Kingston Small Boats Head

Saturday 21st November 2009

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Intermediate 3 Coxed Fours
16:49.731LYMLymington ARC (Lock)
17:32.8 (+0:43.1)22CFUCardiff University RC (Stoneman)
17:36.1 (+0:46.4)26LEUUniversity of Leicester (Hall)
17:36.6 (+0:46.8)34SONSons of the Thames RC (Sloan)
17:41.7 (+0:52.0)29WBKWalbrook RC (Armour)
17:43.1 (+0:53.4)32SONSons of the Thames RC (Maclure)
18:00.4 (+1:10.6)24CFUCardiff University RC (Marengo)
18:02.0 (+1:12.3)27FSCFurnivall SC (Hughes)
18:14.2 (+1:24.5)21RDUReading University (Bossman)
18:16.9 (+1:27.2)28CFUCardiff University RC (Price)
18:17.9 (+1:28.2)23WABWestover & Bournemouth RC (Lamb)
18:35.9 (+1:46.2)25RDGReading RC (Clay)
20:41.5 (+3:51.8)30RDGReading RC (Chapman)