Bedford Fours & Small Boats Head

Sunday 14th April 2013

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Junior 16 Sculls
(16 Entries)

107:0951STAStar Club (White)
407:26 (+0:17)236HUNHuntingdon RC (Davies)
307:31 (+0:22)180SNESt Neots RC (Mitchell)
507:31 (+0:22)297SIVSt Ives RC (Gawin)
507:34 (+0:25)294SIVSt Ives RC (Watson)
507:36 (+0:27)296STAStar Club (McCarthy)
107:45 (+0:36)55STAStar Club (Owen)
407:56 (+0:47)235SNESt Neots RC (Vuylsteke)
107:58 (+0:49)52PETPeterborough City (Bucknell)
507:58 (+0:49)295STAStar Club (Sanders)
108:00 (+0:51)54CHAChampion of the Thames (Jacklin)
208:01 (+0:52)117PETPeterborough City (Smith)
208:03 (+0:54)116SNESt Neots RC (Tynan)
108:14 (+1:05)53STAStar Club (Sangster)
108:14 (+1:05)56CABCantabrigian RC (Broadbent)
208:31 (+1:22)118SNESt Neots RC (Clift)