Bedford Eights & Fours Head

Sunday 12th February 2017

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Intermediate Eights

(8 Entries)

306:3466JECJesus College, Cambridge (M1) 
606:37 (+00:03)175NSCNorwich School (Davis) 
406:38 (+00:04)104NSCNorwich School (Davis) 
106:42 (+00:08)3BDSBedford School (Bhamra) 
206:43 (+00:09)27BDSBedford School (Green) 
506:44 (+00:10)142PBCPeterhouse BC (M1) 
306:45 (+00:11)67BEDBedford Rowing Club (Todd) 
406:57 (+00:23)105FITFitzwilliam College (M1) 

Novice Eights (Band 1)

(5 Entries, 4 Starters)

407:02108BDSBedford School (Neilson) 
107:08 (+00:06)4BMSBedford Modern School (Herbert) 
207:09 (+00:07)29BMSBedford Modern School (Cook) 
407:13 (+00:11)109QCOThe Queen's College (Smith) 

Novice Eights (Band 2)

(10 Entries)

606:49178MGDMagdalene College (M1) 
306:50 (+00:01)68JECJesus College, Cambridge (M2) 
207:03 (+00:14)30UWKWarwick University (Willott) 
607:07 (+00:18)177NSCNorwich School (Collins) 
607:07 (+00:18)180RPCRegents Park College BC (Woor) 
607:09 (+00:20)179QCOThe Queen's College (Smith) 
407:22 (+00:33)110BDSBedford School (Whitcombe) 
307:32 (+00:43)69UESUniversity of Essex (Trondalen) 
507:41 (+00:52)145NSCNorwich School (Ni'Man) 
408:36 (+01:47)111BDSBedford School (Case) 

Masters C Eights

(2 Entries)

507:23144SRCSudbury RC (Adams) 
707:45 (+00:22)208BEDBedford Rowing Club (Brewster) 

Masters C/D/E Eights

(4 Entries)

106:375STAStar Club (Sangster =E)Actual Time: 07:02
707:05 (+00:28)212SRCSudbury RC (Donovan =E)Actual Time: 07:30
407:12 (+00:35)107STAStar Club (Cestaro =D)Actual Time: 07:25
707:25 (+00:48)207SRCSudbury RC (Adams =C) 

Junior 18 Eights

(3 Entries)

106:242BDSBedford School (Lamb) 
106:35 (+00:11)1BMSBedford Modern School (Colliver) 
506:41 (+00:17)143GLBGlobe RC (Sullivan) 

Junior 15 Eights

(7 Entries)

207:1134BDSBedford School (Markham) 
207:24 (+00:13)35BDSBedford School (Gordon) 
307:27 (+00:16)73NSCNorwich School (Bacic) 
207:28 (+00:17)33NSCNorwich School (Elliot) 
207:43 (+00:32)32SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Lane) 
307:44 (+00:33)75BDSBedford School (Gordon) 
307:59 (+00:48)74BMSBedford Modern School (Lay) 

Womens Intermediate Eights (Band 1)

(6 Entries)

307:3370JECJesus College, Cambridge (W1) 
607:37 (+00:04)182BMSBedford Modern School (Monaghan) 
607:39 (+00:06)181LCCLucy Cavendish College (W1) 
407:48 (+00:15)112SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Bethell) 
107:51 (+00:18)6NTNNorthampton RC (Walker) 
608:38 (+01:05)183SRCSudbury RC (Houghton) 

Womens Intermediate Eights (Band 2)

(9 Entries, 8 Starters)

307:4271SRCSudbury RC (Bowles) 
707:44 (+00:02)209KCBKing`s College BC (W1) 
407:47 (+00:05)114JECJesus College, Cambridge (W2) 
507:56 (+00:14)146NECNew College (Robinson) 
708:10 (+00:28)210MGDMagdalene College (W2) 
208:17 (+00:35)31SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Smith) 
408:18 (+00:36)113FITFitzwilliam College (W1) 
708:51 (+01:09)211BEDBedford Rowing Club (Dickinson) 

Womens Novice Eights

(7 Entries)

207:5437NECNew College (Pagnoni) 
407:59 (+00:05)115PBCPeterhouse BC (W1) 
608:10 (+00:16)184FITFitzwilliam College (W1) 
708:20 (+00:26)213LCCLucy Cavendish College (W2) 
508:22 (+00:28)148MGDMagdalene College (W1) 
308:27 (+00:33)77UESUniversity of Essex (Fitzsimmons) 
508:33 (+00:39)149UESUniversity of Essex (Anderson) 

Womens Masters C/D/E Eights

(4 Entries)

208:0238SRCSudbury RC (Gibbons =D)Actual Time: 08:17
108:027ABN/FALAbingdon/Falcon (Denmar =C) 
108:09 (+00:07)8STAStar Club (Lawrence =E)Actual Time: 08:36
308:33 (+00:31)76STAStar Club (Clarke =D)Actual Time: 08:48

Junior 14 Octuples

(12 Entries)

408:15116SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Norris) 
308:18 (+00:03)81BDSBedford School (Garner) 
308:19 (+00:04)80BDSBedford School (Paheerathan) 
508:22 (+00:07)150NSCNorwich School (Hockley) 
208:23 (+00:08)40NSCNorwich School (Parsons) 
208:38 (+00:23)39SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Visintin) 
308:42 (+00:27)79NSCNorwich School (Senthil Kumar) 
509:09 (+00:54)151BMSBedford Modern School (Carr) 
609:30 (+01:15)186MOSMossbourne Rowing Academy (Patterson) 
409:30 (+01:15)117NSCNorwich School (Senthil Kumar-2) 
709:31 (+01:16)214MOSMossbourne Rowing Academy (Van Doorn) 
611:07 (+02:52)185BMSBedford Modern School (Miller) 

Women's Junior 14 Octuples

(5 Entries)

308:3778COXCity of Oxford RC (Stringer) 
209:10 (+00:33)41SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Kemp) 
409:21 (+00:44)118SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Wels) 
509:30 (+00:53)152BMSBedford Modern School (Chouffot) 
609:45 (+01:08)187BMSBedford Modern School (Lomax) 

Intermediate Coxed Fours (Band 1)

(3 Entries)

407:0185BDSBedford School (Sivills) 
307:16 (+00:15)86BMSBedford Modern School (Colliver) 
307:45 (+00:44)92STAStar Club (Hunt) 

Intermediate Coxed Fours (Band 2)

(5 Entries)

407:14123JECJesus College, Cambridge (Precious) 
207:28 (+00:14)44BDSBedford School (Roese) 
707:31 (+00:17)215NTNNorthampton RC (Tite) 
608:02 (+00:48)195STAStar Club (Cestaro) 
708:15 (+01:01)218STAStar Club (Mitchell) 

Novice Coxed Fours

(9 Entries, 8 Starters)

207:3017SRCSudbury RC (Power) 
307:38 (+00:08)93BMSBedford Modern School (Herbert) 
307:43 (+00:13)94BDSBedford School (Linley-Hill) 
407:57 (+00:27)128BMSBedford Modern School (Paul) 
508:08 (+00:38)155UESUniversity of Essex (Trondalen) 
408:25 (+00:55)127NSCNorwich School (Prior) 
209:01 (+01:31)53NSCNorwich School (Noble) 
709:04 (+01:34)219MOSMossbourne Rowing Academy (Burley) 

Junior 15 Coxed Fours

(8 Entries, 7 Starters)

107:4919BDSBedford School (Markham) 
408:05 (+00:16)130NSCNorwich School (Sexton) 
508:12 (+00:23)158EMAEmanuel School (Olby) 
208:14 (+00:25)54BMSBedford Modern School (Fox) 
108:48 (+00:59)18BDSBedford School (Huang) 
609:04 (+01:15)157NSCNorwich School (Bacic) 
609:25 (+01:36)197MOSMossbourne Rowing Academy (Molina) 

Women's Intermediate Coxed Fours

(2 Entries)

408:42131COXCity of Oxford RC (Beaver) 
508:47 (+00:05)154BEDBedford Rowing Club (Graham) 

Womens Novice Coxed Fours

(2 Entries)

509:15161COXCity of Oxford RC (Clempson) 
510:00 (+00:45)162BEDBedford Rowing Club (Jones) 

Intermediate Coxless Fours

(6 Entries, 5 Starters)

607:01191STAStar Club (Durrant) 
107:06 (+00:05)12BEDBedford Rowing Club (Todd) 
507:18 (+00:17)147NTNNorthampton RC (Woodward) 
207:38 (+00:37)43BEDBedford Rowing Club (Evans) 
107:39 (+00:38)11BEDBedford Rowing Club (Edwards) 

Elite Quad Sculls

(2 Entries)

206:3028STAStar Club (Durrant) 
406:39 (+00:09)106GLBGlobe RC (Sullivan) 

Intermediate Quads (Band 1)

(3 Entries, 2 Starters)

406:53120GLBGlobe RC (Kirk) 
307:02 (+00:09)82STAStar Club (Sharp) 

Intermediate Quads (Band 2)

(4 Entries, 3 Starters)

607:1483UESUniversity of Essex (Nelson) 
407:16 (+00:02)121BDSBedford School (Hine) 
607:33 (+00:19)190NTNNorthampton RC (Tinant) 

Masters D/E Quad Sculls

(6 Entries)

307:1191STAStar Club (Sangster =E)Actual Time: 07:23
707:20 (+00:09)217SIVSt Ives RC (Ashmore =D) 
607:50 (+00:39)193HLSHollowell Scullers (Fenemore =D) 
207:58 (+00:47)52STAStar Club (Appleton =E)Actual Time: 08:10
608:14 (+01:03)194STAStar Club (Waugh =D) 
409:13 (+02:02)126STAStar Club (Wille =D) 

Junior 18 Quads

(6 Entries)

206:3836GLBGlobe RC (Sullivan) 
106:57 (+00:19)10STAStar Club (Rubens) 
607:12 (+00:34)188SRCSudbury RC (Power) 
607:30 (+00:52)189STNStaines BC (Roach) 
207:33 (+00:55)42SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Foulkes) 
407:35 (+00:57)119SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Fisher) 

Junior 16 Quads

(3 Entries)

207:0150GLBGlobe RC (Bees) 
207:13 (+00:12)51STAStar Club (Murphy) 
507:25 (+00:24)153STNStaines BC (Uttley) 

Womens Intermediate Quads (Band 1)

(7 Entries)

407:42124BMSBedford Modern School (Graham) 
107:53 (+00:11)20KSEKing's School Ely BC (Whiteside) 
208:01 (+00:19)45SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Peplow) 
108:02 (+00:20)13STAStar Club (Feltham) 
308:10 (+00:28)88STAStar Club (Upex) 
408:14 (+00:32)125FALFalcon RC (Sharma) 
308:15 (+00:33)87COXCity of Oxford RC (Clempson) 

Womens Intermediate Quads (Band 2)

(5 Entries)

208:2415SRCSudbury RC (Titterington) 
308:28 (+00:04)89STAStar Club (Thompson) 
108:37 (+00:13)16BEDBedford Rowing Club (Smith) 
708:38 (+00:14)216SRCSudbury RC (Thobhani) 
208:47 (+00:23)46NTNNorthampton RC (Dobson) 

Womens Novice Quad Sculls

(5 Entries)

308:2097NSCNorwich School (Clements) 
408:36 (+00:16)132BEDBedford Rowing Club (Moore) 
508:45 (+00:25)159NSCNorwich School (Clements) 
509:01 (+00:41)160UESUniversity of Essex (Wigley) 
309:03 (+00:43)96ABNAbingdon RC (Georgakopoulou) 

Womens Masters D/F Quad Sculls

(3 Entries)

508:13156FALFalcon RC (Sharma =D) 
608:46 (+00:33)206STAStar Club (Swain =F)Actual Time: 09:14
408:51 (+00:38)129SRCSudbury RC (Gibbons =D) 

Women's Junior 18 Quads

(6 Entries)

207:4148SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Ryman-King) 
207:42 (+00:01)47BMSBedford Modern School (Monaghan) 
207:50 (+00:09)49COXCity of Oxford RC (Beaver) 
307:53 (+00:12)90KSEKing's School Ely BC (Tarshish) 
107:58 (+00:17)14STNStaines BC (Gilbert) 
608:11 (+00:30)192SRCSudbury RC (Bowles) 

Women's Junior 16 Quads

(6 Entries)

608:06198LERLeicester RC (Wood) 
408:21 (+00:15)133SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Wathrow) 
308:21 (+00:15)98BMSBedford Modern School (Ziaullah) 
208:46 (+00:40)55SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Benett) 
408:53 (+00:47)134SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Burbage) 
408:55 (+00:49)135SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Benett) 

Junior 15 Coxed Quads

(13 Entries, 12 Starters)

607:18199WBSWindsor Boys School (Traynor) 
707:38 (+00:20)203WBSWindsor Boys School (Atkins) 
107:45 (+00:27)21HWGRoyal Grammar School, High Wycombe (A) 
407:46 (+00:28)136SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Nicklin) 
607:48 (+00:30)200WBSWindsor Boys School (Unger) 
507:55 (+00:37)163STNStaines BC (Punter) 
608:08 (+00:50)202WBSWindsor Boys School (Thomson) 
608:20 (+01:02)201BEDBedford Rowing Club (Battisson) 
708:30 (+01:12)221BEDBedford Rowing Club (McCrae) 
708:51 (+01:33)220WBSWindsor Boys School (Liddell) 
409:02 (+01:44)137SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Walter) 
209:02 (+01:44)22KSEKing's School Ely BC (Fellows) 

Junior 14 Coxed Quads

(14 Entries, 12 Starters)

508:37166WBSWindsor Boys School (King) 
208:42 (+00:05)63HWGRoyal Grammar School, High Wycombe (A) 
509:04 (+00:27)167WBSWindsor Boys School (Lawson) 
109:16 (+00:39)25KSEKing's School Ely BC (Lonsdale) 
209:17 (+00:40)65HWGRoyal Grammar School, High Wycombe (B) 
509:21 (+00:44)171KGSKingston Grammar School (Algar-Nicholas) 
509:27 (+00:50)172WBSWindsor Boys School (Jones) 
509:53 (+01:16)170WBSWindsor Boys School (Whalley) 
609:54 (+01:17)168WBSWindsor Boys School (McElroy) 
309:57 (+01:20)102NSCNorwich School (Lynne) 
210:23 (+01:46)64NSCNorwich School (Hockley) 
510:45 (+02:08)169WBSWindsor Boys School (Wellington) 

Womens Novice Coxed Quads

(6 Entries)

608:26205MOSMossbourne Rowing Academy (Coode) 
208:56 (+00:30)56GLBGlobe RC (Richards) 
609:21 (+00:55)204NSCNorwich School (Clements) 
309:27 (+01:01)99NSCNorwich School (Apergi) 
509:28 (+01:02)164LERLeicester RC (Hudson) 
309:43 (+01:17)100BEDBedford Rowing Club (O'Connell) 

Women's Junior 15 Coxed Quads

(11 Entries, 9 Starters)

208:0958LERLeicester RC (Henry) 
208:23 (+00:14)57COXCity of Oxford RC (Bowley) 
208:32 (+00:23)61STNStaines BC (Burton) 
208:35 (+00:26)59ABNAbingdon RC (Twinn) 
308:50 (+00:41)101BMSBedford Modern School (Eales) 
108:51 (+00:42)24BMSBedford Modern School (Eales) 
508:59 (+00:50)165STAStar Club (Tucker) 
409:04 (+00:55)139LERLeicester RC (Talbot) 
709:24 (+01:15)222MOSMossbourne Rowing Academy (Yesufu) 

Women's Junior 14 Coxed Quads

(6 Entries, 5 Starters)

409:28141KGSKingston Grammar School (Halliwell) 
409:29 (+00:01)26COXCity of Oxford RC (Turner) 
609:31 (+00:03)223KGSKingston Grammar School (Eksi) 
309:31 (+00:03)103NSCNorwich School (Udy) 
509:52 (+00:24)173NSCNorwich School (Hood)