Reading Small Boats Head

Saturday 12th October 2019

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NOTE - these results are Provisional, with some crews still to race. Not all Masters' Handicaps will therefore be available.

Women's Junior 17 Sculls
14:31.1281MARMarlow RC (Ruinet) 
14:34.4 (+00:03.3)254LTULatymer Upper School (Hunt-Davis) 
14:43.8 (+00:12.7)273MARMarlow RC (Brindle) 
14:52.4 (+00:21.3)284MARMarlow RC (Newman) 
15:05.5 (+00:34.4)271SWPSir William Perkins School (Crosbie) 
15:05.5 (+00:34.4)268LTULatymer Upper School (Rijkse) 
15:09.1 (+00:38.0)287KGSKingston Grammar School (Dombrowsky) 
15:11.7 (+00:40.6)277SWPSir William Perkins School (Kirkhope) 
15:18.5 (+00:47.4)263KGSKingston Grammar School (Hackworth) 
15:20.2 (+00:49.1)278LTULatymer Upper School (Bell) 
15:24.0 (+00:52.9)282KGSKingston Grammar School (Chorley) 
15:28.5 (+00:57.4)260LTULatymer Upper School (Gooch) 
15:30.8 (+00:59.7)265LTULatymer Upper School (Green) 
15:32.7 (+01:01.6)264MARMarlow RC (Checkley) 
15:34.1 (+01:03.0)286MARMarlow RC (E Corcoran) 
15:36.3 (+01:05.2)269KGSKingston Grammar School (Merriman) 
15:39.2 (+01:08.1)288MARMarlow RC (Marsh) 
15:40.0 (+01:08.9)259MARMarlow RC (Fisk) 
15:44.4 (+01:13.3)258SWPSir William Perkins School (O'Donnell) 
15:53.2 (+01:22.1)285LTULatymer Upper School (Krivdina) 
15:53.9 (+01:22.8)276WHSWimbledon High School (Brooks) 
16:07.3 (+01:36.2)280LTULatymer Upper School (Davis) 
16:12.5 (+01:41.4)267SWPSir William Perkins School (Fitton) 
16:32.2 (+02:01.1)266WHSWimbledon High School (Mughal) 
17:21.0 (+02:49.9)274WHSWimbledon High School (Chisholm) 
DNS255PANPangbourne College BC (Saunders) 
DNS279MARMarlow RC (S Corcoran) 
DNS262SGCSt George's College BC (Walters) 
DNS270SGCSt George's College BC (Walter) 
DNS261WHSWimbledon High School (Fothergill) 
DNS275SGCSt George's College BC (Priechenfried) 
DNS283LTULatymer Upper School (Rotman) 
DNS257LTULatymer Upper School (Darke) 
DNS289SWPSir William Perkins School (Wright) 
DNS256SWPSir William Perkins School (Mayne) 
DNS272LTULatymer Upper School (Lamy)