop 1)
17:58.40 (+0:37.50)337HAMHampton School (Seddon)
18:12.40 (+0:51.50)341EXUExeter University (Elley)
18:15.30 (+0:54.40)333KRCKingston Rowing Club (Rix)
18:17.90 (+0:57.00)328CCOChrist`s College BC (M2)
18:23.80 (+1:02.90)335MBCMolesey BC (Smuc surrey)
18:44.10 (+1:23.20)340RDUReading University (Collyer)
18:47.50 (+1:26.60)343BRUBrunel University (Grundy)
18:54.80 (+1:33.90)334TWKTwickenham RC (Traynor)
19:08.40 (+1:47.50)338IMPImperial College (Husain)
19:20.90 (+2:00.00)332SGHSt Georges Hospital Med. School (Locke)
19:26.20 (+2:05.30)336WIMWimbleball RC (Rotermund)
20:00.50 (+2:39.60)330IMPImperial College (Rossbauer)
20:17.50 (+2:56.60)339KRCKingston Rowing Club (Haddock)
20:35.40 (+3:14.50)329BOUBournemouth University (Edwards)
20:47.00 (+3:26.10)345PTRPutney Town RC (Mee)
20:50.90 (+3:30.00)346KRCKingston Rowing Club
20:51.70 (+3:30.80)342KRCKingston Rowing Club (Jowett)
21:10.30 (+3:49.40)331TRCThames RC
22:13.60 (+4:52.70)344SGHSt Georges Hospital Med. School (Wijesiriwardana)

Masters C Eights

18:10.90309WARWarwick BC (POOLE)

Masters D Eights

17:30.40316UTCUpper Thames RC (Jacobs)
18:45.40 (+1:15.00)310MBCMolesey BC (Taylor)
18:53.30 (+1:22.90)315KRCKingston Rowing Club (Fellows)
19:33.70 (+2:03.30)312KGVKGS Veterans BC (Gale)
20:02.60 (+2:32.20)314MBCMolesey BC (Daley)
20:08.80 (+2:38.40)313PTRPutney Town RC (Metzger)
21:27.10 (+3:56.70)311TWKTwickenham RC (Sewell)

Masters E Eights

18:20.90320WLTWalton RC (Groom)
18:28.80 (+0:07.90)319TSSTideway Scullers School (Bannenberg)
18:36.20 (+0:15.30)317WEYWeybridge RC (Meade)
19:29.20 (+1:08.30)318WBKWalbrook RC (Burlumi)
20:02.20 (+1:41.30)321MARMarlow RC (Armstrong)

Masters F Eights

19:00.20324BRXBroxbourne RC (Carter)
19:40.70 (+0:40.50)325LRCLondon RC (Baldwin)

Masters G Eights

21:24.70326MBCMolesey BC (Balkwill)

Masters H Eights


Junior 18 Eights

16:54.7767KCSKing's College School Wimbledon (Middleton)
16:56.62 (+0:01.85)71SPSSt Paul's School (Ben Halim)
17:00.76 (+0:05.99)70PANPangbourne College BC (Forcellini)
17:00.88 (+0:06.11)64CANCanford School Boat Club
17:02.64 (+0:07.87)74WINWinchester College BC (Le Joncour)
17:06.64 (+0:11.87)66HAMHampton School (Hampton)
17:08.61 (+0:13.84)76LTULatymer Upper School (Lam-Marsden)
17:14.83 (+0:20.06)78KGSKingston Grammar School (Primus)
17:15.52 (+0:20.75)75SGCSt George's College BC (McCaffery)
17:22.46 (+0:27.69)77ETNEton College BC (B)
17:59.98 (+1:05.21)72KGSKingston Grammar School (Secundus)
18:07.79 (+1:13.02)81KCSKing's College School Wimbledon (Sergeant)
18:10.15 (+1:15.38)68ORAThe Oratory School
18:10.79 (+1:16.02)69ABSAbingdon School (Wood)
18:14.13 (+1:19.36)79BRYBryanston School BC (Simpson)
19:22.86 (+2:28.09)80ABSAbingdon School (Rowe-Jones)
19:28.63 (+2:33.86)82ORAThe Oratory School (Newman)
DNF 65ABSAbingdon School (Derrick)

Junior 16 Eights

17:07.40353SPSSt Paul's School (Burke-Smith)
17:10.80 (+0:03.40)350HAMHampton School (Fearn)
18:07.70 (+1:00.30)352CANCanford School Boat Club
19:04.70 (+1:57.30)351SPSSt Paul's School (Taube)

Junior 15 Eights

18:08.24137ABSAbingdon School (Cook)
18:12.67 (+0:04.43)136LTULatymer Upper School (Nixon)
18:25.86 (+0:17.62)132HAMHampton School (Huttner)
18:29.55 (+0:21.31)133ETNEton College BC (A)
18:42.86 (+0:34.62)134CANCanford School Boat Club
18:47.31 (+0:39.07)138RBLReading Blue Coat School (Howell)
19:03.41 (+0:55.17)135KCSKing's College School Wimbledon (Preston)
19:25.12 (+1:16.88)144ABSAbingdon School (Cau Tait)
19:27.85 (+1:19.61)146ABSAbingdon School (Finch)
19:38.49 (+1:30.25)139ETNEton College BC (B)
19:38.60 (+1:30.36)143HAMHampton School (Gupta)
19:48.30 (+1:40.06)140ORAThe Oratory School (Norman)
19:56.43 (+1:48.19)142KGSKingston Grammar School (Armstrong)
20:12.41 (+2:04.17)141RBLReading Blue Coat School (Skoryk)
20:29.53 (+2:21.29)145ETNEton College BC (C)
20:39.26 (+2:31.02)147KCSKing's College School Wimbledon (Rich)
21:56.03 (+3:47.79)148ETNEton College BC (D J15)

Womens Intermediate 2 Eights

18:49.5157OXBOxford Brookes University (Lewis)

Womens Intermediate 3 Eights

18:58.30295EXUExeter University (Dexter)
19:16.80 (+0:18.50)294RDUReading University (Amacker)
19:47.00 (+0:48.70)289PBCPeterhouse BC (W1)
20:01.90 (+1:03.60)288CCOChrist`s College BC (W1)
20:01.90 (+1:03.60)290KRCKingston Rowing Club
20:15.90 (+1:17.60)291SGHSt Georges Hospital Med. School
20:37.00 (+1:38.70)293LMBLady Margaret BC (Dennis-Smith)
20:42.10 (+1:43.80)298LEHLady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Cherrett)
22:16.20 (+3:17.90)297PARParrs Priory RC (Hancock)
22:30.20 (+3:31.90)292PBCPeterhouse BC (W2)
22:58.40 (+4:00.10)299MBCMolesey BC (Mumford)

Womens Novice Eights

20:25.11115LMBLady Margaret BC (Kennedy)
20:29.87 (+0:04.76)113UBRUniversity of Bristol (Thomas)
20:40.83 (+0:15.72)123WBKWalbrook RC (Ward)
20:45.90 (+0:20.79)116KGSKingston Grammar School
20:54.55 (+0:29.44)119RDUReading University (Leech)
20:56.52 (+0:31.41)121EXUExeter University (Broughton)
21:15.11 (+0:50.00)117GLTGodolphin & Latymer School BC
21:33.55 (+1:08.44)122KRCKingston Rowing Club (Baylis)
21:48.09 (+1:22.98)120IMPImperial College (Yong)
22:05.91 (+1:40.80)124TRCThames RC
22:10.38 (+1:45.27)126RDUReading University (Boosey)
22:11.04 (+1:45.93)128PARParrs Priory RC (Hancock)
22:25.52 (+2:00.41)127EXUExeter University (Sprake)
22:36.97 (+2:11.86)114SGHSt Georges Hospital Med. School

Women's Junior 18 Eights

20:18.70300KGSKingston Grammar School (Lewis)

Women's Junior 16 Eights

20:53.59131GLTGodolphin & Latymer School BC
21:05.14 (+0:11.55)130SGCSt George's College BC (Wilson)
21:37.03 (+0:43.44)129KRCKingston Rowing Club (Esther-Huyse)

Junior 15 Octuples

18:16.20362WBSWindsor Boys School (Tennant)
20:03.30 (+1:47.10)363TFNTiffin School BC (Heyworth-Taylor)

Junior 14 Octuples

19:34.00183HAMHampton School (Waterkeyn)
19:43.99 (+0:09.99)184SPSSt Paul's School (Davidson)
19:55.21 (+0:21.21)189HAMHampton School (Hollingworth)
20:07.36 (+0:33.36)196SGCSt George's College BC (Turner)
20:29.35 (+0:55.35)181WBSWindsor Boys School (Potts)
20:54.05 (+1:20.05)191KRCKingston Rowing Club (Shah)
21:24.19 (+1:50.19)193RBLReading Blue Coat School (A)
21:42.31 (+2:08.31)192WGTWhitgift School BC (Nadjarpour)
22:00.99 (+2:26.99)190SPSSt Paul's School (Lewis)
22:06.47 (+2:32.47)188TFNTiffin School BC (Singleton)
22:27.88 (+2:53.88)186ORAThe Oratory School (Criss)
23:17.13 (+3:43.13)195HAMHampton School (Jackson)
23:20.32 (+3:46.32)198HAMHampton School (Angus)
23:27.57 (+3:53.57)187SGCSt George's College BC (Asher)
23:51.13 (+4:17.13)197RBLReading Blue Coat School (B)

Women's Junior 14 Octuples

19:55.63199LEHLady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Kelly)
20:17.60 (+0:21.97)202SBTSurbiton High School (Williams)
20:56.07 (+1:00.44)203LEHLady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Lodge)
23:06.25 (+3:10.62)200SGCSt George's College BC (Eaton)
29:37.42 (+9:41.79)201LEHLady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Bajwa)

Intermediate 3 Coxed Fours

19:54.80282RHORoyal Holloway (UL) (Biddle)
20:13.80 (+0:19.00)280TWKTwickenham RC (Turner)
20:26.10 (+0:31.30)279XPR/CNNX Press Boat Club/Cambridge `99 RC
21:48.00 (+1:53.20)278PANPangbourne College BC (Grabiner)
22:21.90 (+2:27.10)281COXCity of Oxford RC (Howard)

Novice Coxed Fours

21:01.60347COXCity of Oxford RC (Marsden)
21:20.10 (+0:18.50)348BRUBrunel University (Hadrien)
37:41.30 (+16:39.70)400TWKTwickenham RC (Blanke)

Masters C Coxed Fours

23:03.33178TFPTiffin Associates RC (Ellis)

Masters D Coxed Fours

21:02.20179CABCantabrigian RC (Ellis)

Masters F Coxed Fours

21:51.72180WBKWalbrook RC (Wood)

Masters H Coxed Fours

23:03.73185WEY/WLT (Thomas)

Junior 18 Coxed Fours

19:42.9783SGCSt George's College BC (Lauber)
20:17.68 (+0:34.71)84ASLAmerican School in London BC (Wassmer)

Junior 15 Coxed Fours

20:00.80367EMAEmanuel School (Green)
20:20.70 (+0:19.90)365KGSKingston Grammar School (Waters)
20:49.40 (+0:48.60)366WEYWeybridge RC (Pope)
21:20.40 (+1:19.60)369UTCUpper Thames RC (Green)
21:29.10 (+1:28.30)364WGTWhitgift School BC (Cook)
23:03.50 (+3:02.70)368EMAEmanuel School (Pickman)
23:11.75 (+3:10.95)182KCSKing's College School Wimbledon (C)

Womens Intermediate 3 Coxed Fours

20:43.2363EXUExeter University (Townshend)
21:14.21 (+0:30.98)58KGSKingston Grammar School (Hodson)
21:31.24 (+0:48.01)61RHORoyal Holloway (UL) (Peters)
22:40.04 (+1:56.81)60KCSKing's College School Wimbledon

Womens Novice Coxed Fours

22:26.40374EXUExeter University (Townshend)
23:11.40 (+0:45.00)372MBCMolesey BC (Pollington)
23:15.10 (+0:48.70)371SGHSt Georges Hospital Med. School
23:28.00 (+1:01.60)370UBRUniversity of Bristol (Crofton)
24:12.40 (+1:46.00)373USUUniversity of Surrey (Wentworth)

Intermediate 1 Coxless Fours

17:42.00254BRXBroxbourne RC (Everitt)
DQL255WBSWindsor Boys School (Thompson)

Womens Intermediate 1 Coxless Fours

21:01.0155WLTWalton RC (Stead)

Elite Quad Sculls

17:15.7286STO/BUR/ARD/IELStowe/Burway/Ardingly/Ely (Stowe Burway Ardingly Ely)

Masters D Quads

18:43.50303WLTWalton RC (Bishop 2)
18:54.70 (+0:11.20)302ABNAbingdon RC (Ryan)
20:30.50 (+1:47.00)304PTRPutney Town RC (Vican)

Masters E Quads

19:08.20306TWKTwickenham RC
19:39.90 (+0:31.70)305TRCThames RC (Panter)

Junior 18 Quads

17:42.3094WLTWalton RC (Bedford)
17:56.77 (+0:14.47)88WBSWindsor Boys School (Brogan)
18:07.39 (+0:25.09)103WTS/WBKWalbrook Teddington/Walbrook
18:25.68 (+0:43.38)102UTCUpper Thames RC (Rushent)
18:30.35 (+0:48.05)87TFNTiffin School BC (Claydon)
18:31.00 (+0:48.70)96MARMarlow RC (B)
18:47.24 (+1:04.94)90MHDMaidenhead RC (Palmer)
18:54.78 (+1:12.48)95ASLAmerican School in London BC (Robertson)
18:58.03 (+1:15.73)92WSSWiltshire Scullers School (O'Rourke)
19:01.36 (+1:19.06)101KSEKing's School Ely BC (Rudkin)
19:10.13 (+1:27.83)97TFNTiffin School BC (Holt)
19:25.10 (+1:42.80)93MGNMagdalen College School BC
19:58.28 (+2:15.98)100CHHCharterhouse BC (Culverwell)
20:09.05 (+2:26.75)91ASLAmerican School in London BC (Sullivan)
20:25.82 (+2:43.52)89ABSAbingdon School (Banerjee)
20:28.98 (+2:46.68)98BRYBryanston School BC (Christie)
20:35.14 (+2:52.84)104TFNTiffin School BC (Salmon)

Junior 16 Quads

18:02.60354WBSWindsor Boys School (Abraham)
18:42.40 (+0:39.80)355TFNTiffin School BC (Jarratt Barnham)
19:06.20 (+1:03.60)356ASLAmerican School in London BC (Cirenza)
19:31.90 (+1:29.30)357PANPangbourne College BC (Rennie)
19:48.20 (+1:45.60)358CCSClaires Court School BC (Seekins)
19:53.20 (+1:50.60)361WTSWalbrook Teddington SRA (Lewis)
20:32.50 (+2:29.90)359MBCMolesey BC (Aitchison)
20:39.10 (+2:36.50)360TFNTiffin School BC (Mitchell)

Womens Intermediate 1 Quads

20:01.9756WBKWalbrook RC (Murray)

Womens Intermediate 2 Quads

19:41.30283WLTWalton RC (Jackson)
19:55.70 (+0:14.40)287ASL/ULOAmerican School/London University
19:58.50 (+0:17.20)284KRC/FSCKingston/Furnivall
22:23.90 (+2:42.60)285IMPImperial College (Pistolesi)

Women's Masters D Quads

21:26.40307KRCKingston Rowing Club
23:16.90 (+1:50.50)308KGVKGS Veterans BC (Cunningham)

Women's Junior 18 Quads

19:22.51106CANCanford School Boat Club
19:23.58 (+0:01.07)105LTULatymer Upper School (White)
20:04.83 (+0:42.32)107KGSKingston Grammar School (Cook)
20:29.34 (+1:06.83)108LTULatymer Upper School (Red)
21:31.78 (+2:09.27)110LTULatymer Upper School (Blue)
21:43.37 (+2:20.86)109SGCSt George's College BC (Mason)
21:57.36 (+2:34.85)111ASLAmerican School in London BC (Carter)

Women's Junior 16 Quads

21:37.90403WTS/WBKWalbrook Teddington/Walbrook
21:54.40 (+0:16.50)402TFNTiffin School BC (Talbot)

Junior 15 Coxed Quads

19:04.85150MARMarlow RC (A)
19:35.54 (+0:30.69)149WBSWindsor Boys School
19:45.24 (+0:40.39)162CCSClaires Court School BC (Gordon)
19:46.45 (+0:41.60)153TSSTideway Scullers School (Brophy)
19:50.89 (+0:46.04)161SGCSt George's College BC (Harker)
20:04.92 (+1:00.07)166TFNTiffin School BC (Hodson)
20:37.57 (+1:32.72)160MBCMolesey BC (Hughes)
20:42.25 (+1:37.40)168UTCUpper Thames RC (Walker)
20:57.01 (+1:52.16)152WBSWindsor Boys School (Ruse)
20:59.99 (+1:55.14)157SGCSt George's College BC (Young)
21:06.77 (+2:01.92)163TSSTideway Scullers School (Rodd)
21:16.07 (+2:11.22)164MGNMagdalen College School BC
21:35.49 (+2:30.64)169CCSClaires Court School BC (Noone)
22:10.29 (+3:05.44)165CCSClaires Court School BC (Price)
22:14.23 (+3:09.38)155KGSKingston Grammar School (McGregor)
23:18.73 (+4:13.88)159WGTWhitgift School BC (Kwon)
23:23.50 (+4:18.65)151HAMHampton School (Zahn)
23:54.61 (+4:49.76)156HAMHampton School (O'Reilly)

Junior 14 Coxed Quads

19:58.40375TFNTiffin School BC (Molloy)
20:27.90 (+0:29.50)383CCSClaires Court School BC (Richards)
21:02.90 (+1:04.50)380CHHCharterhouse BC (Chaldecott)
21:27.80 (+1:29.40)377WBSWindsor Boys School (Oliver)
21:49.60 (+1:51.20)381WBSWindsor Boys School (Player)
22:21.50 (+2:23.10)379MBCMolesey BC (Wettach)
22:26.70 (+2:28.30)382MGNMagdalen College School BC
24:49.60 (+4:51.20)384WBSWindsor Boys School (Bartlett)

Women's Junior 15 Coxed Quads

21:21.45174LEHLady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Elliot)
21:23.32 (+0:01.87)172LTULatymer Upper School (Hellard Timm)
21:41.15 (+0:19.70)176WEYWeybridge RC (Cole)
21:48.88 (+0:27.43)170SBTSurbiton High School (Kim)
21:50.04 (+0:28.59)177LEHLady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Cherrett)
22:37.31 (+1:15.86)173UTCUpper Thames RC (Wirt)
23:33.67 (+2:12.22)175SBTSurbiton High School (Hill)
23:59.39 (+2:37.94)171ASLAmerican School in London BC (Walsh)

Women's Junior 14 Coxed Quads

22:13.00392KRCKingston Rowing Club
22:46.90 (+0:33.90)388UTCUpper Thames RC (Reeder)
22:56.00 (+0:43.00)404KRCKingston Rowing Club
23:08.30 (+0:55.30)394SBTSurbiton High School (Morrison)
23:09.00 (+0:56.00)386SBTSurbiton High School (Fraser)
23:25.80 (+1:12.80)390TFNTiffin School BC (Oppenheimer)
23:35.00 (+1:22.00)391MBCMolesey BC (Butler)
23:41.90 (+1:28.90)395LEHLady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Reddish)
23:51.60 (+1:38.60)385LEHLady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Choi)
24:57.00 (+2:44.00)397UTCUpper Thames RC (Jacobs)
25:37.10 (+3:24.10)396TFNTiffin School BC (Hughes)
27:27.90 (+5:14.90)389LEHLady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (George)