Bedford Fours & Small Boats Head

Sunday 11th April 2010

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Novice Coxed Fours
(24 Entries, 23 Starters)

207:1581CABCantabrigian RC (Frayling Cork) 
407:16 (+0:01)229UKEUniversity of Kent (Blackledge) 
107:16 (+0:01)8STAStar Club (Mizen) 
507:21 (+0:06)304KCBKing`s College BC 
707:27 (+0:12)416CAMCity of Cambridge (Kirk) 
807:37 (+0:22)440COXCity of Oxford RC (Balzer) 
407:53 (+0:38)228NTUNottingham Trent University (Mapley) 
307:58 (+0:43)160MEDMedway Towns RC (Johnson) 
308:02 (+0:47)158BDSBedford School (Elson) 
608:06 (+0:51)366NTUNottingham Trent University (Corby) 
208:07 (+0:52)82MEDMedway Towns RC (Bradley) 
708:11 (+0:56)417PETPeterborough City (Catherall) 
108:11 (+0:56)16NORNorwich RC (Thomas) 
308:17 (+1:02)161NORNorwich RC (Thomas 2) 
608:23 (+1:08)363UKEUniversity of Kent (Wilderspin) 
408:27 (+1:12)83SRCSudbury RC (Clayden) 
508:32 (+1:17)302PETPeterborough City (Cameron) 
608:34 (+1:19)367BRXBroxbourne RC (Allen) 
608:37 (+1:22)365UKEUniversity of Kent (Stokes) 
508:48 (+1:33)303GUI/STNGuildford/Staines (Dell) 
708:57 (+1:42)415PETPeterborough City (Holmes) 
309:00 (+1:45)159GUI/STNGuildford/Staines (Sylvester) 
609:05 (+1:50)364CABCantabrigian RC (Frazer) 
8DNS439BEDBedford Rowing Club (Thomas)