Bedford Autumn Fours & Small Boats Head

Sunday 11th October 2009

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Junior 16 Sculls
(36 Entries, 31 Starters)

407:50275SNESt Neots RC (Jarman) 
307:52 (+0:02)198SPSSt Paul's School (Bokkerink) 
507:55 (+0:05)335EMAEmanuel School (Gillingwater) 
107:56 (+0:06)51IELIsle of Ely BC (Hughes) 
507:59 (+0:09)332BRXBroxbourne RC (Goodwin) 
308:00 (+0:10)194SPSSt Paul's School (Couch) 
408:01 (+0:11)273SNESt Neots RC (Dexter) 
608:08 (+0:18)393OUNOundle School BC (Hunt) 
308:10 (+0:20)196GUIGuildford RC (Sylvester) 
308:10 (+0:20)203STAStar Club (Mulkerrins) 
308:11 (+0:21)191SPSSt Paul's School (Dale-Harris) 
308:11 (+0:21)192SPSSt Paul's School (Percin-Janda) 
308:13 (+0:23)200SPSSt Paul's School (Dawson) 
508:17 (+0:27)337EMAEmanuel School (Pevtsov) 
308:18 (+0:28)204SPSSt Paul's School (Barron) 
508:19 (+0:29)334EMAEmanuel School (Samengo-Turner) 
208:20 (+0:30)122SIVSt Ives RC (Lilley) 
308:23 (+0:33)195SPSSt Paul's School (Bhanot) 
308:28 (+0:38)205STAStar Club (Grzegorzewski) 
308:31 (+0:41)193STAStar Club (Rhodes-Hook) 
708:33 (+0:43)419KCSKing's College School Wimbledon (Allan) 
308:33 (+0:43)201SPSSt Paul's School (Jennison) 
308:36 (+0:46)199STAStar Club (Jobling) 
508:42 (+0:52)331EMAEmanuel School (Aitman) 
508:44 (+0:54)333EMAEmanuel School (Tee) 
508:44 (+0:54)330EMAEmanuel School (Zigic) 
308:48 (+0:58)202GUIGuildford RC (Salmon) 
108:50 (+1:00)52CAMCity of Cambridge (Hughes) 
508:50 (+1:00)338EMAEmanuel School (Desira) 
108:51 (+1:01)53STAStar Club (Jacobs) 
109:00 (+1:10)54STAStar Club (Merriman) 
4DNS274SESSt Edward's School (Simmonds) 
5DNS336SPSSt Paul's School (Miller) 
3DNS197SPSSt Paul's School (Rupra) 
7DNS420KCSKing's College School Wimbledon (Elkington) 
5DNS339EMAEmanuel School (Gasson)