Bedford Fours & Small Boats Head

Sunday 11th April 2010

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Novice Sculls
(21 Entries, 19 Starters)

108:1948ROBRob Roy BC (Castle) 
208:21 (+0:02)121GUIGuildford RC (Craig) 
208:25 (+0:06)122PETPeterborough City (Boyle) 
808:35 (+0:16)448COXCity of Oxford RC (Doughty) 
308:39 (+0:20)196STAStar Club (Elliott) 
708:40 (+0:21)435NTNNorthampton RC (Wolstenholme) 
608:41 (+0:22)402COXCity of Oxford RC (Bennett) 
408:41 (+0:22)276UKEUniversity of Kent (Stevens) 
608:43 (+0:24)400LCNLincoln Rowing Centre (Mehrtens) 
208:47 (+0:28)123CAMCity of Cambridge (Bracegirdle) 
708:48 (+0:29)434NTNNorthampton RC (Key) 
208:49 (+0:30)120KSEKing's School Ely BC (Ashford) 
608:52 (+0:33)401NRCNottingham RC (Gamble) 
709:10 (+0:51)433NTNNorthampton RC (Pate) 
309:11 (+0:52)197PETPeterborough City (Taylor) 
609:14 (+0:55)399NRCNottingham RC (Pomeroy) 
409:20 (+1:01)277BLDBroadland BC (Taylor) 
609:24 (+1:05)397NRCNottingham RC (Lavelle) 
610:38 (+2:19)398LCNLincoln Rowing Centre (Michel) 
2DNS124NTUNottingham Trent University (Farrell) 
5DNS336KCBKing`s College BC (Lynch)