Reading Small Boats Head

Saturday 12th October 2019

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NOTE - these results are Provisional, with some crews still to race. Not all Masters' Handicaps will therefore be available.

Junior 17 Sculls
13:21.5234KGSKingston Grammar School (Fletcher) 
13:30.7 (+00:09.2)228HENHenley RC (Lauchlan) 
13:37.9 (+00:16.4)220RBLReading Blue Coat School (Bindoff) 
13:38.8 (+00:17.3)216LTULatymer Upper School (Morley) 
13:50.0 (+00:28.5)244HENHenley RC (O'Connor) 
13:51.5 (+00:30.0)224HENHenley RC (Seager) 
13:53.4 (+00:31.9)218HWGRoyal Grammar School, High Wycombe (Partington) 
14:01.6 (+00:40.1)242MARMarlow RC (Parsons) 
14:03.8 (+00:42.3)225KGSKingston Grammar School (Middleton) 
14:07.8 (+00:46.3)227KGSKingston Grammar School (Currie) 
14:09.6 (+00:48.1)231LTULatymer Upper School (Orton) 
14:12.2 (+00:50.7)241KGSKingston Grammar School (Boyle) 
14:12.4 (+00:50.9)239HENHenley RC (Maidana) 
14:21.7 (+01:00.2)222PANPangbourne College BC (Shashlov) 
14:27.2 (+01:05.7)217KGSKingston Grammar School (Bradley) 
14:31.7 (+01:10.2)219KGSKingston Grammar School (Canning) 
14:34.6 (+01:13.1)235LTULatymer Upper School (Proudnikov) 
14:45.3 (+01:23.8)226PANPangbourne College BC (Vousden) 
14:54.6 (+01:33.1)240LTULatymer Upper School (Lloyd) 
14:57.4 (+01:35.9)245LTULatymer Upper School (John) 
15:01.7 (+01:40.2)232PANPangbourne College BC (Dekic) 
15:03.4 (+01:41.9)223KGSKingston Grammar School (Prince) 
15:27.7 (+02:06.2)243KGSKingston Grammar School (Samarasena) 
15:37.0 (+02:15.5)236KGSKingston Grammar School (Pelling) 
15:41.3 (+02:19.8)230HWGRoyal Grammar School, High Wycombe (Velica) 
16:08.1 (+02:46.6)229RBLReading Blue Coat School (Chadda) 
DNS233THSThames Scullers (Robinson) 
DNS238HWGRoyal Grammar School, High Wycombe (Bignell) 
DNS221KGSKingston Grammar School (Dudgeon) 
DNS237LTULatymer Upper School (Daya)