Bedford Spring Fours & Small Boats Head

Sunday 5th April 2009

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Novice Sculls
(23 Entries, 21 Starters)

107:5541ROBRob Roy BC (Dakin-White) 
507:56 (+0:01)302COXCity of Oxford RC (Hounsell) 
607:58 (+0:03)350ABNAbingdon RC (Bryson) 
108:04 (+0:09)37ROBRob Roy BC (Wilkins) 
408:05 (+0:10)243BEDBedford Rowing Club (Bland) 
108:05 (+0:10)38ROBRob Roy BC (Best) 
508:07 (+0:12)40ROBRob Roy BC (Castle) 
408:08 (+0:13)242NTNNorthampton RC (Parmiter) 
408:09 (+0:14)244NTNNorthampton RC (Japp) 
508:09 (+0:14)303CAMCity of Cambridge (Marron) 
608:14 (+0:19)348OACOxford Academicals RC (Knight) 
108:14 (+0:19)39NORNorwich RC (Hoogland) 
508:15 (+0:20)300COXCity of Oxford RC (Doughty) 
508:16 (+0:21)301BRXBroxbourne RC (Inman) 
208:19 (+0:24)109CAMCity of Cambridge (Eakins) 
308:22 (+0:27)179COXCity of Oxford RC (Homans) 
208:38 (+0:43)111CABCantabrigian RC (Tolfts) 
608:39 (+0:44)349STAStar Club (Gould) 
308:49 (+0:54)180CAMCity of Cambridge (Hunter) 
109:08 (+1:13)43BEDBedford Rowing Club (Holden) 
209:44 (+1:49)110OUTOundle Town RC (Box) 
7DNS381SRCSudbury RC (Ralph) 
4DNS245NTNNorthampton RC (Webb)