Kingston Small Boats Head

Saturday 20th November 2010

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Novice Sculls
19:53.580CHRChristchurch RC (Dakin)
19:56.1 (+0:02.6)83USUUniversity of Surrey (Houlihan)
20:10.4 (+0:16.9)88USUUniversity of Surrey (Elton)
20:39.4 (+0:45.9)86TWKTwickenham RC (Dorling)
20:42.4 (+0:48.9)92WBKWalbrook RC (Lukes)
20:43.5 (+0:50.0)87WBKWalbrook RC (Maughan)
20:43.7 (+0:50.2)82KRCKingston Rowing Club (Scott)
20:51.1 (+0:57.6)81USUUniversity of Surrey (Kelly)
20:56.6 (+1:03.1)91USUUniversity of Surrey (Sillitoe)
21:03.9 (+1:10.4)90MBCMolesey BC (Taylor)
21:34.6 (+1:41.1)89BTCBTC Southampton (Maxwell)
21:50.8 (+1:57.3)85USUUniversity of Surrey (Nolan)
DNS79USUUniversity of Surrey (Cossens)
DNS84TSSTideway Scullers School (Sanders)