Reading Small Boats Head

Saturday 13th October 2018

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NOTE - these results are Provisional, with some crews still to race. Not all Masters' Handicaps will therefore be available.

Junior 16 Sculls
(35 Entries, 31 Starters)

14:35.9119SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Furley) 
14:42.3 (+00:06.4)127SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Jackson) 
14:57.0 (+00:21.1)108WYJWycliffe Junior Rowing Club (Mulligan) 
15:04.6 (+00:28.7)120SPSSt Paul's School (O'Sullivan) 
15:04.8 (+00:28.9)123WYJWycliffe Junior Rowing Club (Van Der Linden) 
15:07.5 (+00:31.6)110WYJWycliffe Junior Rowing Club (Loch) 
15:12.4 (+00:36.5)125HENHenley RC (Crick) 
15:13.3 (+00:37.4)118KGSKingston Grammar School (Fletcher) 
15:14.7 (+00:38.8)112HWGRoyal Grammar School, High Wycombe (Partington) 
15:15.5 (+00:39.6)102RDGReading RC (Lauchlan) 
15:19.1 (+00:43.2)97SAAStar & Arrow Club (Grainge) 
15:26.9 (+00:51.0)99GMSGreat Marlow School (Hammond) 
15:33.7 (+00:57.8)94LTULatymer Upper School (Morley) 
15:35.4 (+00:59.5)124SPSSt Paul's School (Kaprielian) 
15:36.0 (+01:00.1)109SPSSt Paul's School (Galay) 
15:37.7 (+01:01.8)122SPSSt Paul's School (Kwok) 
15:42.7 (+01:06.8)111SHOShoreham Rowing Club (Bates) 
15:43.8 (+01:07.9)101KGSKingston Grammar School (Short) 
15:46.1 (+01:10.2)115HENHenley RC (Seager) 
15:49.2 (+01:13.3)107GMSGreat Marlow School (Maidana) 
15:51.9 (+01:16.0)128WYJWycliffe Junior Rowing Club (Rant) 
16:00.8 (+01:24.9)100SPSSt Paul's School (Crenian) 
16:03.7 (+01:27.8)105SAAStar & Arrow Club (Barnes) 
16:05.1 (+01:29.2)116HWGRoyal Grammar School, High Wycombe (Mathuson) 
16:08.7 (+01:32.8)114HWGRoyal Grammar School, High Wycombe (Bradshaw) 
16:11.6 (+01:35.7)113GMSGreat Marlow School (McMahon-Tynan) 
16:41.2 (+02:05.3)96LTULatymer Upper School (John) 
16:48.7 (+02:12.8)126SPSSt Paul's School (Spielmann) 
17:46.8 (+03:10.9)117SHOShoreham Rowing Club (Childs) 
19:22.9 (+04:47.0)106SHOShoreham Rowing Club (Grassie-Clarke) 
DNF 95GMSGreat Marlow School (Holder) 
DNS98HWGRoyal Grammar School, High Wycombe (Clark) 
DNS121KGSKingston Grammar School (Cooper) 
DNS104SPSSt Paul's School (SPS-ACKRIM) 
DNS103HWGRoyal Grammar School, High Wycombe (Anderson)