Bedford Small Boats Head

Sunday 5th April 1998

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Novice Sculls
(20 Entries, 17 Starters)

07:1892ARMArmy RC (Hunter)
07:23 (+0:05)315ROBRob Roy BC (Granger)
07:25 (+0:07)348CAMCity of Cambridge (Walton)
07:30 (+0:12)36STAStar Club (Barringer)
07:41 (+0:23)37STAStar Club (Emmerson)
07:43 (+0:25)222_FRPFree Press (Brown)
07:43 (+0:25)221_NRUNorwich Union (Clow)
07:49 (+0:31)342MGDMagdalene College (Ionisles)
07:49 (+0:31)225NBCNottingham BC (Storry)
07:55 (+0:37)166DOWDowning College (Hodgeson)
07:56 (+0:38)91STAStar Club (Rick)
07:59 (+0:41)93BOSBoston RC (Elms)
08:05 (+0:47)223BEDBedford Rowing Club (Hall)
08:11 (+0:53)165ROBRob Roy BC (Todd)
08:25 (+1:07)388BEDBedford Rowing Club (Page)
08:30 (+1:12)35ERTErith RC (Faries)
12:04 (+4:46)366BEDBedford Rowing Club (Beer)
DNS381AKNAuriol Kensington (Scott)
DNS273SCOSt Catherine's College (Laurent)
DNS224DOWDowning College (Williams)