Bedford Spring Fours & Small Boats Head

Sunday 5th April 2009

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Intermediate 3 Sculls
(15 Entries, 13 Starters)

107:5234ROBRob Roy BC (Kromdijk)
307:55 (+0:03)177ROBRob Roy BC (Dakin-White)
107:59 (+0:07)32ROBRob Roy BC (Saunders)
408:00 (+0:08)241CAMCity of Cambridge (Lawlor-Anderson)
508:02 (+0:10)297CAMCity of Cambridge (Eakins)
408:02 (+0:10)240OACOxford Academicals RC (Knight)
308:08 (+0:16)176ROBRob Roy BC (Best)
308:10 (+0:18)178ROBRob Roy BC (Castle)
708:13 (+0:21)379PETPeterborough City (Tuck)
708:20 (+0:28)380CAMCity of Cambridge (Marron)
208:21 (+0:29)108IELIsle of Ely BC (Turton)
108:24 (+0:32)33PETPeterborough City (Timms)
208:53 (+1:01)105OUTOundle Town RC (Stratton)
5DNS298SRCSudbury RC (Bevan)
8DNS398SRCSudbury RC (Ralph)