Reading Small Boats Head

Saturday 13th October 2018

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NOTE - these results are Provisional, with some crews still to race. Not all Masters' Handicaps will therefore be available.

Junior 16 Double Sculls
(21 Entries, 18 Starters)

13:54.0201WYJWycliffe Junior Rowing Club (Mulligan/Van Der Linden) 
14:31.3 (+00:37.3)192RDGReading RC (Harrison/Lauchlan) 
14:32.0 (+00:38.0)197DULDulwich College (Ganem/Bird) 
14:35.8 (+00:41.8)187DULDulwich College (Smith/Bichard) 
14:36.8 (+00:42.8)186GMSGreat Marlow School (Hammond/McMahon-Tynan) 
14:43.1 (+00:49.1)203GMSGreat Marlow School (Holder/Maidana) 
14:47.1 (+00:53.1)199DULDulwich College (Bird/Green) 
14:59.6 (+01:05.6)189DULDulwich College (Oakley/Butland) 
15:11.8 (+01:17.8)196SPSSt Paul's School (Galay/Kwok) 
15:16.9 (+01:22.9)188WYJWycliffe Junior Rowing Club (Rant/Loch) 
15:23.0 (+01:29.0)185SPSSt Paul's School (Edward/Applemans) 
15:23.7 (+01:29.7)194SHPShiplake College (Cameron- Martin/Batty) 
15:29.1 (+01:35.1)198SPSSt Paul's School (Spielmann/Kaprielian) 
15:34.3 (+01:40.3)190SPSSt Paul's School (Tobelem/Rizk) 
15:37.6 (+01:43.6)193SPSSt Paul's School (Crenian/O'Sullivan) 
15:44.0 (+01:50.0)202DULDulwich College (Wildgoose-Bulloch/Alekseyev) 
16:03.2 (+02:09.2)184LTULatymer Upper School (Orton/Daya) 
16:03.3 (+02:09.3)191DULDulwich College (Connellan/Kara) 
DNS183SPSSt Paul's School (SPS-RAMANAN) 
DNS195DULDulwich College (Ravanbakhsh/Dembinski) 
DNS200SPSSt Paul's School (Parish/Chong)