Bedford Spring Fours & Small Boats Head

Sunday 13th April 2014

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Women's Junior 16 Eights

(2 Entries)

706:49365 (Composite) 
706:49366Bedford Girls School (Crook) 

Intermediate 1 Coxed Fours

(2 Entries)

606:28306Cantabrigian RC (Morris) 
306:43 (+0:15)118Norwich RC (Bence) 

Intermediate 2 Coxed Fours

(11 Entries)

806:33409Cantabrigian RC (Boukhatmi) 
706:52 (+0:19)370Cambridge '99 RC (Argyle B) 
306:55 (+0:22)119Cambridge '99 RC (Holloway B) 
506:56 (+0:23)248Cambridge '99 RC (Argyle A) 
706:57 (+0:24)369Cambridge '99 RC (Brunton B) 
507:00 (+0:27)247Cambridge '99 RC (Brunton A) 
107:02 (+0:29)3Cambridge '99 RC (Holloway A) 
207:03 (+0:30)54Peterborough City (Richardson) 
507:07 (+0:34)249Norwich RC (Robinson) 
507:12 (+0:39)250Cambridge '99 RC (Maltby A) 
707:13 (+0:40)371Cambridge '99 RC (Maltby B) 

Intermediate 3 Coxed Fours

(11 Entries)

106:386Bedford Rowing Club (Vincent) 
806:38412Cantabrigian RC (Morris) 
606:44 (+0:06)313Cantabrigian RC (Boukhatmi) 
506:56 (+0:18)253Milton Keynes RC (Lila) 
406:58 (+0:20)183Peterborough City (Richardson) 
106:58 (+0:20)7University of Kent (Richards) 
307:03 (+0:25)121Sudbury RC (Cook) 
607:08 (+0:30)312Sudbury RC (Read) 
107:13 (+0:35)5Norwich RC (Robinson) 
507:32 (+0:54)254Cambridge '99 RC (Lamb) 
207:42 (+1:04)59St Neots RC (Neill) 

Novice Coxed Fours

(6 Entries)

706:57372Cantabrigian RC (Harper) 
106:579Bedford Rowing Club (Edwards) 
607:19 (+0:22)320Cantabrigian RC (Pugh) 
707:40 (+0:43)376Cambridge '99 RC (Moore) 
507:46 (+0:49)256Milton Keynes RC (Boughton) 
507:47 (+0:50)319Reading RC (Parsons) 

Masters C/D Coxed Fours

(6 Entries)

407:21180St Neots RC (Williams =C) 
307:23 (+0:02)123Maidstone Invicta RC (Hill =D)Actual Time: 07:36
207:29 (+0:08)60Oundle Town RC (Whight =D)Actual Time: 07:42
207:29 (+0:08)55Milton Keynes RC (Capp =C)Actual Time: 07:38
707:49 (+0:28)373Milton Keynes RC (Boughton =C)Actual Time: 07:58
108:00 (+0:39)4Star Club (Chillingsworth =C) 

Masters E/F Coxed Fours

(5 Entries)

407:05187Guildford RC (Hall =F)Actual Time: 07:19
307:28 (+0:23)124Peterborough City (Barks =E) 
407:40 (+0:35)186Oundle Town RC (Whight =E) 
307:52 (+0:47)125Maidstone Invicta RC (Mason =E) 
207:55 (+0:50)61Guildford RC (Mansfield =E) 

Womens Intermediate 2 Coxed Fours

(2 Entries)

407:35188Milton Keynes RC (Gray) 
307:47 (+0:12)128Cambridge '99 RC (Bonner B) 

Womens Intermediate 3 Coxed Fours

(13 Entries)

207:2562Henley RC (Perkins) 
807:33 (+0:08)415Auriol Kensington RC (Clark) 
707:44 (+0:19)378Auriol Kensington RC (Rodgers) 
607:48 (+0:23)323Auriol Kensington RC (Edwards) 
107:49 (+0:24)10Cambridge 99/Cambridge University (Bonner A) 
107:50 (+0:25)12Cambridge '99 RC (Lofts A) 
607:51 (+0:26)324Milton Keynes RC (Briar) 
307:54 (+0:29)129Cambridge '99 RC (Lofts B) 
507:58 (+0:33)258Bedford Rowing Club (Middleton) 
808:01 (+0:36)416Auriol Kensington RC (Rowbottom) 
408:02 (+0:37)189Cantabrigian RC (Waterhouse) 
708:03 (+0:38)377Guildford RC (Smoothy) 
108:13 (+0:48)11St Neots RC (Hartwell) 

Womens Novice Coxed Fours

(16 Entries, 15 Starters)

507:20261Henley RC (Roe) 
407:24 (+0:04)200Henley RC (Wandless) 
707:40 (+0:20)383Bedford Modern School (Graham) 
607:41 (+0:21)326Auriol Kensington RC (Stevens) 
107:56 (+0:36)16Cambridge '99 RC (Champion A) 
408:00 (+0:40)195Reading RC (Motha) 
708:16 (+0:56)381Auriol Kensington RC (Foster) 
608:17 (+0:57)325Auriol Kensington RC (Martins-Kaczor) 
308:19 (+0:59)132Cambridge '99 RC (Champion B) 
608:30 (+1:10)327Cantabrigian RC (Gordon) 
308:37 (+1:17)133Maidstone Invicta RC (Marshall) 
608:41 (+1:21)262Reading RC (Snoxall) 
108:42 (+1:22)17Star Club (Griffiths) 
408:43 (+1:23)194Guildford RC (Woodward) 
408:53 (+1:33)193Milton Keynes RC (Adams) 
8DNS418Auriol Kensington RC (Diaz Pelegrin) 

Womens Masters B/C/D Coxed Fours

(4 Entries)

207:1566Milton Keynes RC (Towse =D)Actual Time: 07:39
607:33 (+0:18)322Milton Keynes RC (Keeling =C)Actual Time: 07:43
408:07 (+0:52)192Star Club (Yates =D)Actual Time: 08:31
808:37 (+1:22)417Milton Keynes RC (Lawson =B) 

Women's Junior 16 Coxed Fours

(3 Entries)

307:21139Henley RC (Lister) 
407:23 (+0:02)199Bedford Girls School (Crook) 
407:39 (+0:18)198Bedford Girls School (Long) 

Senior Coxless Fours

(3 Entries)

106:261Norwich RC (Sparkes) 
207:10 (+0:44)53Guildford RC (Starling) 
807:26 (+1:00)408Auriol Kensington RC (Masters) 

Intermediate 2 Coxless Fours

(3 Entries)

506:31242Norwich RC (Bence) 
707:05 (+0:34)368Auriol Kensington RC (Alsing) 
707:52 (+1:21)367Auriol Kensington RC (Payne) 

Intermediate 3 Coxless Fours

(5 Entries, 4 Starters)

206:4057St Neots RC (Dexter) 
406:45 (+0:05)182St Neots RC (Chapman) 
206:49 (+0:09)58Milton Keynes RC (Hopkins) 
307:01 (+0:21)120Norwich RC (English) 
8DNS411Auriol Kensington RC (Manning) 

Masters E/F Coxless Fours

(3 Entries, 2 Starters)

106:488Bedford Rowing Club (White =F)Actual Time: 07:02
607:50 (+1:02)309Guildford RC (Mansfield =E) 
5DNS246Peterborough City (Barks =E) 

Senior Quad Sculls

(1 Entry)

605:59Time Only305Peterborough/Lea/Upper Thames (Palmer) 

Intermediate 3 Quads

(5 Entries)

606:25315Lea Rowing Club (Dixon) 
506:44 (+0:19)244Deben RC (Bamforth) 
406:47 (+0:22)179Leicester RC (Hawkins) 
107:06 (+0:41)2Peterborough City (Smith) 
507:35 (+1:10)243Milton Keynes RC (Heywood) 

Novice Quad Sculls

(3 Entries)

606:27308Leicester RC (Dix) 
806:49 (+0:22)407Cantabrigian RC (O Dell) 
508:52 (+2:25)245Peterborough City (Bray) 

Masters B Quads

(1 Entry)

806:01Time Only406Peterborough/Lea/Upper Thames (Palmer) 

Masters D/E/F Quad Sculls

(5 Entries)

307:07130Maidstone Invicta RC (Chapman =F)Actual Time: 07:32
607:08 (+0:01)316Star Club (Talboys =E)Actual Time: 07:19
207:13 (+0:06)56Milton Keynes RC (Heywood =D) 
807:14 (+0:07)413Star Club (Waugh =E)Actual Time: 07:25
407:33 (+0:26)181Star Club (Thompson =D) 

Masters G Quads

(1 Entry)

507:32Time Only260Maidstone Invicta RC (Chapman) 

Womens Senior Quad Sculls

(2 Entries)

607:01307Guildford RC (Gleichmann) 
307:44 (+0:43)122Deben/Alton 

Womens Intermediate 2 Quads

(3 Entries)

607:01311Star Club (Bruce) 
707:24 (+0:23)374Leicester RC (Pulford) 
607:42 (+0:41)310Guildford RC (Hussey) 

Womens Intermediate 3 Quads

(4 Entries)

407:08185Henley RC (Gutteridge) 
707:26 (+0:18)375Bedford Rowing Club (Middleton) 
407:29 (+0:21)184Guildford RC (Higley) 
608:19 (+1:11)314Sudbury RC (Minnich) 

Womens Novice Quad Sculls

(3 Entries)

307:17131Henley RC (Stimpson) 
207:46 (+0:29)63Guildford RC (Ridden) 
408:00 (+0:43)191Champion of the Thames (Quadling) 

Women's Masters C/D Quad Sculls

(2 Entries)

507:14257Leicester/Trentham (Ellis =C) 
607:52 (+0:38)321Champion of the Thames (Jacklin =D)Actual Time: 08:06

Women's Junior 18 Quads

(3 Entries)

507:02251Bedford Girls School (Bruce) 
507:04 (+0:02)252Henley RC (Lister) 
807:17 (+0:15)410Bedford Rowing Club (Chandler) 

Women's Junior 16 Quads

(3 Entries)

206:4864Henley RC (Thompson) 
707:36 (+0:48)379Bedford Rowing Club (Warburton) 
509:04 (+2:16)259Bedford Rowing Club (Puddicombe) 

Mixed Masters C/D/E Quad Sculls

(5 Entries)

306:54126Peterborough/RAF (Ellis =D)Actual Time: 07:08
107:22 (+0:28)15Star Club (French =E)Actual Time: 07:48
407:56 (+1:02)190Guildford RC (Wright =E)Actual Time: 08:22
708:08 (+1:14)380Cantabrigian RC (Fitzgerald =C) 
308:38 (+1:44)127Star Club (Davies =D)Actual Time: 08:52

Junior 15 Coxed Quads

(3 Entries)

306:53137Henley RC (Rollet-Manus) 
207:20 (+0:27)67Bedford School (Lamb) 
407:49 (+0:56)196Bedford School (Rainbow) 

Womens Novice Coxed Quads

(4 Entries)

608:49328Guildford RC (Adams) 
808:52 (+0:03)419Bedford/Star (Biddenham School) 
709:04 (+0:15)382Bedford Rowing Club (Baxter) 
209:14 (+0:25)68Guildford RC (Slaughter) 

Women's Junior 15 Coxed Quads

(3 Entries, 2 Starters)

207:1269Henley RC (Roe) 
307:55 (+0:43)138Bedford Girls School (Wallace) 
4DNS197Bedford Girls School (O Donovan) 

Women's Junior 14 Coxed Quads

(5 Entries)

307:52142Bedford Girls School (Illingworth) 
108:07 (+0:15)18Bedford Girls School (McDonagh) 
308:12 (+0:20)141Bedford Girls School (Garrigue) 
808:25 (+0:33)420Bedford Modern School (Townsend) 
109:01 (+1:09)19Bedford Girls School (Bryant) 

Intermediate 1 Coxless Pairs

(3 Entries, 2 Starters)

606:43317Star Club (Butler/Mulkerrins) 
606:48 (+0:05)318Star Club (Ruta/Satchwill) 
8DNS414Star Club (Durrant/Mulkerrins) 

Intermediate 3 Coxless Pairs

(6 Entries)

307:07145Bedford Rowing Club (Evans/Vincent) 
807:09 (+0:02)423Bedford Modern School (McEwen/Wilson) 
807:16 (+0:09)422Bedford Rowing Club (Evans/Lee) 
707:22 (+0:15)386Milton Keynes RC (Lila/Hopkins) 
307:39 (+0:32)146Peterborough City (Reed/Burt) 
607:59 (+0:52)334University of Kent (Partington/Hewerdine) 

Masters D/E Coxless Pairs

(4 Entries, 3 Starters)

107:3232Peterborough City (Reed/Burt =E)Actual Time: 07:44
107:46 (+0:14)28Peterborough City (Dolby/Davis =D) 
208:10 (+0:38)77St Neots RC (Sadler/Williams =D) 
7DNS397Peterborough City (Truss/Barks =E) 

Womens Intermediate 1 Coxless Pairs

(3 Entries, 2 Starters)

107:4726Cantabrigian RC (Perrin/Beere) 
408:11 (+0:24)212Leicester RC (Arthur/Sturgess) 
1DNS27Cantabrigian RC (Pound/Darlington) 

Womens Intermediate 2 Coxless Pairs

(4 Entries, 3 Starters)

307:46151Cantabrigian RC (Perrin/Beere) 
808:02 (+0:16)426Milton Keynes RC (Gray/Towse) 
208:17 (+0:31)80Leicester RC (Arthur/Sturgess) 
3DNS150Cantabrigian RC (Pound/Darlington) 

Women's Junior 18 Coxless Pairs

(3 Entries)

308:12156Bedford Girls School (Selvey/Pryer) 
708:20 (+0:08)394Staines BC (Shoolbread/Corkish) 
508:23 (+0:11)279Staines BC (Cackett/Romp) 

Intermediate 2 Double Sculls

(3 Entries)

506:51263Poplar/Medway (Humphrey/Martin) 
607:26 (+0:35)329Leicester RC (Koszulinski/Clark) 
408:02 (+1:11)206Guildford RC (Hennessy/Yu) 

Intermediate 3 Double Sculls

(6 Entries)

607:02332University of Kent (Falkus/Villemot) 
107:03 (+0:01)21St Neots RC (Williams/Clift) 
607:09 (+0:07)333Deben RC (Early/Game) 
107:20 (+0:18)20St Ives RC (Stratton/Watson) 
207:29 (+0:27)73Leicester RC (Koszulinski/Clark) 
807:30 (+0:28)421Milton Keynes RC (Baines/Holland) 

Novice Double Sculls

(9 Entries)

406:48208Leicester RC (Pickering/Dix) 
207:09 (+0:21)74Leicester RC (Hawkins/Mikulec) 
107:34 (+0:46)22Bedford Rowing Club (Milburn/McMahon) 
507:36 (+0:48)264Henley RC (Meyer-O Kane/Sandhu) 
307:51 (+1:03)144Bedford Rowing Club (Elliott/Baker) 
708:10 (+1:22)384Bedford Rowing Club (Milburn/Sean) 
208:11 (+1:23)75Peterborough City (Carlisle/Scutts) 
308:54 (+2:06)385Peterborough City (Bray/Green) 
109:23 (+2:35)50Bedford Rowing Club (Walsh/O Connell) 
1DNS23Peterborough City (Moore/Low) 
3DNS143Peterborough City (Moore/Bray) 

Masters B/C Double Sculls

(4 Entries)

206:4170Poplar/Medway (Humphrey/Martin =C)Actual Time: 06:50
206:46 (+0:05)71St Ives RC (Gilbey/Woodford =C)Actual Time: 06:55
406:47 (+0:06)201Peterborough City (Palmer/Cranfield =B) 
408:00 (+1:19)202Peterborough City (Carlisle/Scutts =C)Actual Time: 08:09

Masters E/F Double Sculls

(5 Entries, 4 Starters)

507:37266Peterborough City (Ward/Adkins =E) 
607:40 (+0:03)340Sudbury RC (Paxman/Arnott =F)Actual Time: 07:55
707:46 (+0:09)389Milton Keynes RC (Lawson/Heywood =E) 
407:54 (+0:17)217Sudbury RC (Milbank/Paxman =F)Actual Time: 08:09
1DNS25Peterborough City (Truss/Barks =E) 

Masters G/I Double Sculls

(3 Entries)

307:35158Bedford Rowing Club (Catlin/Harris =G) 
207:53 (+0:18)84Guildford/Southsea (Watling/Hall =G) 
507:54 (+0:19)290York City RC (Jones/Stubley =I)Actual Time: 08:29

Junior 18 Double Sculls

(5 Entries)

306:36140St Neots RC (Mitchell-Dwelly/Davies) 
406:46 (+0:10)204St Ives RC (Gawin/Watson) 
207:03 (+0:27)72Henley RC (Geller/Dean) 
407:28 (+0:52)203Milton Keynes RC (Baines/King) 
407:47 (+1:11)205Deben RC (Robson/Lelijveld) 

Junior 16 Double Sculls

(4 Entries)

507:03265Henley RC (Frost/Rollet-Manus) 
707:14 (+0:11)387Lea Rowing Club (Badcott/Erwin) 
207:42 (+0:39)76Bedford School (Achba/Sivills) 
707:53 (+0:50)388Staines BC (Punter/Sheldon) 

Womens Senior Double Sculls

(1 Entry)

407:37Time Only207Guildford RC (Johnson/Gleichmann) 

Womens Intermediate 2 Double Sculls

(2 Entries)

507:35267Derby RC (Thomson/Brearley) 
807:43 (+0:08)424Star Club (Partridge/Titterington) 

Womens Intermediate 3 Double Sculls

(5 Entries)

507:43272Durham ARC (McMillan/Prescott) 
707:44 (+0:01)392Leicester/Trentham (Cochrane/Ellis) 
608:01 (+0:18)336University of Kent (Edwards/Myles-Hook) 
608:04 (+0:21)337Guildford RC (Smoothy/Hart) 
308:09 (+0:26)152Peterborough City (Laluna/Apostolidou) 

Womens Novice Double Sculls

(11 Entries)

507:37277Henley RC (Beale/Wiggins) 
708:13 (+0:36)393Bedford Modern School (Trude-Bates/O Connell) 
508:15 (+0:38)276Staines BC (Bouch/Posner) 
508:16 (+0:39)278Bedford Modern School (Smith/Jones) 
208:23 (+0:46)81St Neots RC (Sadler/Hartwell) 
408:40 (+1:03)215Guildford RC (Ridden/Woodward) 
408:42 (+1:05)216Alton Rowing Club (Griffiths/Bowden) 
608:43 (+1:06)338Guildford RC (Schweikle/Rowland) 
608:44 (+1:07)339Alton Rowing Club (Bowden/Thomas) 
809:08 (+1:31)429Alton Rowing Club (Griffiths/Cox) 
209:25 (+1:48)82Alton Rowing Club (Thomas/Cox) 

Womens Masters A Double Sculls

(4 Entries)

307:41149Leicester/Trentham (Cochrane/Ellis) 
207:4179Guildford RC (Johnson/Gleichmann) 
407:57 (+0:16)211Guildford RC (Avis/Sadler) 
208:15 (+0:34)78Guildford RC (Hussey/Higley) 

Womens Masters C/D/E Double Sculls

(6 Entries)

307:31153Durham ARC (McMillan/Prescott =D)Actual Time: 07:45
307:48 (+0:17)154Leicester RC (Horrocks/Pulford =D)Actual Time: 08:02
507:57 (+0:26)273Sudbury RC (Kerry/Dixon =C) 
808:07 (+0:36)427Milton Keynes RC (Wilson/Heywood =D)Actual Time: 08:21
308:23 (+0:52)157St Neots RC (Brown/Knowles =E)Actual Time: 08:50
108:40 (+1:09)30Star Club (King/Gurney =C) 

Womens Masters C Novice Double Sculls

(4 Entries)

208:3783Champion of the Thames (Affleck/Reed) 
709:18 (+0:41)395Alton Rowing Club (Jeffery/Vigneau) 
709:20 (+0:43)396Sudbury RC (McGrillen/Muir) 
509:27 (+0:50)280Alton Rowing Club (Budd/Jeffery) 

Women's Junior 18 Double Sculls

(8 Entries)

507:43271Staines BC (Shoolbread/Corkish) 
607:43335Bedford Modern School (Carstairs/Geary) 
507:50 (+0:07)270Peterborough City (Plumb/Plumb) 
708:01 (+0:18)391Staines BC (Cackett/Romp) 
508:02 (+0:19)269Bedford Rowing Club (Chandler/Bunce) 
808:11 (+0:28)425Bedford Modern School (Fulford/Sandy) 
508:13 (+0:30)268Milton Keynes RC (Williamson/Ward) 
108:28 (+0:45)29Milton Keynes RC (Hall/Williamson) 

Women's Junior 16 Double Sculls

(7 Entries)

407:25214Henley RC (Orr/Thompson) 
407:38 (+0:13)213St Neots RC (Adamson/Taylor) 
508:06 (+0:41)274Bedford Rowing Club (Warburton/Simpson) 
508:09 (+0:44)275Bedford Modern School (Glanvill/Cowie) 
808:13 (+0:48)428Sudbury RC (Hysom/Burgess) 
108:25 (+1:00)31Milton Keynes RC (Whitbread/Ward) 
308:45 (+1:20)155Deben RC (Everson/Eaton) 

Mixed Intermediate 2 Double Sculls

(1 Entry)

607:42Time Only331Deben RC (Potter/Wix) 

Mixed Intermediate 3 Double Sculls

(5 Entries, 4 Starters)

407:26209St Neots/Sudbury (Shorten/Hysom) 
607:51 (+0:25)330Deben RC (Lelijveld/Lelijveld) 
108:22 (+0:56)24Star/St Aidans (Pooley/Pooley) 
309:41 (+2:15)147Alton Rowing Club (Lucas/Carpenter) 
4DNS210Champion of the Thames (Jacklin/Jacklin) 

Mixed Masters C/D Double Sculls

(2 Entries)

307:22148St Ives RC (Williams/Ashmore =C) 
708:00 (+0:38)390Sudbury RC (Kerry/Milbank =D)Actual Time: 08:14

Elite Sculls

(3 Entries)

507:02255Star Club (Durrant) 
207:10 (+0:08)65Army RC (Wells) 
107:40 (+0:38)13Peterborough City (Plumb) 

Senior Sculls

(5 Entries)

307:05134Upper Thames RC (Carter) 
507:28 (+0:23)281Leicester RC (Smith) 
307:32 (+0:27)136Star Club (Callow) 
107:39 (+0:34)33St Ives RC (Watson) 
307:46 (+0:41)135Peterborough City (Plumb) 

Intermediate 2 Sculls

(4 Entries)

507:17285Derby RC (Playdon) 
707:25 (+0:08)398Guildford RC (Hopwood) 
207:31 (+0:14)89St Neots RC (Shorten) 
307:40 (+0:23)161St Neots RC (Williams) 

Intermediate 3 Sculls

(12 Entries)

707:21431Cantabrigian RC (Swanson) 
507:26 (+0:05)286Guildford RC (Hopwood) 
407:26 (+0:05)223Henley RC (Redman) 
307:27 (+0:06)163Deben RC (Game) 
307:35 (+0:14)164Leicester RC (Graca) 
607:41 (+0:20)342Sudbury RC (Bowles) 
407:48 (+0:27)222St Ives RC (Stratton) 
207:58 (+0:37)90Poplar Blackwall & District (McCarthy) 
208:02 (+0:41)91Guildford RC (Cooper) 
208:07 (+0:46)92Milton Keynes RC (Baines) 
808:29 (+1:08)430Leicester RC (Townsend) 
108:38 (+1:17)39Peterborough City (Cressey) 

Novice Sculls

(17 Entries)

207:3194Leicester RC (Pickering) 
307:37 (+0:06)165Bedford Rowing Club (Farley) 
207:44 (+0:13)93St Neots RC (Vuylsteke) 
307:51 (+0:20)168Deben RC (Early) 
507:53 (+0:22)287Poplar Blackwall & District (McCarthy) 
607:55 (+0:24)343Bedford Rowing Club (Elliott) 
607:56 (+0:25)344Auriol Kensington RC (Gray-Cheape) 
207:58 (+0:27)95Milton Keynes RC (King) 
308:00 (+0:29)167Bedford Rowing Club (Edwards) 
708:07 (+0:36)399Bedford Rowing Club (McMahon) 
208:13 (+0:42)103Cantabrigian RC (Morley) 
108:25 (+0:54)41Bedford Rowing Club (Phelps) 
208:31 (+1:00)96Leicester RC (Townsend) 
708:36 (+1:05)400Hollowell Scullers (Fenemore) 
308:42 (+1:11)166Bedford Rowing Club (King) 
708:43 (+1:12)401Alton Rowing Club (Gwizdala) 
709:57 (+2:26)404Bedford Rowing Club (Vousden) 

Adaptive (AS) Sculls

(1 Entry, 0 Starters)

7DNS405Guildford RC (Bodman) 

Masters A Sculls

(4 Entries)

607:37341Leicester RC (Graca) 
107:3714Star Club (Callow) 
308:33 (+0:56)159Peterborough City (Cressey) 
508:42 (+1:05)289Leicester RC (Townsend) 

Masters B Sculls

(3 Entries)

307:19160Leicester RC (Smith) 
407:33 (+0:14)219St Ives RC (Woodford) 
408:08 (+0:49)218Guildford RC (Austen) 

Masters C Sculls

(3 Entries)

407:49225St Ives RC (Gilbey) 
107:53 (+0:04)37Royal Air Force RC (Ellis) 
408:02 (+0:13)224Guildford RC (Cooper) 

Masters D/E Sculls

(3 Entries)

507:39288Poplar Blackwall & District (Milligan =E)Actual Time: 07:51
108:04 (+0:25)40St Ives RC (Ashmore =D) 
208:41 (+1:02)97Peterborough City (Ward =E)Actual Time: 08:53

Masters F Sculls

(3 Entries)

308:03175Poplar Blackwall & District (Milligan) 
208:32 (+0:29)111Staines BC (Tollett) 
408:43 (+0:40)234Sudbury RC (Arnott) 

Masters G Sculls

(4 Entries, 3 Starters)

508:06296Bedford Rowing Club (Harris) 
608:13 (+0:07)359Southsea RC (Watling) 
408:50 (+0:44)240St Neots RC (Knights) 
3DNS177The Hornets Boat Club (Sadler) 

Junior 18 Sculls

(12 Entries)

507:14283Bedford Rowing Club (Vincent) 
207:15 (+0:01)85Leicester RC (Dix) 
207:20 (+0:06)86Derby RC (Playdon) 
107:21 (+0:07)36St Neots RC (Davies) 
107:23 (+0:09)35St Ives RC (Gawin) 
207:27 (+0:13)88Henley RC (Redman) 
107:30 (+0:16)34St Neots RC (Mitchell-Dwelly) 
507:36 (+0:22)282Lea Rowing Club (Skinner) 
407:37 (+0:23)220Henley RC (Geller) 
207:39 (+0:25)87Peterborough City (Halliday) 
407:49 (+0:35)221Henley RC (Dean) 
508:08 (+0:54)284Staines BC (Punter) 

Junior 16 Sculls

(10 Entries)

407:32228Lea Rowing Club (Duncalf) 
407:32227Lea Rowing Club (Dixon) 
407:33 (+0:01)226Lea Rowing Club (Le Lannou) 
107:45 (+0:13)42St Ives RC (Wells) 
207:52 (+0:20)99Champion of the Thames (Jacklin) 
208:05 (+0:33)98Peterborough City (Peel) 
608:19 (+0:47)346Bedford Rowing Club (Milburn) 
208:20 (+0:48)100Peterborough City (Plumb) 
608:50 (+1:18)345Deben RC (Robson) 
208:54 (+1:22)101Alton Rowing Club (Gwizdala) 

Womens Intermediate 2 Sculls

(3 Entries)

308:08170Bedford Rowing Club (Larkworthy) 
208:15 (+0:07)106Bedford Girls School (Ilic) 
308:24 (+0:16)169Peterborough City (Plumb) 

Womens Intermediate 3 Sculls

(8 Entries, 7 Starters)

408:14233Leicester RC (Cochrane) 
208:19 (+0:05)109Bedford Girls School (Crook) 
108:41 (+0:27)47Peterborough City (Plumb) 
408:50 (+0:36)232St Ives RC (Heylen) 
108:56 (+0:42)46Cantabrigian RC (Fischer) 
209:02 (+0:48)108Guildford RC (Smoothy) 
209:13 (+0:59)110Guildford RC (Culley) 
8DNS434Durham ARC (Prescott) 

Womens Novice Sculls

(18 Entries, 17 Starters)

408:08237Henley RC (Edwards) 
508:35 (+0:27)293Bedford Modern School (Goddard) 
208:40 (+0:32)112Bedford Girls School (Selvey) 
308:51 (+0:43)176Milton Keynes RC (Whitbread) 
608:54 (+0:46)355Bedford Modern School (Sandy) 
408:55 (+0:47)236St Neots RC (Sadler) 
609:00 (+0:52)356Bedford Girls School (Roberts) 
609:06 (+0:58)354Bedford Girls School (Lynn) 
609:08 (+1:00)358Bedford Girls School (Isaacson) 
209:10 (+1:02)113St Neots RC (Harper) 
409:16 (+1:08)235Milton Keynes RC (Powell) 
609:25 (+1:17)357Bedford Girls School (Monaghan) 
609:26 (+1:18)350Bedford Modern School (Dobson) 
609:28 (+1:20)353Bedford Girls School (Swain) 
609:39 (+1:31)349Bedford Girls School (O Donovan) 
509:40 (+1:32)294Bedford Rowing Club (Santoni) 
609:44 (+1:36)352Bedford Girls School (Marlow-Gilks) 
6DNS351Bedford Girls School (Wallace) 

Womens Adaptive (LTA) Sculls

(1 Entry)

605:44361Staines BC (Bennett) 

Womens Adaptive (TA) Sculls

(3 Entries)

606:08363Oundle Town RC (Connon) 
607:08 (+1:00)364Guildford RC (Birkinshaw) 
607:22 (+1:14)362Sudbury RC (Brown) 

Women's Masters A Sculls

(5 Entries)

308:00162Deben RC (Wix) 
108:17 (+0:17)38St Ives RC (Williams) 
208:25 (+0:25)102Guildford RC (Sadler) 
408:42 (+0:42)230Cantabrigian RC (Fischer) 
408:46 (+0:46)229Cambridge '99 RC (Bowden) 

Womens Masters A Novice Sculls

(6 Entries)

209:04114Guildford RC (Hart) 
409:05 (+0:01)239Guildford RC (Schweikle) 
409:10 (+0:06)238Guildford RC (Rowland) 
709:33 (+0:29)402Bedford Rowing Club (Scott) 
509:39 (+0:35)295Maidstone Invicta RC (Taylor) 
511:57 (+2:53)304Sudbury RC (Brown) 

Women's Masters B/C Sculls

(5 Entries)

108:1643Leicester RC (Cochrane =B) 
308:35 (+0:19)172Sudbury RC (Dixon =C)Actual Time: 08:43
308:39 (+0:23)171Sudbury RC (Kerry =C)Actual Time: 08:47
608:51 (+0:35)347Cambridge '99 RC (Bowden =B) 
409:01 (+0:45)231Bedford Rowing Club (Swift =B) 

Women's Masters D/E/F Sculls

(4 Entries)

708:13403Bedford Rowing Club (Reay =D) 
108:15 (+0:02)51Durham ARC (Prescott =E)Actual Time: 08:26
208:48 (+0:35)117Champion of the Thames (Jacklin =D) 
109:23 (+1:10)52Peterborough City (Heath =F) 

Women's Junior 18 Sculls

(12 Entries, 11 Starters)

108:0344Bedford Rowing Club (Larkworthy) 
208:09 (+0:06)104Bedford Girls School (Bruce) 
808:19 (+0:16)433Bedford Modern School (Geary) 
508:23 (+0:20)291Deben RC (Wilkinson-Feller) 
108:24 (+0:21)45Peterborough City (Plumb) 
308:37 (+0:34)174Peterborough City (Plumb) 
608:43 (+0:40)348Sudbury RC (Shaw) 
808:44 (+0:41)432Bedford Modern School (Carstairs) 
508:47 (+0:44)292Bedford Rowing Club (Dorrell) 
308:59 (+0:56)173Milton Keynes RC (Williamson) 
209:35 (+1:32)107Milton Keynes RC (Powell) 
2DNS105Bedford Girls School (Armstrong) 

Women's Junior 16 Sculls

(14 Entries, 12 Starters)

208:15116St Neots RC (Adamson) 
408:17 (+0:02)241Henley RC (Orr) 
208:18 (+0:03)115St Neots RC (Taylor) 
108:23 (+0:08)49Peterborough City (Stoker) 
508:38 (+0:23)302Bedford Rowing Club (Wrigley) 
508:47 (+0:32)297Bedford Rowing Club (Waller) 
508:54 (+0:39)300Bedford Rowing Club (Thompson) 
608:55 (+0:40)360Sudbury RC (Burgess) 
308:55 (+0:40)178Milton Keynes RC (Ward) 
109:32 (+1:17)48Milton Keynes RC (Roos) 
509:42 (+1:27)298Deben RC (Eaton) 
509:59 (+1:44)301Deben RC (Everson) 
5DNS299Bedford Modern School (Graham) 
5DNS303Deben RC (Haywood Smith)