Bedford Eights & Fours Head

Sunday 10th February 2013

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Intermediate 1 Eights

(3 Entries)

105:571STAStar Club (Callow) 
306:09 (+0:12)61STAStar Club (Gordon) 
106:16 (+0:19)3BEDBedford Rowing Club (Evans) 

Intermediate 2 Eights

(6 Entries, 5 Starters)

206:2424BEDBedford Rowing Club 
706:28 (+0:04)187BRXBroxbourne RC (B) 
506:28 (+0:04)134BRXBroxbourne RC (A) 
406:30 (+0:06)97QCCQueens' College (Cambridge) (M1) 
506:37 (+0:13)135CLAClare BC (Higson) 
3DNS62GRTGranta BC (Kenyon) 

Intermediate 3 Eights

(11 Entries)

206:0625DOWDowning College (M1) 
106:15 (+0:09)2BDSBedford School (Davis) 
306:22 (+0:16)63QCCQueens' College (Cambridge) (M1) 
106:28 (+0:22)5STAStar Club (White) 
106:36 (+0:30)4CLAClare BC (Higson) 
206:41 (+0:35)26EMMEmmanuel College (M1) 
406:54 (+0:48)98MEDMedway Towns RC (Bore) 
406:55 (+0:49)99QCCQueens' College (Cambridge) (M2) 
607:02 (+0:56)169BHBBoars Head Boat Club (Perucchini) 
307:10 (+1:04)64BEDBedford Rowing Club (Thomas) 
507:44 (+1:38)136OUTOundle Town RC (Quigley) 

Novice Eights

(16 Entries)

206:3529BDSBedford School (Seamark) 
406:42 (+0:07)102BDSBedford School (Allen) 
206:48 (+0:13)28DOWDowning College (M2) 
306:48 (+0:13)66QCCQueens' College (Cambridge) (M2) 
706:53 (+0:18)188BMSBedford Modern School (Roberts) 
506:53 (+0:18)137BMSBedford Modern School (Mughal) 
206:53 (+0:18)27BDSBedford School (Wellington) 
206:55 (+0:20)31BDSBedford School (Sheridan) 
106:59 (+0:24)6CLAClare BC (Xia) 
207:01 (+0:26)30SIDSidney Sussex College BC (M1) 
307:04 (+0:29)68PBCPeterhouse BC (Watson) 
407:06 (+0:31)100BDSBedford School (Lombardo) 
307:09 (+0:34)65BDSBedford School (Horn) 
407:41 (+1:06)103BDSBedford School (Stammers) 
307:49 (+1:14)67OUTOundle Town RC (Lawson) 
407:58 (+1:23)101NWKNewark RC (Wallis) 

Womens Intermediate 2 Eights

(6 Entries)

507:04140STAStar Club (Bruce) 
107:16 (+0:12)7COXCity of Oxford RC (O Loughlin) 
707:24 (+0:20)189COXCity of Oxford RC (Benham) 
407:33 (+0:29)105PBCPeterhouse BC (Ashley) 
707:37 (+0:33)192SCOSt Catherine's College (De Geus) 
408:02 (+0:58)104BALBalliol College (Winter) 

Womens Intermediate 3 Eights

(19 Entries)

707:11190STAStar Club (Bruce) 
207:15 (+0:04)32DOWDowning College (W1) 
307:20 (+0:09)75NNMNewnham College BC (W1) 
207:25 (+0:14)33PBCPeterhouse BC (Ashley) 
307:26 (+0:15)72COXCity of Oxford RC (Winder) 
307:29 (+0:18)73KCBKing`s College BC (Hayes) 
107:30 (+0:19)10COXCity of Oxford RC (Spanswick) 
207:43 (+0:32)36EMMEmmanuel College (W1) 
207:47 (+0:36)37BEDBedford Rowing Club (Kitchener) 
207:47 (+0:36)34SRCSudbury RC (Gibbons) 
207:55 (+0:44)35BALBalliol College (Winter) 
407:57 (+0:46)109QCCQueens' College (Cambridge) (W1) 
407:57 (+0:46)108SRCSudbury RC (Kerry) 
208:08 (+0:57)43STAStar Club (Russell) 
708:20 (+1:09)191EVEEvesham RC (Caddy) 
308:27 (+1:16)74COXCity of Oxford RC (Hill) 
508:31 (+1:20)141SCOSt Catherine's College (De Geus) 
108:34 (+1:23)9OUTOundle Town RC (Izod) 
509:50 (+2:39)142BRUBrunel University (Pownall) 

Womens Novice Eights

(7 Entries)

307:4477QCCQueens' College (Cambridge) (W1) 
207:45 (+0:01)42BGSBedford Girls School (Osgood) 
307:54 (+0:10)76PBCPeterhouse BC (Bardell) 
208:05 (+0:21)41BMSBedford Modern School (Garvey) 
508:09 (+0:25)143SIDSidney Sussex College BC (Overvoorde) 
608:37 (+0:53)170SCOSt Catherine's College (Bryson) 
708:47 (+1:03)195PHSPutney High School RC (Tall) 

Mixed Novice Eights

(2 Entries)

208:2040EVEEvesham RC (Caddy) 
709:08 (+0:48)196STAStar Club 

Junior 14 Octuples

(3 Entries, 2 Starters)

207:4345BDSBedford School (Adesida) 
208:02 (+0:19)44BDSBedford School (Dason-Barber) 
3DNS78HLSHollowell Scullers (Webb) 

Women's Junior 14 Octuples

(9 Entries)

508:07146BMSBedford Modern School (Cowie) 
608:18 (+0:11)171PHSPutney High School RC (Choo) 
308:39 (+0:32)79PHSPutney High School RC (Coni) 
708:43 (+0:36)198BMSBedford Modern School (Glanville) 
408:46 (+0:39)111PHSPutney High School RC (Gradidge) 
408:52 (+0:45)110BGSBedford Girls School (Wallace) 
509:01 (+0:54)145BGSBedford Girls School (Banks) 
709:41 (+1:34)197PHSPutney High School RC (Taylor) 
510:38 (+2:31)144PHSPutney High School RC (Szynkowska) 

Intermediate 2 Coxed Fours

(2 Entries)

507:18151BDSBedford School (Stewart) 
507:44 (+0:26)150STNStaines BC (Biles) 

Intermediate 3 Coxed Fours

(9 Entries)

107:0911BRUBrunel University (Haagensen) 
707:18 (+0:09)200BRUBrunel University (Geldard) 
607:31 (+0:22)175MEDMedway Towns RC (Bore) 
507:33 (+0:24)157BRUBrunel University (Fleming) 
407:39 (+0:30)112LERLeicester RC (Townsend) 
207:46 (+0:37)49LERLeicester RC (Pickering) 
707:52 (+0:43)292MEDMedway Towns RC (Jones) 
607:53 (+0:44)174LERLeicester RC (Fox) 
608:00 (+0:51)173BIRBirmingham RC (James) 

Novice Coxed Fours

(15 Entries)

507:22161UKEUniversity of Kent (De Burgh) 
407:38 (+0:16)118BDSBedford School (Stephenson) 
207:41 (+0:19)54BDSBedford School (Neave) 
207:43 (+0:21)52BDSBedford School (Lombardo) 
607:47 (+0:25)180BMSBedford Modern School (Mughal) 
407:51 (+0:29)115BDSBedford School (Sheridan) 
708:00 (+0:38)293BMSBedford Modern School (Berry) 
408:04 (+0:42)119STNStaines BC (Read) 
508:08 (+0:46)159UKEUniversity of Kent (Beardmore) 
408:08 (+0:46)117BIRBirmingham RC (James) 
608:32 (+1:10)177STNStaines BC (Cackett) 
408:36 (+1:14)116BRUBrunel University (Davis) 
608:37 (+1:15)178BRUBrunel University (McDiarmid) 
208:58 (+1:36)53STNStaines BC (Ellison) 
509:39 (+2:17)160EVEEvesham RC (Caddy) 

Primary Coxed Fours

(1 Entry)

709:05296BEDBedford Rowing Club (Godbolt) 

Masters C/D Coxed Fours

(5 Entries)

207:2047XPRX Press Boat Club (Goyder =C) 
407:42 (+0:22)114OUTOundle Town RC (Carpenter =D)Actual Time: 07:56
207:43 (+0:23)51OUTOundle Town RC (McCormack =D)Actual Time: 07:57
307:44 (+0:24)85STAStar Club (Tredget =D)Actual Time: 07:58
607:51 (+0:31)176BEDBedford Rowing Club (Thomas =D)Actual Time: 08:05

Masters E/F/G Coxed Fours

(5 Entries, 4 Starters)

107:1518BEDBedford Rowing Club (Wisbey =G)Actual Time: 07:46
107:32 (+0:17)15STAStar Club (I Taylor =E) 
307:34 (+0:19)86STAStar Club (D Taylor =E) 
208:24 (+1:09)55OUTOundle Town RC (Whight =E) 
1DNS17STAStar Club (Stanbridge =F) 

Womens Intermediate 1 Coxed Fours

(1 Entry)

307:46Time Only84BIRBirmingham RC (Scott) 

Womens Intermediate 2 Coxed Fours

(1 Entry)

507:53Time Only162BIRBirmingham RC (Scott) 

Womens Intermediate 3 Coxed Fours

(6 Entries, 5 Starters)

608:12182BGSBedford Girls School (Selvey) 
108:26 (+0:14)19BRUBrunel University (Nicklen) 
708:34 (+0:22)294COXCity of Oxford RC (Tedeschi) 
608:42 (+0:30)181BIRBirmingham RC (Gregory) 
508:44 (+0:32)163COXCity of Oxford RC (Spanswick) 
7DNS295BMSBedford Modern School (Geary) 

Womens Novice Coxed Fours

(3 Entries)

408:33126BEDBedford Rowing Club (Templeman) 
408:56 (+0:23)125BMSBedford Modern School (Garvey) 
509:09 (+0:36)166UKEUniversity of Kent (Mason) 

Women's Masters D Coxed Fours

(3 Entries)

408:29124SNESt Neots RC (Tackley) 
409:07 (+0:38)122STAStar Club (Appleton) 
409:41 (+1:12)123EVEEvesham RC (Perry) 

Women's Junior 15 Coxed Fours

(2 Entries)

408:39131PHSPutney High School RC (Andrews) 
409:03 (+0:24)132BMSBedford Modern School (Osei-Kissi) 

Intermediate 1 Coxless Fours

(1 Entry)

306:51Time Only69BRXBroxbourne RC (Everitt) 

Intermediate 2 Coxless Fours

(5 Entries, 3 Starters)

106:588BRXBroxbourne RC (Everitt) 
407:06 (+0:08)107SNESt Neots RC (Williams) 
307:11 (+0:13)70STNStaines BC (Donnison) 
7DNS194BRXBroxbourne RC (Turnbull) 
5DNS139GRTGranta BC (Malek) 

Intermediate 3 Quads

(2 Entries)

506:51138STAStar Club (Sonsino) 
607:07 (+0:16)106STNStaines BC (Matheson) 

Novice Quad Sculls

(5 Entries, 3 Starters)

506:57147STAStar Club (White) 
307:13 (+0:16)82CAMCity of Cambridge (Smart) 
508:06 (+1:09)148OUTOundle Town RC (Stratton) 
3DNS81BDSBedford School (Stewart) 
2DNS46NWKNewark RC (Thomas) 

Masters C/E/F/I Quad Sculls

(4 Entries)

407:01121NRCNottingham RC (Collier =I)Actual Time: 08:32
107:0120HONThe Hornets Boat Club (Stuart-Menteath =F)Actual Time: 07:41
107:17 (+0:16)16STAStar Club (Swan-Brown =E)Actual Time: 07:42
307:32 (+0:31)80STAStar Club (Sangster =C) 

Junior 18 Quads

(3 Entries, 2 Starters)

306:4171STAStar Club (Sonsino) 
206:46 (+0:05)38SNESt Neots RC (Williams) 
2DNS39HLSHollowell Scullers 

Junior 16 Quads

(4 Entries)

106:5813STAStar Club (McCarthy) 
307:00 (+0:02)83STAStar Club (White) 
107:07 (+0:09)14CAMCity of Cambridge (Smart) 
507:52 (+0:54)158MEDMedway Towns RC (Cox) 

Womens Intermediate 2 Quads

(4 Entries)

507:45153COXCity of Oxford RC (Ding) 
707:58 (+0:13)199COXCity of Oxford RC (H??k) 
207:59 (+0:14)48EVEEvesham RC (Staite) 
508:21 (+0:36)152STNStaines BC (Walker) 

Womens Intermediate 3 Quads

(3 Entries)

107:3712COXCity of Oxford RC (Ding) 
408:04 (+0:27)113CAMCity of Cambridge (Potterill) 
208:12 (+0:35)50STNStaines BC (Walker) 

Womens Novice Quad Sculls

(5 Entries)

307:5589BGSBedford Girls School (Ilic) 
507:58 (+0:03)164COXCity of Oxford RC (Winder) 
208:23 (+0:28)56OUTOundle Town RC (Birchall) 
308:28 (+0:33)90STAStar Club (Bennewith) 
309:01 (+1:06)88OUTOundle Town RC (Izod) 

Women's Junior 18 Quads

(4 Entries, 3 Starters)

508:17155EVEEvesham RC (Stelnicki) 
508:23 (+0:06)156BMSBedford Modern School (Carstairs) 
608:36 (+0:19)172EVEEvesham RC (Caddy) 
5DNS154STAStar Club (Sadd) 

Women's Junior 16 Quads

(5 Entries)

207:5357CAMCity of Cambridge (Potterill) 
308:07 (+0:14)87EVEEvesham RC (Caddy) 
408:09 (+0:16)120EVEEvesham RC (House) 
108:12 (+0:19)21STAStar Club (Sadd) 
208:23 (+0:30)22STNStaines BC (Cackett) 

Mixed Intermediate 2 Quad Sculls

(1 Entry)

707:30Time Only193EVEEvesham RC (Staite) 

Mixed Intermediate 3 Quad Sculls

(2 Entries)

508:04149EVEEvesham RC (Rowland) 
608:06 (+0:02)179SRCSudbury RC (Kerry) 

Junior 15 Coxed Quads

(3 Entries)

507:21167BMSBedford Modern School (Peters) 
307:29 (+0:08)58STNStaines BC (Abdel-Halim) 
608:21 (+1:00)184BMSBedford Modern School (Smart) 

Junior 14 Coxed Quads

(2 Entries)

308:4394BDSBedford School (Malindine) 
308:57 (+0:14)95BDSBedford School (Edwards) 

Womens Novice Coxed Quads

(2 Entries)

508:09127BGSBedford Girls School (Gibbs Charles) 
408:15 (+0:06)128BGSBedford Girls School (Osgood) 

Women's Junior 15 Coxed Quads

(8 Entries)

207:4359SNESt Neots RC (Shorten) 
208:21 (+0:38)60BGSBedford Girls School (Muldownie) 
108:22 (+0:39)23STAStar Club (Feltham) 
308:25 (+0:42)93BGSBedford Girls School (Harris) 
408:45 (+1:02)129STAStar Club (Wiseberg) 
309:03 (+1:20)92BGSBedford Girls School (Logan) 
509:43 (+2:00)168EVEEvesham RC (Lewis) 
410:05 (+2:22)130BAEBarn Elms RC (Abbott) 

Women's Junior 14 Coxed Quads

(7 Entries, 6 Starters)

408:12133SNE/STASt Neots RC/Star Club (Adamson) 
309:12 (+1:00)96BAEBarn Elms RC (Muirhead) 
710:15 (+2:03)299BGSBedford Girls School (English) 
610:18 (+2:06)185BGSBedford Girls School (Marlow-Gilks) 
610:26 (+2:14)186BGSBedford Girls School (Wallace) 
710:40 (+2:28)297BGSBedford Girls School (O Donovan) 
7DNS298PHSPutney High School RC (Colehan) 

Mixed Novice Coxed Quad Sculls

(3 Entries)

507:30165SNESt Neots RC (Shorten) 
307:53 (+0:23)91SNESt Neots RC (Tynan) 
608:11 (+0:41)183MEDMedway Towns RC (Brown)