Bedford Eights & Fours Head

Sunday 13th February 2000

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Elite Eights

(1 Entry)

05:45Time Only157STAStar Club 

Senior 1 Eights

(5 Entries)

05:5337OROOriel College 
05:58 (+0:05)117FTTFirst and Third Trinity BC 
06:07 (+0:14)1BEDBedford Rowing Club (A) 
06:15 (+0:22)118PBC/SNEPeterhouse/St Neots 
06:18 (+0:25)158BOHBoars Head Boat Club 

Senior 2 Eights

(10 Entries)

05:5438EXCExeter College Oxford BC 
05:55 (+0:01)159OROOriel College 
05:59 (+0:05)39FTTFirst and Third Trinity BC 
06:05 (+0:11)40PBC/SNEPeterhouse/St Neots 
06:09 (+0:15)80CLAClare BC 
06:10 (+0:16)2LEUUniversity of Leicester 
06:18 (+0:24)120FTT/CNNFirst & Third/Cambridge 99 
06:21 (+0:27)79BOHBoars Head Boat Club 
06:22 (+0:28)119_DMBDe Montfort Bedford 
06:38 (+0:44)121ORIOrion RC 

Senior 3 Eights

(10 Entries, 9 Starters)

05:58122EXCExeter College Oxford BC 
06:07 (+0:09)82LMBLady Margaret BC (B) 
06:08 (+0:10)3LMBLady Margaret BC (A) 
06:16 (+0:18)41CLAClare BC 
06:20 (+0:22)123QCOThe Queen`s College 
06:22 (+0:24)125FTT/CNNFirst & Third/Cambridge 99 
06:27 (+0:29)42BMSBedford Modern School 
06:29 (+0:31)81STAStar Club 
06:35 (+0:37)83ORIOrion RC 
DNS124CCOChrist`s College BC 

Senior 4 Eights

(13 Entries, 11 Starters)

06:14129CCOChrist`s College BC (B) 
06:18 (+0:04)190CHUChurchill College BC 
06:18 (+0:04)43QCOThe Queen`s College (A) 
06:24 (+0:10)85LEUUniversity of Leicester 
06:24 (+0:10)5BMSBedford Modern School 
06:29 (+0:15)44BDSBedford School (A) 
06:31 (+0:17)4STAStar Club 
06:34 (+0:20)84QCCQueens` College Cambridge BC 
06:37 (+0:23)127BDSBedford School (B) 
06:55 (+0:41)126QCOThe Queen`s College (B) 
07:35 (+1:21)130ORIOrion RC 
DNS45CCOChrist`s College BC (A) 

Novice Eights

(10 Entries)

06:4047BDSBedford School 
06:41 (+0:01)48CCOChrist`s College BC 
06:43 (+0:03)137LEUUniversity of Leicester 
06:45 (+0:05)136BDSBedford School 
06:48 (+0:08)7LMBLady Margaret BC (A) 
06:49 (+0:09)91LMBLady Margaret BC (B) 
06:53 (+0:13)90QCOThe Queen`s College 
06:58 (+0:18)135QCCQueens` College Cambridge BC 
07:21 (+0:41)49ORIOrion RC (B) 
07:34 (+0:54)8ORIOrion RC (A) 

Veteran B Eights

(3 Entries)

06:1146BEDBedford Rowing Club (B) 
06:34 (+0:23)6BEDBedford Rowing Club (A) 
06:44 (+0:33)161ORIOrion RC 

Veteran D Eights

(2 Entries)

06:5087BEDBedford Rowing Club 
07:05 (+0:15)131BED/COX/STABedford/Oxford/Star 

Junior 15 Eights

(5 Entries)

06:4154BMSBedford Modern School (A) 
06:57 (+0:16)171BDSBedford School (C) 
07:11 (+0:30)99BDSBedford School (B) 
07:12 (+0:31)98BDSBedford School (A) 
07:17 (+0:36)12BMSBedford Modern School (B) 

Womens Elite Eights

(2 Entries)

06:4686CUWCambridge University WBC (A) 
07:09 (+0:23)162STAStar Club 

Womens Senior 1 Eights

(6 Entries)

06:47163CUWCambridge University WBC (B) 
06:48 (+0:01)88CUWCambridge University WBC (C) 
06:53 (+0:06)132COXCity of Oxford RC (A) 
06:56 (+0:09)134BEDBedford Rowing Club 
07:15 (+0:28)89STAStar Club 
07:24 (+0:37)133COXCity of Oxford RC (B) 

Womens Senior 2 Eights

(11 Entries)

06:46166CUWCambridge University WBC (D) 
06:4694CUWCambridge University WBC (E) 
06:51 (+0:05)50COXCity of Oxford RC (A) 
06:53 (+0:07)52BEDBedford Rowing Club (A) 
06:53 (+0:07)165BRXBroxbourne RC (A) 
07:00 (+0:14)95BEDBedford Rowing Club (B) 
07:08 (+0:22)9STAStar Club 
07:10 (+0:24)51COXCity of Oxford RC (B) 
07:25 (+0:39)96CAMCity of Cambridge (B) 
07:28 (+0:42)92MERMerton College, Oxford 
07:30 (+0:44)93BRXBroxbourne RC (B) 

Womens Senior 3 Eights

(6 Entries)

06:48168CUWCambridge University WBC (F) 
07:09 (+0:21)167MERMerton College, Oxford 
07:09 (+0:21)53CLAClare BC 
07:11 (+0:23)11BEDBedford Rowing Club 
07:16 (+0:28)169LEUUniversity of Leicester 
07:26 (+0:38)10CAMCity of Cambridge (A) 

Womens Senior 4 Eights

(4 Entries)

07:20170QCCQueens` College Cambridge BC 
07:34 (+0:14)138EXCExeter College Oxford BC 
07:38 (+0:18)139_CCACCAT 
07:48 (+0:28)97STAStar Club 

Womens Novice Eights

(8 Entries, 7 Starters)

07:1714LMBLady Margaret BC (A) 
07:26 (+0:09)140LMBLady Margaret BC (B) 
07:26 (+0:09)55EXCExeter College Oxford BC 
07:39 (+0:22)141NEHNew Hall College BC 
07:47 (+0:30)13STAStar Club 
07:49 (+0:32)56LEUUniversity of Leicester 
07:58 (+0:41)100EXCExeter College Oxford BC 
DNS57NEHNew Hall College BC (A) 

Senior 1 Coxed Fours

(3 Entries)

06:4059BDSBedford School 
06:53 (+0:13)58BEDBedford Rowing Club (A) 
06:54 (+0:14)142BEDBedford Rowing Club (B) 

Senior 2 Coxed Fours

(4 Entries)

06:43144BDSBedford School 
06:46 (+0:03)145_DMBDe Montfort Bedford 
06:56 (+0:13)172LEUUniversity of Leicester 
07:00 (+0:17)17BOHBoars Head Boat Club 

Senior 3 Coxed Fours

(6 Entries)

06:4020BMSBedford Modern School 
06:54 (+0:14)105SCCSt Catharine`s College BC 
06:57 (+0:17)60LEUUniversity of Leicester 
07:00 (+0:20)106SCCSt Catharine`s College BC 
07:06 (+0:26)18BOHBoars Head Boat Club 
07:12 (+0:32)19BEDBedford Rowing Club 

Senior 4 Coxed Fours

(8 Entries)

06:3362BMSBedford Modern School 
06:53 (+0:20)179SCCSt Catharine`s College BC 
07:05 (+0:32)180SCCSt Catharine`s College BC 
07:06 (+0:33)175STAStar Club 
07:15 (+0:42)176LEUUniversity of Leicester 
07:15 (+0:42)61BDSBedford School 
07:36 (+1:03)21COXCity of Oxford RC (A) 
07:45 (+1:12)103COXCity of Oxford RC (B) 

Novice Coxed Fours

(16 Entries, 15 Starters)

06:5624SCCSt Catharine`s College BC 
07:06 (+0:10)25SCCSt Catharine`s College BC 
07:10 (+0:14)147BDSBedford School 
07:13 (+0:17)148DMLDe Montfort University RC 
07:25 (+0:29)150COXCity of Oxford RC (F) 
07:28 (+0:32)26LEUUniversity of Leicester (A) 
07:29 (+0:33)104UHEUniversity of Hertfordshire 
07:40 (+0:44)67BMSBedford Modern School 
07:42 (+0:46)27SNESt Neots RC 
07:45 (+0:49)66COXCity of Oxford RC (C) 
08:01 (+1:05)181BEDBedford Rowing Club 
08:02 (+1:06)107COXCity of Oxford RC (D) 
08:25 (+1:29)28COXCity of Oxford RC (A) 
08:57 (+2:01)65COXCity of Oxford RC (B) 
08:58 (+2:02)149COXCity of Oxford RC (E) 
DNS64LEUUniversity of Leicester (B) 

Veteran C Coxed Fours

(2 Entries)

06:59173BEDBedford Rowing Club 
07:10 (+0:11)101BED/STA/SNEBedford/Star/St Neots 

Junior 16 Coxed Fours

(2 Entries)

07:1363BDSBedford School 
07:32 (+0:19)22BMSBedford Modern School 

Womens Senior 2 Coxed Fours

(1 Entry)

07:49182BEDBedford Rowing Club 

Womens Senior 3 Coxed Fours

(2 Entries)

07:4870LEUUniversity of Leicester 
08:07 (+0:19)69BHSBedford High School RC 

Womens Senior 4 Coxed Fours

(4 Entries, 3 Starters)

08:13112LEUUniversity of Leicester (A) 
08:26 (+0:13)111BHSBedford High School RC 
09:38 (+1:25)183BEDBedford Rowing Club 
DNS184LEUUniversity of Leicester (B) 

Womens Novice Coxed Fours

(6 Entries)

08:18186STAStar Club 
08:19 (+0:01)113LEUUniversity of Leicester (B) 
08:21 (+0:03)152STAStar Club 
08:49 (+0:31)154LEUUniversity of Leicester (A) 
09:32 (+1:14)153DMLDe Montfort University RC 
09:39 (+1:21)151UHEUniversity of Hertfordshire 

Veteran D Coxless Fours

(1 Entry)

07:27Time Only102STAStar Club 

Senior 1 Quad Sculls

(3 Entries)

06:1115SNESt Neots RC 
06:20 (+0:09)16BEDBedford Rowing Club 
06:27 (+0:16)143_DMBDe Montfort Bedford 

Veteran D Quad Sculls

(1 Entry)

07:05Time Only174STAStar Club 

Womens Senior 3 Quad Sculls

(5 Entries)

07:10108DAHDame Alice Harpur BC 
07:13 (+0:03)23BRXBroxbourne RC 
07:16 (+0:06)177BEDBedford Rowing Club 
07:24 (+0:14)178STAStar Club 
07:49 (+0:39)146DAHDame Alice Harpur BC 

Womens Novice Quad Sculls

(3 Entries)

07:3874DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (A) 
07:46 (+0:08)114DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (B) 
08:10 (+0:32)187BHSBedford High School RC 

Womens Junior Quad Sculls

(4 Entries)

07:1229STAStar Club 
07:19 (+0:07)30DAHDame Alice Harpur BC 
07:22 (+0:10)109SNESt Neots RC 
07:37 (+0:25)68STAStar Club 

Junior 15 Coxed Quads

(2 Entries)

07:1771BDSBedford School 
07:46 (+0:29)185CAMCity of Cambridge 

Junior 14 Coxed Quads

(3 Entries)

07:2672STAStar Club 
08:20 (+0:54)31BDSBedford School (A) 
09:12 (+1:46)73BDSBedford School (B) 

Womens Junior 15 Coxed Quad Sculls

(3 Entries)

07:5532DAHDame Alice Harpur BC 
08:15 (+0:20)115BHSBedford High School RC 
08:38 (+0:43)155BHSBedford High School RC 

Womens Junior 14 Coxed Quad Sculls

(11 Entries)

08:4634DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (A) 
08:47 (+0:01)116STAStar Club 
09:19 (+0:33)35DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (B) 
09:30 (+0:44)36DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (C) 
09:42 (+0:56)156DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (F) 
09:53 (+1:07)33BHSBedford High School RC 
10:09 (+1:23)75BHSBedford High School RC 
10:21 (+1:35)76DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (D) 
10:32 (+1:46)189DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (G) 
10:49 (+2:03)77DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (E) 
11:04 (+2:18)188BHSBedford High School RC