Bedford Spring Fours & Small Boats Head

Sunday 5th April 2009

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Novice Coxed Fours
(29 Entries, 27 Starters)

307:14148BDSBedford School (Ruta) 
507:14145UKEUniversity of Kent (Cackett) 
707:23 (+0:09)389UHEUniversity of Hertfordshire (Fussell) 
607:28 (+0:14)325CAMCity of Cambridge (Elms) 
107:34 (+0:20)10CAMCity of Cambridge (Dixon) 
207:36 (+0:22)77CAMCity of Cambridge (Stevens) 
107:37 (+0:23)12CAMCity of Cambridge (Cornegruta) 
207:39 (+0:25)76CAMCity of Cambridge (Peoples) 
307:42 (+0:28)144BDSBedford School (Jain) 
607:44 (+0:30)324WOCWolfson College BC (Cam) (M1) 
307:45 (+0:31)147UKEUniversity of Kent (Lim) 
307:47 (+0:33)146LEALea Rowing Club (Lambert) 
107:50 (+0:36)11BEDBedford Rowing Club (Williams) 
407:51 (+0:37)206UKEUniversity of Kent (Hamlyn) 
408:05 (+0:51)208UKEUniversity of Kent (Stokes) 
308:08 (+0:54)142PETPeterborough City (Scutts) 
308:09 (+0:55)149NTNNorthampton RC (Northampton School for Boys) 
308:09 (+0:55)143CAMCity of Cambridge (De Stefanis) 
308:12 (+0:58)209UHEUniversity of Hertfordshire (Reader) 
708:14 (+1:00)365STAStar Club (Beale) 
608:16 (+1:02)323LEALea Rowing Club (Harper) 
308:22 (+1:08)141NORNorwich RC (Thomas) 
508:25 (+1:11)266NORNorwich RC (Thomas) 
508:33 (+1:19)265PETPeterborough City (Clow) 
408:35 (+1:21)211UKEUniversity of Kent (Stephenson) 
608:42 (+1:28)326PETPeterborough City (Niklasson) 
109:05 (+1:51)6NTNNorthampton RC (Northampton School for Boys) 
4DNS207MEDMedway Towns RC (Gray) 
7DNS366WOCWolfson College BC (Cam) (M2)