Bedford Spring Fours & Small Boats Head

Sunday 9th April 2017

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Women's Junior 16 Sculls
(14 Entries)

208:39110Bedford Girls School (Baker) 
708:41 (+00:02)359St Ives RC (Maddison) 
208:48 (+00:09)107Leicester RC (Henry) 
208:53 (+00:14)109Twickenham RC (Panose) 
708:54 (+00:15)361City of Cambridge (Franklin) 
109:03 (+00:24)47Sudbury RC (Moule) 
709:07 (+00:28)358City of Cambridge (Worth) 
709:10 (+00:31)362Broxbourne RC (Lewis) 
209:15 (+00:36)108Huntingdon RC (Searle) 
509:24 (+00:45)292Leicester RC (Parkes-Bowen) 
709:28 (+00:49)360Broxbourne RC (Marsden) 
809:29 (+00:50)375Cambridge '99 RC (Pateman) 
109:34 (+00:55)48Bedford Girls School (Nisbet) 
310:08 (+01:29)169Leicester RC (Wood)